Awesome Sports Logos College Edition

We’re all familiar with the logos that have become synonymous with college sports. Miami, Ohio State, Oklahoma; these schools carry logos that are instantly recognizable and printed all over awesome t-shirts in America. What else do these logos have in common? They’re incredibly boring. One letter, one color, one glance. Awesome Sports Logos has decided to bring you some college logos that will make you take a second look. Some of them are plain awesome and some of them are awesomely bad. In either case, the following logos deserve to be in your line of sight.

#5: Mississippi Valley State

The Delta Devils logo is elaborate, but also very badass. While the full picture might be hard to fit on a helmet or jersey, it’s perfect for an awesome t-shirt. Check out that devil. This satanic superhero strikes fear into opposing teams and meek web bloggers alike. On that note, I’ll move on.



#4: Youngstown State

Youngstown State is not only the former home of Jim Tressel, it’s the current home of the most awesome penguin alive. Screw the zoo. Forget the aquarium. Penguins belong on campus. Kudos YSU.



#3: Utah State

Similar to other schools with the “Aggie” moniker, Utah State employs a mascot that doesn’t fit its nickname. Yes, this bull is impressive. But he’s also a bit surly. I wonder if the character on Utah State’s logo isn’t having some lady problems.



#2: Prairie View A&M

This one belongs in the “awesomely bad” category. I suppose there’s nothing offensive about the panther and the logo, but that’s the problem. There are so many panther mascots and logos in college sports, PVAMU could stand to differentiate themselves a bit. What if the panther carried a dead carcass in its mouth? Or swung a glorious sword of fire? Sadly, this logo’s actually an improvement.



#1: Campbell University

The Campbell Camels get the top spot on this list. This logo is unique, fun, and at the same time slightly dangerous. This Camel amps you up while not inspiring you to buy a pack of smokes. The best part of Campbell’s logo is the Camel’s name: Gaylord. Winning?


We’ll have some more awesome college logos to come in the future. Speaking of Awesome Sports Logos, we need to pay our bills with a shameless plug. Don’t get me wrong, I love all 41 of our logos but this is my favorite. This logo fits in perfect with the college lifestyle. It’s the Cocksville Blockers. This is the top selling awesome t-shirt and for good reason. In fact, it’s so popular that the designers at Awesome Sports Logos were fighting for the right to get this logo gig. We loved their passion so we allowed both of our top designers to give it a try. Here are the awesome results. Support the cause and pick up one of our funny t-shirts.


Thanks for reading and keep being Awesome!

Jake Springer
Awesome Sports Logos Columnist/Passionate T-shirt Wearer