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Our Favorite Sorority Recruitment Videos

This blog pains me to write. That said, having to go through all these Sorority videos to pick out a few of the best is exhausting. That’s exactly what all of you have to tell my wife.  She doesn’t believe this is grueling and painful. If you get in trouble for reading this, I’ll defend you. You are just reading a sports logos blog. You thought you were going to read about a new logo and these videos came out of nowhere.

Seriously, my point of this blog is how amazing these videos are. Forget about the ladies in the videos, how about the production level? We have some regular Spielberg’s on our hands. Here are some of our favorites. You will notice a common Alpha Phi theme with these videos. I’m not sure at one point of this video I squeeze in a request for some Alpha Phi production dollars.

USC Alpha Phi 2016


How did they get use of one of the most famous stadiums in America? They these lovely young ladies go on a hike with their own water bottle label. That’s a quality logo placement by the way. A picture of Dasani or Aquafina wouldn’t have the same effect. They also have their own hats and blankets.

We head to the desert and Arizona State featuring Alpha Phi once again.


How do we at Awesome Sports Logos get this budget? This is our dream vacation. You get dropped off in a hot air balloon and get to go skateboarding with closed down roads so you can film. Some off road action, fun in the water and a ride high above to see the views. 

The most popular video comes from last year. The Alabama Alpha Phi video from 2015 has surpassed one million views.

I’m wondering if I can get the Alpha Phi hookup and rent the Crimson Tide stadium for a day. What about 10 minutes, will you give a guy a discount?

Kudos to the creativity of these sororities and the filmmakers they teamed up with. I’m just jealous and I’m sure many others are as well.

So here are two of our low budget videos from our past. Time to do some more. No stadiums, helicopters or hot air balloons but we did bribe a three time Super Bowl winner.


I really had to convince my wife to be in this video. Brilliant performance by her in this video. She didn’t even require a makeup trailer which I appreciate . As for me, just wearing my favorite El Paso Luchadores t-shirt was good enough for me.

In this second low budget feature we convinced former Linebacker Ted Johnson to join in the fun.

Ted is an amazing guy and we can’t thank him enough for agreeing to do this. I would think his Super Bowl performances are much more memorable but this has to be a close second right? 

One area we refuse to be cheap on is the quality of our t-shirts. Selling t-shirts on the world wide web is awesome. There is a downside that you might not think of and that’s the quality. We promise that our t-shirts are high quality and super soft. Nobody wants to wear cardboard. We like to think of them as a high quality designer t-shirts at non designer prices. You shouldn’t have to pay $30-$35 dollars maybe even more.

In fact it gets even cheaper if you join our t-shirt of the month club which makes an awesome holiday gift. If you want someone to compliment you on your creativity, you are a few clicks away from getting them something special.

Thanks as always for reading. Congrats again ladies on some awesome videos!

Gavin Spittle

Founder and Sports Logo Lover

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