Akron Has a New Sports Logo and it is Awesome

We started the company Awesome Sports Logos to bring back the fun and creativity back to sports logos, something that we feel is a lost art. Therefore, we love to highlight those teams that still take great pride in sports logos and the historical aspect of the area that they are playing for.
Since its baseball, we’re just going to say that this team “knocked it out of the park”. This year, Akron will feature a new team name and logo for their Double A baseball team. We introduce you to the Akron RubberDucks

Huge credit to owner Ken Babby and his staff for coming up with this name. Akron is the tire capital of the United States and the birthplace of Goodyear, Firestone, Goodrich and General Tile. Akron’s nicknames have included “Rubber City” and “Rubber Capital of the World”. As far as the rest of the name, who doesn’t have memories of a Rubber Duck in some way? Many times, you can have a catchy name and the logo falls short of expectations. Not the case here. The use of the tire tread is impressive as is the facial expression of the duck. I also love the colors for merchandise. Don’t get us wrong, we’d love for you to buy our t-shirts but we also don’t mind promoting other cool gear. The more popular these logos become, the more teams will head back in the creative direction which is our ultimate goal. 

We also have an Akron sports logo, the Akron Rubbers. We had the same vision incorporating the history of the city with a cool logo. Every time I wear our Akron Rubbers t-shirt, I get asked “where did you get that cool t-shirt?”. Now Akron has two Awesome Sports Logos. The more the merrier!

Thanks as always for reading,

Gavin Spittle
Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Wearer
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