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The Cleburne Railroaders Have An Awesome Sports Logo

We haven’t finished the World Series and we’re already looking forward to some new 2017 baseball sports logos. Today we feature the Cleburne Railroaders who debut next year in the American Association. We love the American Association and their logo creativity. This is the same league that features names like Airhogs, T-Bones, Lemures and the legendary St. Paul Saints.

The Railroaders get extremely high marks for their name and logo. This isn’t the first time that baseball has existed in Cleburne. In 1906,  Cleburne played one year in the Texas League and won the championship. On that team was one of the greats to ever play the game, Tris Speaker. The pride of Hubbard Texas was an amazing offensive and defensive weapon.

This sports logo ties into the rich history of the railroad in Cleburne. The Santa Fe Railroad constructed central machine shops in the late 1800’s, which caused a population boom in the city. Trains still run through Cleburne today. The Intermodal Transportation Depot, which was built in 1999, serves Amtrak and local bus transit.  In fact, the new stadium that the Railroaders will play in will also be called, “The Depot”. This place looks gorgeous!


All right, lets get into the logo. Two key points. The first is the facial features with the old baseball cap. You truly feel as though this logo was teammates with Tris Speaker as part of the 1906 Texas League Championship team. I also love how they chose a railroad tie. They could have chosen some kind of locomotive but this character is unique. If you look closer at the logo, there is second train homage. The lettering beginning with the “a” starts what appears to be a train? The “I” is in the style of a smoke stack.

Awesome job Railroaders! We’ll be sure to keep an eye on your inaugural season. So far, you are off to an awesome start.

Right down the street from the Railroaders is another baseball team, the Dallas Doughboys.


The Doughboys are our Dallas baseball sports logo, which also has historical significance. The term Doughboy dates back to the Mexican American War that focused around Texas. Before they were GI’s, American soldiers were known as Doughboys. Some say the name originated because soldiers were constantly covered in a white chalky dust from marching through the desert terrain of Northern Mexico. Another theory of the origin is referring to the food because the infantry baked using rice and dough during war rations.

We wanted to create a replica of what a soldier during that era would look like while incorporating some baseball themes. The “o” is a baseball and we replaced a rifle with a baseball bat. So support the cause and pick up our Dallas Doughboys t-shirt. Better yet, take advantage of our discount specials. If you buy three of our super soft t-shirts, you get the fourth t-shirt for free. Just use the coupon code 3thenfree at checkout. Have you heard about our t-shirt of the month club? We think it’s awesome. We offer free shipping, you pick out the t-shirts you want and each month, you will have a smile on your face after opening your mailbox. Now that’s awesome!

Thanks as always for reading and supporting our small little engine that could t-shirt company.

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Fanatic

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