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The Historic Boston Celtics Logo Reviewed

There aren’t many sports franchises more iconic than the Boston Celtics. Naturally, their logo is equally recognizable and one of the best in sports.
The Irish heritage is a big part of the Boston culture so the logo/concept in itself is very fitting and already includes that very critical element of relevance. As it applies to the actual image, the pseudo-leprechaun/pseudo-human pops and is more than appropriate. What I love most is that human element which makes it more connected to the Boston people. Not suggesting they are all leprechauns or anything, but it’s symbolically representative of Bostonians. It’s that whole concept where you use “one to represent the whole,” or whatever—I was probably sleeping or playing hangman when that was taught. According to, the logo was designed by the brother of legendary coach and executive Red Auerbach. Zang Auerbach came up with the first leprechaun historic logo in the 1950’s. Shortly after that, the Celtics began their historic run of 17 World Championships, the latest in 2008.
The color-scheme is appropriate and perfect. It’s obviously going to be green with the Celtic/Irish theme, but I love the gold vest and the mix of white and black as well. It all works. It’s balanced. The dominant color isn’t overwhelming. The complementary colors aren’t too much in the spotlight. 
The logo embodies a pretty common template, with a little of its own flare. The image isn’t totally contained within the circle which is a minor thing, but in this case, a positive. At times I think it can look unorganized when that’s the case, but not here. The standard circle with “Boston” and “Celtics” on either side is pretty simple, but that’s Boston Celtics hoops. It’s got a dedicated fan base of basketball fans. They aren’t at games to dance on the video board or watch others on “Kiss Cam.” And that vintage element of the logo is outstanding and I hope they never mess with different fonts or any of that junk. I can’t picture another logo at center court of the Garden with that historic parquet floor. So many of the NBA all-time greats have played in Boston and that certainly doesn’t hurt this logo’s ranking. As we always say, history can certainly bring out the best in a sports logo. 
How can you not like this logo? For me, it’s one of the best in sports and my favorite NBA logo. 
At Awesome Sports Logos, we feature an awesome Boston sports logo. Certainly not as historic as the Celtics but like the C’s, the Boston Accents certainly describe the people of “Beantown”.
Over the years, the Boston Accent has become more and more distinct. Let’s just say the letter “R” isn’t as prominent when it comes to saying car, bar or Fenway Park. It’s distinctive and unique, just like the city of Boston. 
Thanks as always for reading and support the cause by purchasing one of our awesome t-shirts today. 
Jared Sandler
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