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Sports Logo Review of the Florida Panthers

The Florida Panthers are one of the more obscure sports franchises, in my opinion. Hockey in Florida seems odd, but, then again, it also seems odd in Tampa Bay, a city that makes it work very well, and the same be can said on both accounts for the Southern California teams in Anaheim and Los Angeles. 

But, Miami? I'm not going to act like I'm an avid watcher of Panthers games on TV, but unless they are good, I can't imagine there is a ton of interest in that area for their local hockey squad. 

Florida's inaugural season came during the 1993-1994 campaign. Their first stars included former New York Rangers goalie, John Vanbiesbrouck. The "Beezer" resurrected his career and helped lead the Panthers to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1995-1996, before they were bested by the Colorado Avalanche. 

The Panthers were given their nickname after the endangered species, the Florida panther, which is endemic to the nearby Everglades region, according to the team's website. In 1992, Florida selected the Florida panther as the official state animal. Thus, the logo's significance and representation of the region is certainly way more than adequate.

The team's official color scheme is red, blue, gold, and white. Their current home jerseys are red, while the road jerseys are white. In that sense, I guess you might have to elevate red as the team's primary color, but the primary colors of the logo, itself, are gold and blue. 

Of the three non-white colors, the red is my least favorite in this mix. I really like the way the blue plays off the gold, which is not your typical metallic gold like Notre Dame, for instance, but more of a panther "fur" gold, if that even makes sense. 

I do like the red eyes that stare you down as the panther is leaping towards you. That adds an element of intimidation. 

As far as the actual graphic--the panther--I really like it. It doesn't necessarily fall into the "simple detail" category, because there is significant detail. The wrinkling of the fur and the various marks with the mammal's movement, along with the curling of the fingernails and the hair tips of the tail all add to the unique detail of the ferocious panther. 

In some cases, I prefer simplicity. In this case, don't ask me why, I like the detail. I think it might be because it all adds to intimidation factor. It seems like the panther is really jumping off the page to get you. It is almost like you feel the speed of the panther. 

Overall, I give this logo a B+.   

We have some other Florida sports logos that we give high marks to. 

While they may not be hockey logos, they certainly show the same creativity as the Panthers. 


This is a different kind of cat. This minor league baseball team is named after the ferocious animal called the cougar. The overpopulation of cougars is prevalent mostly in the upscale Boca Raton neighborhoods. You can find cougars in shopping areas during the day, but mostly they are nocturnal beasts working the bar and club scene stalking their prey.


The city of St. Joseph in Dade County Florida is known as the Kumquat Capital of the world. Each year 40,000 people descend on this area for the one-day Kumquat Festival. Who would have thought a kumquat would attract so many people? 

What is a kumquat besides a funny name? A kumquat is in the citrus family and looks like an orange, but it’s the size of an olive. We decided to take a cute looking fruit with a funny name and make it into an awesome baseball logo.

Kudos Florida, you have some Awesome Sports Logos!

Thanks as always for reading, 

Jared Sandler
Awesome Sports Logos

Sports Logo Review of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a new logo debuting this season and I have to say job well done!
Sometimes new logos go too far out of their way to redefine the organization whereas the Glazer Family and the deciding group of folks determined that alterations to their iconic imagery was all that was necessary. 

The windswept red battle flag, foundation of the team’s iconic look, remains the centerpiece of their new chapter in design. I always enjoyed this look, especially over the Johnny Depp/Pirates of the Carribean-like orange dude they had back when they stunk. Needless to say, I’m happy they kept this. 
 (Original Orange Bucs Logo as referenced above) 

Crossed swords (no, not those crossing swords!) sweep beneath the skull still, which now has a more intimidating look than previously. A minor update, sure, but “it’s the little things,” right? Was I hating on the logo when it had the more neutral skull that looked like it could be either yelling or laughing? Not really, no, but I do think the changes improve things. 

The football beneath the skull and swords is now brighter with a golden refinement to the brown pigskin. Again, a little change that makes the look better, sharpening up image and helping it jump out at first glance. The flag itself has a more rich red color so making the corresponding changes to the football was very necessary. 

I often share my appreciation of “simple detail,” and the Bucs’ logo incorporates this principle. The tattered flag which represents the team’s resiliency as shared before by Edward Glazer. This is especially meaningful because of the Buccaneers’ struggles a few decades ago. 

The second element of this is with the flag “pole” which is actually a sword. It could easily be a curved pole and no one would say much, I don’t think, but the added effort reinforces that attacking vibe. 

I was a fan of the old logo and I remain a fan of the new logo, even more so than before with the appropriate changes, but, more importantly, the great similarities. 

While you may be off to an 0-3 start on the field, you look better with your new sports logo.

About 45 minutes north of Tampa is Dade City, home to one Awesome Sports Logos favorites the Dade City Kumquats. This baseball logo was created in celebration of the Kumquat festival held in Dade City each January. 
Plus who doesn’t love the word Kumquat. This logo is a perfect example of what Awesome Sports Logos does. They celebrate the area with a fun, not sterile sports logo that shows great creativity. Now that combination is awesome. Go get yourself a Dade City Kumquats awesome t-shirt by clicking here

Thanks as always for reading,

Jared Sandler 
Awesome Sports Logos Columnist


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