Reviewing the Houston Astros Sports Logo

The Houston Astros have been in the news a lot recently, both for good, bad, and neutral. Whatever the case, they're a team on the rise so it makes sense for us to check out their logo. 

I'd characterize the Astros logo as simple, but certainly complete. It doesn't "pop", but it stands out. It's not fancy, but there's focused detail. 

The logo isn't loud with shapes and colors flying everywhere. It's circularly founded with the "H" at the center and the relevant information arched around it. Throw in a star and it's got all that you need for a good logo. It might be a little too flashy to be a part of the minimalist family, but not by too much. That's ok, though. Those logos lack focus and purpose. This one does not and that's what makes it effective. 

Houston's image doesn't feature an attacking animal or some ambiguous creature. The centerpiece is a letter and a star. But what I like most about the logo is it's color scheme. Blue and orange isn't a commonly used combo and that helps the freshness of the logo and allows it to stand out, even if it isn't the first thing you notice in the room. I also like the decision to use white text and not orange text. It helps value the orange and also makes the meat of the logo standout. If they'd have switched the two main colors and highlighted orange as the main color, I wouldn't have totally objected, but it would be too loud for the rest of its personality. It would be like a tatted up nun...

The final check mark is a personal requirement for every logo and that's some cultural personality. A famous Houston rapper once said, "Rep yo state." Houston reps it's state with the star--a subtle cap-tip to "The Lone Star State," a source of pride for all Texans. 

This logo more than passes the test. I'll give it a B. Awesome Sports Logos doesn't have Bs--just As. Check them out, like the baseball team that the team at ASL made up, the Houston Gushers. Houston is big time oil country so this logo provides great regionalism and history. The other cool element that is cool is the creation of the H with an old wooden oil derrick. This to me is an awesome baseball t-shirt

Thanks as always for reading,

Jared Sandler
Awesome Sports Logos Columnist