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Fifty Shades of Grey in an Awesome Sports Logos World

I could tell from that look in her eye and the way that she touched my shoulder that….wait a minute, I can’t do this. I’m not a romance novel writer, I’m a t-shirt guy. Under thousands of Christmas trees will be copies of the book that has sold over 65 million copies worldwide, 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James. Meanwhile, the number of Awesome Sports Logos funny sports t-shirts under Christmas trees will be one or two fewer.

So curl up, make sure you’re alone as we present 50 shades of Grey T-shirt parody by Awesome Sports Logos. The first thing we want to make sure is that you are properly protected. You can’t be too careful these days. Therefore, make sure you have your rubbers, Akron Rubbers that is. Akron is the rubber capital of the United States.

Now that we have our Rubbers, it’s time to play a little fantasy. What better fantasy than the mythical creature, the Chupacabra. The Albuquerque Chupacabra is one of our best sellers and the Chupacabra is one of the most popular cryptids behind Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster.
Since we’re talking fantasy, who doesn’t love an older woman who knows what she wants and gets it every time. Those women are known as Cougars, prowling the upscale streets of Boca Raton.
We are equal opportunity on this blog. Really, I don’t want to be but my wife is making me do this part. Ladies, we present you with the finest stud, the Lexington Studs.
You want your stud to be as big as the state of Texas. And in Texas, there is a ton of Roadkill. You’re right, dead animals are not a turn on but I need to sell some t-shirts here. I stared at my computer for a long time and nothing is sexy about a dead armadillo.
Ladies, now that you’ve found your Stud, it’s time to be a Beefeater. OMG, that fit in perfect. Maybe I should write trashy romance novels after all?
San Francisco Swallows and Savannah Seamen. You do the math on these two.
We know, we know, you’ve had to minimize this blog because it has you all hot and bothered. We encourage you to keep going, in fact, in no time, you’ll be gushing with your Houston Gushers awesome t-shirt. We actually have two grey Gushers t-shirts because every once in a while, adding one more to the party spices things up! Houston is oil country and this wooden derrick in the shape of an “H” gushing out a baseball is a cool t-shirt to have in your closet.
Not bad at all for my first try. You think Fabio would wear one of our t-shirts on the cover? I support him by eating his “I can’t believe it’s not butter”.

This blog was a blast and on a serious note, I can’t thank each and every one of you enough for your support this year.
Happy Holidays from all of us at Awesome Sports Logos!
Gavin Spittle
Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Wearer, Trashy Romance Novel Novice.

Awesome Sports Logos Special Investigation: Albuquerque Chupacabra Sightings

Ah yes, one of the most famous cryptids is the Chupacabra. I think this is the case for two reasons. First is the name. It just rolls off your tongue and really sounds good when you do it in a whisper like voice. The second reason is that normally you don’t see the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot strolling down your neighborhood or in fields. But if you see a coyote or any kind of short haired German Shepherd like creature than it must be, dah, dah dahhh….The Chupacabra.  The dah, dah, dahhh was my way of writing dramatic music in case that didn’t make any sense. In recent years, the Chupacabra has become a huge sensation on the mythical creatures hit charts. Some would say that El Chupacabra is the Justin Bieber of cryptids but I wouldn’t want to insult the beast.  
 Recently, more and more Chupacabra sightings have been brought to our attention. Could this mythical creature actually be real? Okay, enough of the dramatics, it was actually people telling us how much they love the Albuquerque Chupacabras awesome t-shirt. I actually got the idea from listening to John Lopez on SportsRadio 610 in Houston. John’s nickname was the Chupacabra and I loved the name. I also loved the mystery and folklore surrounding this beast. I wanted to find a city that was rich in Hispanic heritage and an area where Chupacabra sightings have taken place. Albuquerque fit both descriptions since there have been several sightings in New Mexico. I also love the full name, The Albuquerque Chupacabras. The name just sounds good and rolls off the tongue so brilliantly. If you’ve never been to Albuquerque, I would highly recommend it. Awesome history, gorgeous surroundings, the people are wonderful and extremely proud of their state. The Albuquerque Balloon Festival is truly picturesque with the various hot air balloon colors in the air at once.  My childhood idol Bugs Bunny first introduced me to this city with the famous quote, “I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque.”

Since we love the history of cities and their sports logos, the Albuquerque Isotopes is a cool story. Albuquerque has a rich baseball history dating all the way back to 1915. They were formerly named the Albuquerque Dukes since the nickname of the city is “The Duke City”. The Dukes were highly successful on the field for many years but were eventually moved to  Portland in 2001. A new stadium was constructed as the condition to lure another team and in 2003, Albuquerque was playing baseball again. Their name is fascinating. Remember what the baseball name in the Simpons cartoon is? That’s right, the Isotopes. When the local paper ran a poll wondering what the team name should be, the Isotopes dominated the poll. Makes sense because around that time, the Simpsons had immense popularity. Albuquerque also is big into research labs and the city has played a big part in American science. That’s how they got their name,  from a TV sitcom. In fact, if you visit the stadium, you’ll see life size statues of Homer and Marge sitting in the seats. Homer has his tickets in hand and Marge holding popcorn. Kudos to the organization for being creative! That’s an awesome story.

Here are our sweet Albuquerque Chupacabras  cool t-shirts. I love how the moon is actually a basketball. Buy one today so we can all give this mythical creature the popularity that it deserves.

 Remember it’s the holiday season and if you buy 3, you get the 4th t-shirt for free. Four gifts for the price of three! You can’t go wrong with that. Just remember to type in the code 3THENFREE. Thanks for reading.

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Wearer






Mythical Creatures Make Awesome Sports Logos

 Some of the legendary tales in this world are of mythical creatures. No matter how much science we pour in, no matter how many specials are done on National Geographic, the aura of mythical creatures in various areas live on. They are in our memory recall with growing fascination. I’ll play a mind game with you to prove my point. When you think of a rainbow, what’s at the other end? I say Loch Ness, what do you think of? You put a tooth under your pillow? We don’t do that to make the tooth more comfortable. By the way, on that note, I have friends that put $10 under their child’s pillow for every tooth lost. That’s some serious inflation from when I was a child. I might have to go back and check if I have any of my first teeth left to pay for this t-shirt company.

I think that Mythical Creatures make awesome sports logos. They are cool to create and although many speculate what creatures look like, we’ve never actually seen it with our own eyes so artistically, there is plenty of creative freedom. Next time you want to sound really smart in front of your friends, when they bring up a mythical creature, include the word cryptid in your return sentence. A cryptid is a creature or plant whose existence has been suggested but unrecognized by scientific proof. See, you can talk imaginary and wow your friends at the same time. Then quickly shift the conversation to sports so they still find you cool.

 Here a couple of “Cryptid”s from our Awesome Sports Logos t-shirt collection.


 We created the Decorah Trolls in celebration of the huge Norwegian festival held each year in Decorah Iowa. Trolls have always been one of the most popular mythical creatures. That popularity has grown even more with the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the upcoming Hobbit movie. My favorite part of this logo is the Norwegian flag pants and the club instead of a baseball bat. I wear my trolls shirt frequently.


 Our second creature is the Albuquerque Chupacabras. This is one of our best sellers and for good reason. There have been a lot of Chupacabra siting’s over the years including a creature that washed up on shore but nothing substantiated. The name derives from Chupar which means “to suck” and Cabra which means “Goat or Goat sucker”. The entire name comes from this creature hunting livestock. Our Chupacabra doesn’t look as nasty but I still wouldn’t mess with it. What I love about this awesome t-shirt is that the moon is a basketball. I also love the lettering.

 Here are some teams named after mythical creatures.

New Jersey Devils
A lot of people don’t realize that this NHL club is named after a cryptid creature which reportedly inhabits the Pine Barrons in South New Jersey. Over 10,000 people voted in a contest to name the team and this mythical creature came out the winner.


The Vermont Lake Monsters
 This single A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics is named after “Champ”, the legendary Lake Champlain monster which looks very similar to the Loch Ness Monster.


The Lowell Lock Monsters


In the 1700’s a transportation canal was built through the city of Lowell, MA into the Merrimack River. Today it is still the largest power canal system in the United States. The Lowell Lock Monsters were an American Hockey League affiliate before folding after the 2009-10 season.


The Shreveport Swamp Dragons

The Swamp Dragons played in the Texas League in 2001-02. Not sure there are many Dragons hanging out in the swamps of Louisiana but it’s a cool logo.

The Kootenay Ice

 The Ice are part of the Major Junior Hockey League in Canada and are based out of British Columbia. Pretty basic logo in fact it looks like someone was taking a picture of the Coors Lite Logo when the hockey playing Yeti jumped into the picture.


The Colorado Avalanche

 When people think of the Avalanche, they don’t necessarily think of “Big Foot”. While not the primary logo of Colorado, a big foot paw does appear on the shoulder pads of the jersey.  

 If you know of any other mythical creatures as sports logos, email me at and we’ll add it to the list. I’ll keep searching as well. In the meantime, support the cause and pick up a Trolls or Chupacabras awesome t-shirt. I’d buy both if I was you but I may be biased.

Seriously, thanks for all of your support for The response has been awesome and we truly appreciate it!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, Super Soft T-shirt Wearer


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