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Sports Logo Spotlight on the Pittsburgh Pirates

 The Pittsburgh Pirates are one of baseball’s oldest organizations, establishing themselves in 1881. They joined the National League in 1887. They’ve won five World Series titles, with the first coming in 1909 and the most recent in 1979. Their franchise has had a lot of notable players that also grace the walls of Cooperstown. Names like Roberto Clemente, Honus Wagner, Willie Stargell, and World Series, hero, Bill Mazeroski. 

The Pirates logo is one of baseball's best. With an element of intimidation and a real-life feel, the image sets the foundation for success, on top of which is a unique regional tie and some creativeness that sets it a part. 

Let's start with the colors. The official colors are black, gold, and white. Pittsburgh has something that few cities have with their sports teams: color symmetry. The Steelers, the Penguins, and the Pirates all feature the black-gold-white mix. I think that's such a uniquely cool element, intentional or not. It would be cool if more cities adopted this, though that would be difficult with the established teams. When I consider others that come close, Seattle comes to mind. The Mariners and Seahawks have that blue-green mix, but that's more of a loosely-based connection. 

Here is their primary “P” logo. 


Photos courtesy of 

Beyond the symmetry, the colors present an intimidating front, parallel to the vibe of a pirate. Add in the red that comes with a buccaneer and there is now an added element of guile. 

The simple detail is very much exhibited with this image. From the cut of the bandana to the style of his hair, not to mention his devilish snarl, the image has life. You can almost see the gold earring--which blends nicely with the gold lettering--flopping with the head's imagined movement. 

I love the substitution of bats in place of swords, crossing behind the image in the shape of a threatening "X." It is a simple decision, but sometimes simplicity is not executed properly, so hats off for that.

Overall, the logo is an outstanding mix of all that I want in a logo: good color scheme, regional significance, and simple detail. What more could you ask for? My grade for the Pirates Logo: A. 

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Jared Sandler
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Sports Logo Review of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a new logo debuting this season and I have to say job well done!
Sometimes new logos go too far out of their way to redefine the organization whereas the Glazer Family and the deciding group of folks determined that alterations to their iconic imagery was all that was necessary. 

The windswept red battle flag, foundation of the team’s iconic look, remains the centerpiece of their new chapter in design. I always enjoyed this look, especially over the Johnny Depp/Pirates of the Carribean-like orange dude they had back when they stunk. Needless to say, I’m happy they kept this. 
 (Original Orange Bucs Logo as referenced above) 

Crossed swords (no, not those crossing swords!) sweep beneath the skull still, which now has a more intimidating look than previously. A minor update, sure, but “it’s the little things,” right? Was I hating on the logo when it had the more neutral skull that looked like it could be either yelling or laughing? Not really, no, but I do think the changes improve things. 

The football beneath the skull and swords is now brighter with a golden refinement to the brown pigskin. Again, a little change that makes the look better, sharpening up image and helping it jump out at first glance. The flag itself has a more rich red color so making the corresponding changes to the football was very necessary. 

I often share my appreciation of “simple detail,” and the Bucs’ logo incorporates this principle. The tattered flag which represents the team’s resiliency as shared before by Edward Glazer. This is especially meaningful because of the Buccaneers’ struggles a few decades ago. 

The second element of this is with the flag “pole” which is actually a sword. It could easily be a curved pole and no one would say much, I don’t think, but the added effort reinforces that attacking vibe. 

I was a fan of the old logo and I remain a fan of the new logo, even more so than before with the appropriate changes, but, more importantly, the great similarities. 

While you may be off to an 0-3 start on the field, you look better with your new sports logo.

About 45 minutes north of Tampa is Dade City, home to one Awesome Sports Logos favorites the Dade City Kumquats. This baseball logo was created in celebration of the Kumquat festival held in Dade City each January. 
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Jared Sandler 
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