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Sports Logo Spotlight on the Frederick Keys

In today’s Awesome Sports Logos spotlight, we shine the light toward Maryland and the Single A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, the Frederick Keys.

Lets begin with the history. Frederick is the Key capitol but not the key that lets you in the door. Frederick County is the former home of Francis Scott Key. Not familiar with this famous poet’s work? You would be if you heard the song that always gets a standing ovation. Begins with “O Say Can You See”, ends with “And the Home of the Brave”.  That’s right, this team is named after the author of the Star Spangled Banner, our nations National Anthem.

So lets take a look at the logo.


Logo courtesy of 


This is one of those rare minor league logos that hasn’t changed. Frederick has kept the same logo since The Keys made Frederick their home back in 1989. The colors of Black and Orange are also the primary logo colors of their parent club. That said, when you think of such a historic song, Red, White, and Blue does the trick for me.

I do like the explosions in the logo although they look a bit too similar to fireworks. That’s a nice tie in to the song where it says, “The bombs bursting in air.”

Other than that, the logo is just there. I would love to see them bring in patriotic colors and possibly a character of Francis Scott Key.

Love the name and the history behind it. Just hope they come up with a different design in the future. Go Keys!

We love baseball here at Awesome Sports Logos. Here are some of our favorite teams.

The Idaho Taters


This is the first sports logo that we created and its still one of our favorites. I’m still surprised that a minor league team hasn’t grabbed this name. Idaho is potato country and what better name for that region that also doubles as a great Home Run nickname.

The Middleton Fingers


This is one of our best sellers and for good reason. Huge props to our logo designer who jumped for joy when he heard this name. Love the creativity of the middle bat rising from the bunch. Very subtle but that’s what we’re all about.

The Boca Raton Cougars


Cougars are vicious, especially these Cougars who go after their prey at night. They love hitting Home Runs, that’s for sure. Love the double meaning of this sports logo.

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Sports Logo Review of the Baltimore Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles are three-time World Series Champions and, perhaps, champions of having the coolest Major League Baseball logo.
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One of the neatest parts of the Orioles logo is the significance, or, maybe more appropriately, the tie in of the nickname with the city. 

Their particular nickname and mascot is, in fact, a "Baltimore Oriole." The Baltimore Oriole is a species of blackbird most common to the Eastern portion of North America. The bird received its name because of its orange and black coloring, which resembled the coloring of Lord Baltimore's coat-of-arms, according to National Geographic. 

The city of Baltimore, of course, was named for the Lord Baltimore, himself, Cecil Calvert. According to the Maryland Online Archives, Calvert, among other things, established and managed the province of Maryland in the 1600s. 

Adding to the connection, the Baltimore Oriole is the state bird of Maryland, so there is a definite cultural tie native to Baltimore and to the state in which the team resides. 

But, let's backtrack, because I think this is so cool. The St. Louis Cardinals, for instance, are nicknamed after a Cardinal...but, not a St. Louis Cardinal. Awesome. 

I've always believed the coolest nicknames or logos are the ones with a deeper tie beyond the surface, further representing the region, the city, the state, or whatever geographical area native to the team. This nickname does it as well as any. 

And the logo itself is really cool, too. 

While I liked the detail of its preceding image, the more realistically manufactured Baltimore Oriole perched on a bat, I also like this version, too, as it pays homage to the history of the franchise without dating itself too much.

The more friendlier, cartoonish bird is very similar to the team's image from 1965 until the late 1980s. The main difference is that this current version utilizes a richer shade or orange and feature's the Oriole cursive "O" on the face of its cap. 

While I typically prefer logos to have a neutral or intimidating look, the grin on the bird seems to fit just fine. It is very inviting, I guess you could say, without being too ebullient to where you aren't sure if it is ready to compete. It's got one of those "I know I'm going to beat you and it's going to be fun" type of smiles, perhaps. 

Anytime an organization can pay homage to its past is a major plus. I love the addition of the cursive "O," too, as that seems to be a unique element of the franchise, since not too many teams in sports feature its "O."

The coloring is fun and non-traditional, unless you are a fervent fan of Halloween outside of October. The richer, neon-ish shade of orange compared to the old, more subdued version, is a nice change as it helps the logo pop.

Overall, give this logo an A as it compares to other Major League Baseball Logos.

We feel as though we have a couple of Awesome Sports Logos baseball t-shirts that you will give a high grade to. 

The Boca Raton Cougars

Cougars are on the prowl at night in Boca Raton hitting the bar scene for their prey.


Savannah Georgia is one of top 5 seaports in the United States. Of course a large seaport means a lot of Seamen.


Houston is oil country. We love this wood dereck with a baseball bursting out on top. 

You also need to check out the Middleton Fingers, the Idaho Taters and the Dade City Kumquats. We love baseball here at Awesome Sports Logos. Collect more than one by signing up for our t-shirt of the month club. You can get a future closet favorite shipped to you every month at a discount price with free shipping. Now that’s awesome!

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The History of the Baltimore Orioles Sports Logo

Babe Ruth. Joe DiMaggio. Mickey Mantle. Derek Jeter. All of them were Baltimore Orioles. Well, kind of... 

Baseball in Baltimore is traced back to the late-1800s with teams known as "Lord Baltimore," in honor of the George Calvert, himself, the "Canaries," and, winning the award for creativeness, the "Marylands." The first Orioles team sprouted in 1882 as a charter member of the newly formed American Association, nearly a century after the bird, icterus galbula, received its name. They lasted in the AA--not to be confused with a city in Michigan or the famous non-profit dependency organization--throughout the league's short-lived tenure and then transferred into the National League in 1891. 

The Orioles established themselves as a power in the National League with their dominant play. In fact, the term, "Old Oriole" refers to a player who is tough and relentless, a staple of players from Oriole teams of that era. However, the club's fortunes turned south in 1899 when many of its stars were shipped off to the Brooklyn Dodgers, preceding the team's contraction shortly thereafter.

The Orioles got a second life, though, when the newly formed American League was blocked out of New York by the clout and power of the National League's New York Giants. So, instead of New York, the American League added a team in Baltimore for the 1901 season. The team's jerseys donned an orange, "O," thus, the creation of the "O's" moniker. The unconventional look--that of what looked like a zero on each player's jersey--was changed to a "B" the following year. Little did they know, the "B" stood for "Bye-bye," because the Orioles were soon to move along. 

The American League and National League eventually settled its location dispute so, in 1903, the Baltimore Orioles became...the New York Yankees. Yet, once again, the Orioles were granted another life as they became a minor league franchise for 50 years. As a matter of fact, Babe Ruth was briefly an Oriole as he came up through the team's system. 

As the Orioles bided their team before a return to the big stage, they settled in nicely as a minor league force,  but when the St. Louis Browns relocated to Baltimore in 1953, the Orioles were more than willing to return. This time, they became a part of Major League Baseball's American League. Here’s my favorite Orioles sports logo throughout the years. 

A quick sidebar note about the Browns because it has great historical value. They were St. Louis' dominant franchise as far as support goes, not the Cardinals. While they didn't have a ton of success, they are a part of a pretty notable event in baseball's history. Turn back the clock to the final day of the 1910 season. Controversial star, Ty Cobb, was wrestling with Nap Lajoie for the AL's batting title. Recognizing (through twitter, of course) that it would take a near-perfect day from Lajoie to overtake him, Cobb sat himself on the season's final day to help his case for that crown. Browns manager at the time, Jack O'Connor, like others, did not like Cobb. Thus, he order his third baseman, rookie, Red Corriden, to play on the outfield grass against Lajoie, virtually conceding a hit to him each time. Lajoie took advantage of the shift and bunted each of his first five trips to the plate, reaching each time. However, on the fifth trip, the official scorer ruled that an error allowed him to reach safely, which, statistically, gave him a hitless at-bat. A few people tried to bribe the scorer by offering as much as a brand new wardrobe, according to the St. Louis Post, but she relented. Ty Cobb won the batting title by a few thousandths of a point and O'Connor was fired and informally banned from baseball for life. And you thought today’s baseball was corrupt with performance enhancing drugs. 

I’m so glad you also asked about Awesome Sports Logos baseball teams. Oh, you didn’t? Well, I’m going to tell you about them anyway. 

The Boston Accents

Boston is an amazing baseball town and also a town full of thick accents. This is a real simple but clean looking baseball logo. It’s the city that doesn’t like R’s, so how do you like your, “chowdah” or we can see the Sox at “Fenway Pahk”

The Dallas Doughboys

A Doughboy is a term used to describe an American soldier. This term dates all the way back to the Mexican American War that focused around Texas. Some say it originated because many noticed that U.S. forces were constantly covered with chalky dust from marching through the dry terrain of Northern Mexico making the men look like unbaked dough. There are many other theories on the nickname, including how the infantry baked with rice and dough during war rations. I love how the rifle is a baseball bat in this logo. 

The Cape Cod Scrod


The Cape Cod Baseball League is one of the coolest summer baseball leagues in America. Free to watch and the players come into the stands with a hat for donations. If you watch the league, there is a very good chance you’ll see a future major leaguer. According to the league, 1,026 players have played in the big show. This logo is our tribute to an awesome baseball league.

Idaho Taters

Idaho is the potato capital of the United States. A “tater” is also a term used for a home run. I can’t believe there isn’t any baseball teams in Idaho with potato logos. Well, now Awesome Sports Logos has filled that void. 

Those are just 4 of the many sports logo t-shirts featured at Awesome Sports Logos. Spring Training is here. Get in the swing of things with some awesome t-shirts. 

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