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The Cleveland Indians Logo Transition

Earlier this month, Cleveland Indians owner Paul Dolan officially declared a change in the baseball club’s usual look. Moving forward, the Chief Wahoo logo will be considered the secondary logo, while the Block C emblem will take over primary usage. While the organization has been slowly phasing out the Chief Wahoo emblem for years, this is the first official statement regarding how much visibility it will get. In 2011, the controversial logo was removed from the away cap. In 2013, it was taken off the batting helmets. While the club has been slowly transitioning to the Block C for a while now, the Chief Wahoo logo is still prominently placed on the Indians’ jersey sleeve.
Here is the primary "C" logo
Here is the former primary now alternate logo known as Chief Wahoo. 
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It’s no secret that sports teams across the U.S. have come under scrutiny for their team names and logos, especially in recent years. Conversations have arisen as to the racial connotations and offensive tones of these logos and team names. No matter what side you take in this controversial debate, the fact of the matter is that teams are reacting. Don’t count on the Cleveland Indians being the only team to announce a change in logo or team name. 
One team that won’t have to worry about change, is the Boca Raton Cougars.
These are not the wild Cougars that you see on Animal Planet. This is a different kind of Cougar as we explain in this video.
You will find these Cougars shopping during the day or sitting poolside but it's their nocturnal habits that draw the most attention. They stalk their prey and I don't think many guys are complaining. The fact is, this t-shirt is a tribute to Cougar Nation and we love this baseball logo. It's a tribute to the ladies who know what they want and go after what they want just like a fastball down the middle.
With baseball season upon us, you should think about an all baseball selection in our Awesome Sports Logos T-shirt of the Month Club. You have the Boca Raton Cougars, the Middleton Fingers, the Idaho Taters, Dade City Kumquats and the Boston Accents. We love baseball and we love these awesome t-shirts!
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