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I'm Jealous of the Boston Sports Fan and You Should Be Too

Many say that this past Sunday for the Boston sports fan was among the greatest in their history. As a Bostonian might say, it was like a doubleheader of “wicked awesomeness”. I couldn’t agree more and I’m jealous of it. First, Tom Brady anchored another late game comeback in Foxborough against a tough Saints team. The various pass catchers names have changed throughout the years but as long as the guy throwing the pigskin is named Brady, we all can pretty much predict the outcome.

Fans had just enough time to sit down to dinner and catch their breath before the Red Sox took the field in Game Two of the American League Championship Series against the Tigers at Fenway. I, like many of you across the nation turned the game off when the Red Sox were down 5 to 1. You did too. It’s not that we don’t love baseball but we love sleep even more. And then it happened, the comeback that sent Boston fans in a tizzy. The David Ortiz grand slam which tied the game. Only in Boston do you see a police officer being celebrated with his hands up in the air as Torii Hunter flips over the right field wall. I can appreciate the historic picture that graced every newspaper but how about a little help for the guy who just sacrificed his body and almost made one of the great playoff catches of all time? I guess not.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia completed the heroics in the 9th with a base hit to win the game 6-5. Until this point, Saltalamacchia was known more for being part of the trade that rebuilt the Texas Rangers. Now he will forever be part of Red Sox lore.

How many times has this kind of double header happened in your sports life? To pour salt in the wound, Boston fans might tell you that it probably was one of the greatest days but the Patriots 3 Super Bowls were cool. The Sox winning two World Series, the Celtics capturing the NBA crown or maybe even the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1972 in Game 7 wasn’t too shabby. Oh to have that firepower in an argument?

In no way am I making fun of the Boston sports fan, I’m just jealous. All of this glory happened after I left. When you leave a city no matter how hard you try, it’s just not the same. Congrats to all of my friends and family in Boston. You guys (myself included) went through a big time drought of sports glory and now you are spoiled in riches. Can we in other parts of the country borrow some?

Thanks for reading and supporting Awesome Sports Logos. I truly appreciate all of the response we’ve received. We have two awesome Boston sports logos that we created. The first is the Boston Accents baseball t-shirt. I love this design celebrating what Boston is best known for. No, not “lobsta”, it’s the accent. I can kid because my accent was one of the worst. I got rid of it, moved to Texas and then every girl I dated told me how hot Boston accents were. Uggh!!

Our second t-shirt is the Cape Cod Scrod. Our inspiration for this t-shirt was the historic Cape Cod Summer Baseball League where wooden bats are only allowed, donation hats are passed around the stands instead of admission and many players on the field go on to become baseball superstars. A scrod is a popular fish on the Cape. It can be either a young Haddock or a Cod, thus the name.

Once again congrats Boston, enjoy the moment!

Gavin Spittle
Founder, Logo Lover T-shirt Wearer
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Houston vs New England Preview

If the Houston Texans need any kind of inspiration to pull off what many think would be the upset of the year, they need to look no further than less than 24 hours ago when the #4 seeded Baltimore Ravens took down Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Denver was coming off a bye week fully rested and winners of eleven straight before yesterday’s amazing double overtime loss.

That’s exactly why you play the game and now both the Patriots and the Texans have further inspiration because the winner gets the AFC Championship on their turf. If the Texans have any chance, their offense has to revert back to its first quarter of the season form where they averaged nearly 32 points per game. They also need to not go away from feeding Arian Foster. In their last showcase meeting, New England dominated the line of scrimmage but the Texans were without Derek Newton and Garrett Graham. Here’s a great statistic to carry into today’s game. When Arian Foster rushes for 100 yards or more, the Texans are 8-0.

Not bad for a t-shirt guy breaking down today’s game. We love the NFL playoffs here at Awesome Sports Logos and this is one of the best sports weekends of the year. We also love the history of sports logos so let’s get into who wins in the sports logo business.

The modern day edge goes to the Texans with their bull logo. It’s slick, clean, with a great color scheme that wears well and is the same colors as the state of Texas which so many Texans take great pride in.
The modern day Patriots logo is a bit of a different story. I didn’t realize that Elvis was such a revolutionary war fan?  I was living in New England when this logo came out back in the early 90’s. I didn’t like it then and I’m not a huge fan of it now. I completely understand why the Patriots made the change. Your logo is your image and the face of your franchise. The old Patriots logo, “Pat Patriot” which we will get to in a moment had a lot of bad memories including many “blackout” years, player scandals, constant talk of moving the franchise, an NFL stadium that today’s high school stadiums would rival and attendance that would also rival some Texas high school games as well.

Modern day logo winner: Texans

Let’s take a look at Pat Patriot, the old Pats logo. What’s interesting is the Patriots have brought this logo back for one or two games each year and the fans love it. This was a great move by the Patriots marketing arm because you see this logo all over the place whether it’s on back windshields or various clothing. This retro logo has caught the city by storm.
We do want to mention that the name Texans has been used in football three times before. The Dallas Texans played one year in the NFL back in 1952 and went 1-11. They actually had the same exact colors that the Cowboys use today.  The Texans re-emerged in 1960 in the AFL and after a couple of years including winning the 1962 AFL Championship, they moved to Kansas City and are the modern day Kansas City Chiefs. There was also a Dallas Texans arena football team that played in the old Reunion Arena. Now that we have that history out of the way, the other old logo that we are more familiar with is the Houston Oilers. The Oilers took Houston by storm especially with the “Luv Ya Blue” Oilers under the coaching of Bum Phillips. Phillips son Wade is currently the Defensive Coordinator with the Texans and was the Defensive Line coach with the Oilers during their “Luv Ya Blue” run to two AFC Championship games. Unfortunately for Oilers fans the “Luv Ya Blue” nickname between 1978-1980 ran into another legendary nickname, “The Steel Curtain” of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I love this logo and the baby blue colors. I think most Texans fans would have loved to see the Oilers logo live on with a new franchise similar to what the Browns did in Cleveland. The NFL should have prevented Bud Adams from taking the logo. He was to seize the records and history to Tennessee. Just not the people that actually created those records and history. I remember talking with Robert Brazile who was nicknamed “Dr. Doom”. Before Lawrence Taylor, there was Robert Brazile and he was the first true outside rushing Linebacker. After playing tennis one afternoon with Robert who is a great tennis player, I asked him if he’s ever been asked to go to a Tennessee game. He replied, “Never once have I received a call”. He then said something that truly resonated. “All of us Oilers players don’t have a home”.  Wow, think of names like Dan Pastorini, Earl Campbell and Billy “White Shoes” Johnson not having a home. That being said, I credit the Texans organization for embracing a lot of these players. Last week before the Texans/Bengals playoff game, the team came out of the tunnel with Earl Campbell leading the way. I do a lot of work with the Houston Texans organization so I understand if you think the next statement might come across bias. The Houston Texans are a first class organization and they deserve a lot of credit for embracing the Oilers of the past and giving them a home they so richly deserve.
Sorry I got off track. Because of Bud Adams, I’m giving the nod to “Pat Patriot” on this one. So it’s a split on logos.

Retro Logo Winner: New England Patriots
We actually have four awesome t-shirts in our collection from New England and Houston. Hopefully you’ll support the cause to start 2013. Here are the Cape Cod Scrod, the Boston Accents, The Houston Gushers and the Texas Roadkill.
Our goal continues in this New Year at Awesome Sports Logos. We want to bring back the fun and creativity to sports logos with our awesome t-shirts and hopefully you’ll join us in this journey!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the game everyone!!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover and T-shirt Wearer

What Awesome T-shirt Should I Wear For the End of the World

What Awesome T-shirt Should I Wear For the End of the World?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

I know that there are a couple of you thinking to yourself,” what a selfish guy using the Mayan’s end of the world prediction to promote his awesome t-shirts”. You are right. My bad! By the way, there is still time to get your holiday t-shirt orders in. We are standing by to ship the super soft t-shirt of your choice and remember that if you by three, you get the fourth super soft cool t-shirt free. 

Okay, enough of that, back to the end of the world as we know it. Are the Mayan’s getting any kind of music royalty from the band REM? That song had cobwebs on it and now it’s being played all over the place. Is it too late to hire lead singer Michael Stipe to sing it acoustically for me while I dissolve?

Sorry, now back to the end of the world talk. What’s the return policy on gifts this year? I’m really kicking myself for buying gifts before this Friday. Also, even though the end of the world is coming, my wife tells me that I’m not allowed to take out Kate Upton.  I had it all planned out. Thursday night with Kate and then my wife and I would dissolve together on Friday.

My goodness I’m digressing. Now on to what funny sports t-shirt I should wear on Friday. Here’s my screwed up thought process.

The Intercourse Witnesses


I love this funny t-shirt but I have a feeling that I’m going to get invited to the Pearly Gates once the world ends. First impressions are everything. People will likely be laughing at my t-shirt but what if the big man doesn’t get the joke at first? Am I going to be sent to the back of the line or worse, told to take the elevator to the basement? Every other day of the week, I’ll proudly wear Intercourse but for the end of the world, I’ll keep that one in the closet.

 The Boston Accents or Cape Cod Scrod

I’m currently in Massachusetts visiting my family. By the way, can someone please turn up the heat in this state? They say that it’s actually not that bad out. Why am I wearing a 4 layer coat and the locals barely have one on? Debate thinning blood all you want, I’m here to say that it’s true. Both the Accents and the Scrod are excellent choices and in contention to wear on Friday.

 The Tequila Worms

If there was ever a time to enjoy Tequila, I think this might be the occasion. I hear enough Tequila eases the pain so maybe this awesome t-shirt will have that same effect? I’m going with Tequila.

I’d love to hear feedback on what Awesome Sports Logos t-shirt you would like to wear for the end of the world. I have a feeling we’ll be talking in the near future and this is not the last we hear from each other. But until that point, I will continue to play REM continuously just in case.  Thanks for reading, you guys rock!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Wearer




Greetings from New England Awesome T-shirt Faithful

Greetings from New England Awesome T-shirt Faithful!

 A huge Awesome Sports Logos welcome from New England where this blogs originates from!  I was wearing my Cape Cod Scrod awesome t-shirt the other day and someone asked if this was a new team in the Cape Cod Baseball League. Anytime someone thinks that our shirts are from a real organization it’s a huge compliment. Speaking of those Scrod, we have two New England t-shirts that we offer, The Boston Accents and the Scrod. Needless to say, we’ve run into a ton of Accents up here. It’s Wicked Awesome!



Yesterday we visited Newport, R.I. What a gorgeous town and a must visit if you are in that area. Newport is the home of the International Tennis Hall of Fame and has a terrific waterfront scene. One of the big draws of Newport is their gorgeous mansions. We visited two of the Vanderbilt mansions.


 I show you this picture with amazing facts. 1) This was a summer home. That deserves a huge OMG! What was your regular home like? 2) Two years after building this Marble House “Cottage” (How is this a cottage and it really is completely made of marble but I digress) Alva Vanderbilt moved out of this house, built another mansion down the street and used this for storage.  Dear Vanderbilt’s, I am the owner of Awesome Sports Logos and I have to climb over t-shirt boxes to get to bed at night. Can I use your mansion as storage?

 The best part of traveling the country is there is always a sports logo that we’ve never seen before. On the way into town center, we saw signs promoting a baseball game that night. Upon further research, we present to you the Newport Gulls.


The Gulls are a wooden bat, summer collegiate team in the New England Collegiate Baseball League. Five former Gulls have made it to the big show, most notably Chris Ianetta of the Angels.  Of all the things to see in Newport, I was most excited to see the Gulls. I couldn’t convince the family to stay for the game, maybe next time.

One other note about Newport. If you head down to the waterfront, you will find some terrific ocean view restaurants and several mansions on water. When they get this big, I think you have to lose the name yacht and call it a mansion on the water or a cruise line. I took this picture because most of us can’t afford a nice boat. This mansion on water has a nice boat inside of a boat. Now that’s some serious cash playa!



I love it when old logos become popular again. You can’t drive a highway in New England without seeing this logo on the back of an SUV.  Pat Patriot is alive and well! “Pat” got a bad rap because the Patriots were so bad during this logo’s era. The team wears this logo a few times a year and the fans have re-embraced this great logo.


I leave you with a New England team that you may have never heard of. The New England Tea Men played in the NASL. They played their games in Foxboro like the Patriots.

 As always, your feedback and comments are always welcome. Today, we’re hitting Boston and wearing the Accents shirt with pride. Have a great weekend!

 Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover and Awesome T-shirt wearer.

A Baseball Gem Creates an Awesome T-shirt

The Origin of this Funny T-shirt is to Celebrate a Hidden Gem in Sports

By Gavin Spittle

Many of you have asked us, “What the heck is a Scrod”. Answer, one of the coolest, funniest t-shirts around! Okay, real answer, a Scrod is a small Cod and if spelled “Schrod”, it could be a Haddock. They are found off of Cape Cod and the ocean surrounding New England. The logos inspiration came from the Cape Cod League, a baseball summer league that is a breeding ground for Major League Baseball players.

Someone once told me that if you watch a Cape Cod Baseball League game, you are watching at least one future Major Leaguer in action. The best college players in the country descend upon this summer tourist destination, live with host families, work in the community and at night, put on a show for the fans. Here are two amazing facts about this league. First, only wooden bats are used. No “ping” noises of baseballs flying off aluminum and titanium like during the school year. The second and most important part, it’s absolutely free to watch. Let me say that again, it’s absolutely free to watch! During the game, the players, yes those same players that may soon be flying in private planes making amounts that freeze my calculator, walk through the stands with a bucket asking people if they wouldn’t mind throwing in a buck or two.

I saw this league first hand when I lived in Cape Cod and rented a place across the street from where the YD Sox play their games. I had heard of the folklore and the names surrounding this league but to see it with my own eyes turned me into a promoter for life. They say the quality is equivalent to minor league high “A” ball which is where a top draft pick starts his career. If you think I’m hyping this league a bit too much than I present to you a few names who spent their summers in Massachusetts.

Future Hall of Famer Jeff Bagwell, One of the greatest switch hitters in MLB history Lance Berkman, and two time Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum. Here’s more, Jason Bay, Joe Blanton, Aaron Boone, Pat Burrell, Jacoby Ellsbury, Khalil Greene, Evan Longoria, Brandon Inge, Mike Lowell, Buster Posey, Dustin Pedroia, Brian Roberts, Nick Swisher, The “Big Hurt” Frank Thomas, Chase Utley, Barry Zito, and Kevin Youkilis.

For a summer league without a lot of money, they also have some pretty cool logos. Here are the teams and logos of the Cape Cod League:

Autographs and pictures are encouraged so if you visit Cape Cod, check out the inspiration for one of our cool t-shirts, the Cape Cod Scrod, the Cape Cod Baseball League, it’s a true hidden gem!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover and Awesome T-shirt wearing guy


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