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Can a Sports Logo Makeover Fix The Cleveland Browns

The city of Cleveland has found some amazing success with their sports teams, as of late. In the NBA, the Cavaliers celebrated winning the Finals last season. This year, fans got to witness the team raise their championship banner, and the city was proud. In the MLB, the Indians made it to the World Series. Although they ended up losing in Game 7, the city of Cleveland was proud yet again. Their beloved baseball team made it to the show. They achieved success, despite not being considered as good as some of the other teams. While the city of Cleveland has had much to celebrate, there is just one black spot on their record. That black spot is the Cleveland Browns.

The NFL is the most popular sporting organization in the United States. They constantly put other sports to shame in advertising dollars, television deals, and ratings. The city of Cleveland just can’t seem to catch a break in football, as the Browns are one of the consistently worst teams in the league. So far this year, the team is winless. That’s no typo, the Browns have lost every game this season, and are currently sitting at 0-10.

What could possibly be the cause of this unlucky season? Is it bad coaching? Could it be that Johnny Manziel left a curse on the team? Is there simply no luck left, after the NBA and MLB teams drained it all up? There are many avenues that one could explore, in trying to place or find blame. Even I have my own theories. Frankly, I think that the team’s logo is the cause of their downtrodden season.

Logo courtesy of 

When you look at other teams’ logos, they all have something worth looking at. The Browns on the other hand, their logo has nothing to it. Their helmet is plain orange, with a single white stripe going down the middle, from front to back. The single white stripe is outlined on both sides by a black accent color. There is no animal, there is no lettering, there is nothing but simplicity. What do fans have to cheer for? What do players have to draw inspiration from? Nothing.

There is no eagle to take strength and perseverance from. There is no panther to take speed and agility from. There isn’t even a patriot, to draw unity and fight from. There is only the color orange. And while many fans, sports writers and even coaches may say that this means nothing, I would disagree. I feel that if there were something there, anything at all, the team could draw something from it. They could draw at least enough for a win, and maybe enough for more than the three wins the team achieved last season.

Can a sports logo make that much of a difference? The answer is probably not? That said, it does signify change and a new beginning. When the Patriots, Bengals and Bills changed their logo, success quickly followed. It's probably coincidence but it does bring needed attention. A change also brings new merchandise sales which no owner would frown upon.

While no one can say for certain what has caused this team to underperform, I would say that it’s time to make some changes. A logo change may sound simple, or even irrelevant. But now is the moment when no stone must go unturned. This is the moment to not hold back, and do whatever it takes to change their history of less-than-mediocre play. What will the Browns do to restore hope to the city of Cleveland? What will they do to stop being the black spot on an otherwise perfect Cleveland sports era?

Cleveland actually has a pretty cool alternate sports logo. Why not put this on the helmet and change it up? 
Logo courtesy of 

One logo that doesn’t need any changing is our very own Cocksville Blockers! Okay, we admit that this is the only made up city, but how could we resist? This city name and logo go hand in hand. We were going to use Cockeysville, Maryland but that is pronounced much differently.


This angry rooster will stop at nothing to get in your way and block any of your moves. Of course, we’re talking about football moves, what were you thinking of? This Cocksville Blockers funny t-shirt is our best seller and for good reason. Add it to your list on our t-shirt of the month club, and wait for this awesome tee to find its way to your doorstep at the first of every month!

Thanks for reading and supporting us!


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The Sports Logo Story Behind The Beverly Hills Fighting Chiweenies

Here at Awesome Sports Logos, we are huge dog lovers. In fact, here is our mascot that we found wandering the street at midnight. Now he rules the offices of Awesome Sports Logos with unlimited bones and love.


We have another dog in the office but this one is in the form of an awesome t-shirt. We introduce you to the Beverly Hills Fighting Chiweenies.


So what exactly is a Chiweenie? Here is the official definition from

 A cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund, the Chiweenie is a small breed, sometimes with long, floppy Dachshund ears. They tend to be happy, easy going dogs … although they need a lot of love and attention when they're young.

So of all the dog breeds, why did we pick the Chiweenie? Google is actually the key to this storyline. In our research for various sports logos, this Chiweenies logo jumped out to me. With a few clicks, I was able to contact the designer Erica who was a college student. One of her class projects was to take a docile creature and make it into a vicious sports logo. Erica nailed it. She deserved an A+ on this project. She also designed our New Orleans Curse awesome basketball t-shirt.


It was such a great feeling to see our Chiweenies logo used as an example in a local El Paso story when it was revealed that one of the five finalists for the new El Paso baseball team was the El Paso Chihuahuas. That name ended up not only winning, it’s now one of the leading minor league baseball merchandise sellers in the country. If you walk into El Paso Airport, you can’t miss seeing Chihuahuas gear.


So if you happen to be a dog lover and a lover of sports logos like we are, treat yourself to the Beverly Hills Fighting Chiweenies. It’s sure to become a closet favorite. Even better, add the Chiweenies and the New Orleans Curse to the list of our T-shirt of the Month Club. Sweet discounts with free shipping. You pick the t-shirts and if you are giving our T-shirt of the Month Club as a gift, we are happy to personalize the experience at no extra charge. We want this to be an awesome experience.

Thanks as always for your support. Go Chiweenies!

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New Team, New Sports Logo, The Florida Fire Frogs

The Brevard County Manatees in Florida have officially relocated. The Minor League Baseball team has moved about an hour West, deeper into Central Florida, to Osceola County. Now that they have moved to a new home, the club has a new affiliate. Along with their relocation, the team has adopted a new identity. The Brevard County Manatees are now the Florida Fire Frogs. In addition to the relocation and new identity, the Fire Frogs are leaving their 12-year affiliation with the Milwaukee Brewers. When the new season begins in April of next year, the Fire Frogs will begin their four-year contract as an affiliate of the Atlanta Braves.

The new team name was voted upon earlier in the year, and came from a list of finalists that featured some intriguing names. According to Baseball America, names among the final choices to vote on included: Toucans, Mud Kickers, Sorcerers, Rodeo Clowns, Dragonflies, and the winner, Fire Frogs.

The move will ultimately benefit the Braves in the long run, as their new high Class A club will be within 20 miles of the spring training facilities. The biggest benefit for the Fire Frogs, is that their new identity gets to come with a new logo. Let’s compare the two looks, old and new.

Logo Courtesy of 

The Manatees logo fits perfectly with other MiLB team looks. It has a playful, simple design. The manatee in the logo appeals to people of all ages. With a bat in hand and ballcap on, this look represents your typical baseball emblem. The baseball is centered, yet in the background, it is easily noticeable and doesn’t take away from the overall message of the logo. Nothing should take away from the mascot, which sits front and center. “Brevard County” is rightly featured, angled slightly and in great font. While the logo does incorporate the team colors, the overall color aspect is dull and boring. This can either be due to the team colors themselves being uninteresting, or a failure to represent those colors in a more eye-friendly fashion. All in all, the Manatees logo is solid.

Logo courtesy of 

The logo for the new Florida Fire Frogs is… well… this logo is on FIRE! I absolutely love this new look. The image is of a coqui frog, native to Puerto Rico. There is a lot of background to using a coqui frog as the new team logo, as Osceola County’s population features a large portion of people with Puerto Rico roots. I think incorporating that into the team look makes the Fire Frogs more personable to the fanbase around them. This can only serve to strengthen support for the team, and build a strong foundation of fandom. The coqui frog has flames running down its spine, and appears to have steam coming from its nostrils. While this frog may look little, you can easily tell it’s packing a punch! I say this new image is awesome!

Here at Awesome Sports Logos, we have our own baseball logo that hails from the great state of Florida. Today, we match the Florida Fire Frogs with the Boca Raton Cougars.

I could see these two teams playing each other. These Cougars knock it out of the park. Cougars swing for the fence. They know what they want and go for it. Pick up your Cougars today or add them to your t-shirt of the month club selection. Think about it, this super soft tee, and your other favorites, hit your doorstep on the first of each month! We offer 3, 6, 9, and 12 month subscriptions, all at increasingly discounted prices. Be sure to check out the details! Whether you buy just one t-shirt or more than one, we truly appreciate your support.

Go Fire Frogs and go Cougars!

Come back again to see more AWESOME logos!

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The Cleburne Railroaders Have An Awesome Sports Logo

We haven’t finished the World Series and we’re already looking forward to some new 2017 baseball sports logos. Today we feature the Cleburne Railroaders who debut next year in the American Association. We love the American Association and their logo creativity. This is the same league that features names like Airhogs, T-Bones, Lemures and the legendary St. Paul Saints.

The Railroaders get extremely high marks for their name and logo. This isn’t the first time that baseball has existed in Cleburne. In 1906,  Cleburne played one year in the Texas League and won the championship. On that team was one of the greats to ever play the game, Tris Speaker. The pride of Hubbard Texas was an amazing offensive and defensive weapon.

This sports logo ties into the rich history of the railroad in Cleburne. The Santa Fe Railroad constructed central machine shops in the late 1800’s, which caused a population boom in the city. Trains still run through Cleburne today. The Intermodal Transportation Depot, which was built in 1999, serves Amtrak and local bus transit.  In fact, the new stadium that the Railroaders will play in will also be called, “The Depot”. This place looks gorgeous!


All right, lets get into the logo. Two key points. The first is the facial features with the old baseball cap. You truly feel as though this logo was teammates with Tris Speaker as part of the 1906 Texas League Championship team. I also love how they chose a railroad tie. They could have chosen some kind of locomotive but this character is unique. If you look closer at the logo, there is second train homage. The lettering beginning with the “a” starts what appears to be a train? The “I” is in the style of a smoke stack.

Awesome job Railroaders! We’ll be sure to keep an eye on your inaugural season. So far, you are off to an awesome start.

Right down the street from the Railroaders is another baseball team, the Dallas Doughboys.


The Doughboys are our Dallas baseball sports logo, which also has historical significance. The term Doughboy dates back to the Mexican American War that focused around Texas. Before they were GI’s, American soldiers were known as Doughboys. Some say the name originated because soldiers were constantly covered in a white chalky dust from marching through the desert terrain of Northern Mexico. Another theory of the origin is referring to the food because the infantry baked using rice and dough during war rations.

We wanted to create a replica of what a soldier during that era would look like while incorporating some baseball themes. The “o” is a baseball and we replaced a rifle with a baseball bat. So support the cause and pick up our Dallas Doughboys t-shirt. Better yet, take advantage of our discount specials. If you buy three of our super soft t-shirts, you get the fourth t-shirt for free. Just use the coupon code 3thenfree at checkout. Have you heard about our t-shirt of the month club? We think it’s awesome. We offer free shipping, you pick out the t-shirts you want and each month, you will have a smile on your face after opening your mailbox. Now that’s awesome!

Thanks as always for reading and supporting our small little engine that could t-shirt company.

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NBA Sports Logos That Need an Upgrade

We previously discussed the Cleveland Cavaliers, and their not-so-hot team logo. Well, it got me thinking. With the NBA season tipping off and their team logos about to be firmly planted in our faces for the next several months, what can basketball fans NOT look forward to? We’re going to take a look at some of the worst team logos in the National Basketball Association. With 30 teams to analyze and review, we found the ones that need the most improvement. Let’s find out what organization needs the most help.

Logos Courtesy of 

The Los Angeles Clippers are a franchise notable for their struggles. Up until about 2010, the team failed to gain any significant postseason action. Despite finding success with Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul, one aspect of the Clippers organization that hasn’t improved over time is the team logo. The team unveiled a new primary emblem in June of 2015, and it’s not very good.

When you first see this logo, the word “CLIPPERS” smacks you right in the face. One would think that having the name, as the primary feature of a logo would be a good thing. However, the Clippers didn’t exactly make it eye appealing. The letters are too close, giving off a jumbled look. The font is poor, and stretches the lettering too tall. Once you go beyond the team name, everything else in this look is either too busy, or completely unnecessary. I can see how the team wants to incorporate the red and blue colors into their logo, but the arched lines aren’t the way to do it. They seem to highlight the team name, but also trail off into nothing worth seeing. The city initials at the top of the logo are done poorly. While the idea of having “LA” encapsulated in the Clippers “C” probably sounded good in planning, the execution is terrible. Centered in the middle of the basketball, it creates a disorganized, hard to read appearance.

Overall, their logo seems to be going in multiple directions at once. I think the club needs to re-think their image, figure out one solid idea or flow, and make that happen. Now that the team seems to have the right ownership and seems to have kept a fan base pleased, a new image could be the last stepping stone to becoming a serious NBA contender.

The Oklahoma City Thunder is a team that you can’t take lightly. Since relocating to Oklahoma, the former Seattle SuperSonics have found great success. With a Conference Championship and a Finals appearance under their belt, the Thunder has proven that a successful professional sports team can be sustained in Oklahoma. That said the team could use some work on their logo.


When I see this image, the first thing that comes to mind is the lack of thunderbolts. With such a strong name, high in intimidation potential, I would have expected some clever and fierce way to display a thunderbolt. It’s almost as if having one could completely turn this look around, all on its own. In addition to the lack of thunderbolts, the images and wording on the shield all seem too misaligned to make sense. I’m not one to be obsessive compulsive about having images or lines within a logo to be perfectly symmetrical. That being said, the Thunder images just seem like they were glued together by a kindergarten that was holding that glue stick for the first time ever. I really like the font of “OKC” angled across the basketball and “THUNDER” atop the whole image. If the logo was sans-shield and without the red and blue streaks behind it all, it may seem to flow better. All in all, the look needs serious work.

At Awesome Sports Logos, all of our basketball logos have been perfectly crafted to be the best in class. Our Montunos Del Interior logo is one of the best we have! This Panamanian Basketball League sports logo is the only team based outside of Panama City, and in Panama they call that the Interior. In the Interior, raising cattle and farming is the chief industry. This logo is a farmer yelling at cattle, which is fairly common for them to do in Panama.


They also make their own drinks and my Panamanian source tells me that they use battery acid and bury their liquor under the ground until it’s ready. We’ll stick to the American fermentation process. Enjoy this Panama sports logo t-shirt! Add the super soft tee to your t-shirt of the month club rotation, and be pleasantly surprised when it arrives right to your door!

We hope you enjoyed this article, and we appreciate you stopping by!

Keep Calm and Stay Awesome!

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The Sports Illustrated Cover Curse Is Real

I know it’s hard to believe but back before the World Wide Web, we used to huddle to read our favorite magazines, one of which was Sports Illustrated.

When I found out that one of my favorite teams or athletes were on the cover, I ran to my corner store, (I really did run, too young for a car) to pick up SI.  Then I heard about the Sports Illustrated cover curse.

Earlier this year, the New York Times did a great recap of the curse and several sports moments that took a turn after the cover came out. The article includes Pete Rose’s chase for the DiMaggio’s ending after he appeared on the cover. Tom Brady hits the 2008 Sports Illustrated cover for their NFL preview. In week 1, he tears up his MCL and ACL for the first and only major injury in his NFL career. This is a terrific article that dives into the curse. You can read it here.

 Here are a few of the most recent curses that I’ve noticed.


 Covers courtesy of Sports Illustrated

After beating the Rangers in a thrilling five game series in 2015 this cover hit the day after. The Blue Jays got hit themselves immediately by the Kansas City Royals who went on to become World Champions.

How about the Houston Astros to start this baseball season? Sports Illustrated not only put them on the cover, they sped up their rebuilding and said that the Astros will win the World Series.


I think the Cubs and Indians would disagree with this prediction as I write this. The Astros failed to make the playoffs and were a huge disappointment to many. They started 7-17 and played catch up the rest of the way finishing just above .500 with 84 wins.

That brings us to the latest cover and if you are an Oklahoma City Thunder fan, you are not going to like this.


Hopefully Russell Westbrook stays healthy but if something happens, you know the fingers would be pointing towards this cover. 

The flip side is that Sports Illustrated has put out thousands of covers over the years where nothing has happened. That said, no one remembers the Michael Jordan misses at the buzzer, only the numerous game winning shots. Thus is the case here with the SI cover.  That said, I’m a superstitious guy so if I was an athlete, I’d stay away.

One thing that athletes aren’t superstitious about is wearing our Awesome Sports Logos t-shirts.  Check out pitcher Derek Holland looking good in our Cocksville Blockers awesome t-shirt.


 Here is former pitcher Mike Bacsik looking good in several of our t-shirts.


Three time Super Bowl Champion Ted Johnson had some fun with me wearing our El Paso Luchadores t-shirt. Thank goodness we had his size.

You certainly don’t need to be an athlete to wear our t-shirts.  In fact, all of us arm chair Quarterbacks look good. Grab yourself some awesome and remember, we offer even more savings with our t-shirt of the month club.

Thanks as always for reading!

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