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Fournette and McCaffrey are Making the Right Decision

The system is hypocritical. You can debate whether or not LSU’s Leonard Fournette and Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey should play in their respective Bowl games based on their teammates. That’s fair and I’m sure many will say that they let their team down.

That said, where is the same outrage for Tom Herman? He left Houston to take the Texas job before the Cougars played in the Las Vegas Bowl. He was the hottest coaching candidate and it was talked about all year. On Tuesday, Temple will play in the Military Bowl without their head coach Matt Rhule who is the new coach of Baylor. Once again, I’m fine with this. Better opportunity to improve himself and take care of his family.  My issue is we don’t fault coaches yet we jump on players for thinking of their future.  A sidebar note to ponder. If a coach leaves a school, any monetary penalty they face for leaving while under contract is covered by the next school. Meanwhile, if a player wants to transfer based on a coach leaving, they have to sit out a full year. They were made promises that were broken yet they are penalized.

Both players will not hurt their draft status by sitting out Bowl games. If they play like Jaylon Smith did last year for Notre Dame, you risk ruining a profitable career. Smith was likely a top 5 draft pick. The Cowboys took a chance on him in the 2nd round and it remains to be seen whether or not he will have an NFL career. For those that say, “well it’s rare that something like this happens”.  How many examples will it take? Isn’t one enough. Should we throw out Willis McGahee in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl?


You go to school to prepare yourself for the best career possible. That goes for any occupation including Professional Football Player. Maybe this will start a trend but Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett announced that he will play for the Aggies in the upcoming Texas Bowl against Kansas State. Garrett will be a top pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.  I applaud him for making this decision, just like I applaud Fournette and McCaffrey for their decisions.

Schools make millions off of the players. Players should not be criticized for having a say in their future.

I know, I know, this is a serious blog. Usually I’m writing about a cool sports logo. Lets get to that with one of our funny t-shirts that is going over huge with the college crowd.

It’s our only made up city at Awesome Sports Logos. I woke up at 4a with the name Cocksville Blockers in my head. I know, why are things like this running through my brain. I got up and feverishly searched Google looking for Cocksville. Unfortunately my search efforts failed but the name was too good to pass up.


This guy looks like he means business on the football field. I certainly wouldn’t want to take on this Rooster. It’s our best seller and for good reason. When you wear it, people always ask, “OMG, where did you get that?” The OMG part might be made up but I’m trying to sound hip.

Get yourself some Cocksville Blockers. It’s sure to be a closet favorite. Or add it to your list as part of our T-shirt of the Month Club.

You guys are awesome, thanks for reading!

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The History of the Dallas Cowboys and Their Sports Logo

There are so many aspects to a great sports logo. Could be the logo character involved, could be the colors or in this case, amazing heritage.

When you are commonly referred to as “America’s Team”, you have heritage. The Dallas Cowboys are not only the most popular franchise in America, Forbes recently named them the most valuable sports franchise in the world.

Before we jump into the iconic Star sports logo, there is an amazing story of how the Dallas Cowboys were born.

Legendary sports owner Lamar Hunt was the first to covet bringing an NFL team to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. At this time in league history, approval was necessary from all 15 owners. In his way was Washington Redskins owner George Preston Marshall. The Skins were the southernmost NFL team and Marshall wanted his team to be the only game in town south of D.C.  Hunt failed and instead created the AFL’s Dallas Texans.

The AFL was gaining strength and the NFL didn’t want them to take hold of markets like Dallas. That’s when Texas Oil Businessman Clint Murchison comes in. The way the rules were set, The Redskins would once again be able to block a Dallas team.  That’s when a surreal story that you would swear is fiction began.

As the Dallas movement was once again happening, the Redskins owner quarrels shifted to of all things, a battle over the beloved “Hail to the Redskins” song with Band Director and song composer Barnee Breeskin. Breeskin and Murchison had a common enemy. So what did the composer do? He sold the trademark and all rights to “Hail to the Redskins” to the potential Dallas owner for $2,500. The offer was then made to Redskins owner Preston Marshall. Give me a team and you’ll have your fight song back. That’s how the Dallas Cowboys were born.

Tours haven’t opened yet for the new Cowboys practice facility, “The Star” in Frisco Texas but the original lyrics to “Hail to the Redskins” along with the story are in a glass case. The rivalry between Washington and Dallas has been strong ever since.

A sidebar to that story is that once the Dallas Cowboys were born, Lamar Hunt joined the NFL and moved the Dallas Texans to Kansas City and renamed them the Chiefs.  Now that’s some awesome NFL history that many might not know.

Now that you know how they were born, lets look at the logo. Since their inception, the Cowboys have used a blue star as a tribute to the nickname of Texas, “The Lone Star State”.

Since 1960 the Cowboys have only used two logos. Here is the first from 1960-63.


 Logos courtesy of

A slight adjustment on the second logo with the addition of the border to the star in 1964. This logo has been the primary sports logo ever since.


There is a rare 3rd sports logo with the original logo design on display at the practice facility.


This alternate logo isn’t seen much and was used from 1960-1970.

The Cowboys logo is simple but with so much history around it, simple works perfect. You just think of names like Staubach, Aikman, Irvin and Emmitt Smith wearing “The Star”. You frequently hear people ask players their feelings of wearing “The Star”. That’s how prominent the logo is.

At Awesome Sports Logos, we feature a football sports logo with rich sports history. Bootlegging in Tennessee was huge during the Prohibition years. In fact, Al Capone was involved in the Nashville Bootlegging scene. The Nashville Bootleggers sports logo blends Bootlegging with the great game of football. This Bootlegger is on the run and giving the Heisman to anyone in his way. We replaced a football with a whiskey cask.


This t-shirt makes a great gift. Better yet, make it part of your T-shirt of the Month Club collection. You pick out your favorite t-shirts and in return, we give you discounts and free shipping. If you want to give it as a gift, we are happy to customize a gift certificate for you. We want this to be an awesome experience!

Thanks as always for reading!! Happy Holidays

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Five Must Watch Holiday Movies

It’s that time of year again. Not just to tip off your friends and family about what Awesome Sports Logos t-shirts you want them to get you but also to choose which holiday movies to dive into.

I’ve updated my catalog. Not that I’m not into the old winter classics but you have to switch it up a little bit.


Die Hard

One of the all time action thrillers, it’s quickly forgotten that the throw down at Nakatomi Plaza happened during the holiday season. Easier to rob a building when people are at the company party I guess?


Die Hard 2


Why just stop at one Die Hard? We all agonize about holiday travel. The airport isn’t such a jolly place.  But then when you have to take on bad guys with guns on top of that? Our American hero John McClain finds that out the hard way.


Bad Santa


Can’t go wrong with Billy Bob Thornton. Bad Santa 2 is about to hit the big screen so it’s not a bad idea to get a refresher course with the original.




This is a quality Will Ferrell. It’s 2003 so no one will call it a classic but it’s a gem watching Ferrell play the part of an Elf that has to find his way in the modern world.

Just Friends


This is a Ryan Reynolds classic. The scenes with his brother and co-star Ana Farris are laugh out loud. How dare IMDB give it only 3 stars? Trust no critics except the one you are currently reading. You will enjoy lots of laughs with this 2005 classic.

You can’t go wrong with these flicks. Are they sit around by the fire with the family holiday movies? Heck no. That said, if you add a little extra into the egg nog, these are some good flicks for the holiday season.

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We want it to be an awesome experience!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holiday movie binge watching!

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Jimmy Johnson The Nascar Legend

Earlier this month, Jimmy Johnson won the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship. This is his seventh Championship win, and he ties NASCAR greats Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt for most titles in the sports 68-year history.

Johnson became a driver for Hendrick Motorsports, in the Sprint Cup series, in 2002. During his first full season racing with the big-time drivers, he finished fifth in Cup points. He finished second in 2003, 2004, and fifth in 2005. Johnson had an incredible first four years in NASCAR, and quickly made a splash as a popular driver amongst the fans. The next season would be the start of an amazing championship run for #48.

In 2006, Johnson ended the season with one pole, 13 top five finishes, 24 top ten finishes, and his first career championship title. He also took the prestigious Driver of the Year Award. It wasn’t over for Johnson, as he took home the Cup Championship again in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. He became NASCAR’s first and only five consecutive year champ.

Since he began, Johnson has recorded seven championships, 80 race wins, 219 top fives, 330 top tens, and 35 pole positions. He has won the Driver of the Year Award five times. In 2009, he became the first Nascar pilot to win The Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year Award. Johnson was also listed as No. 1 on’s Most Influential Athletes list in 2011 and 2012.

Johnson has become even more of a fan favorite over the years, lending his voice, image and likeness out in the world of pop culture. Johnson has made appearances in a few movies and television shows, as well as video games, magazines and even a music video. He’s got looks, charisma and a terrific public image.

One other awesome characteristic about Johnson is dedication. His crew chief Chad Knaus has been with him for 78 of his wins. It’s an amazing long term marriage of two amazing racing minds whose goal is to always strive to be better. This is in a series where numerous crew chief/driver relationships break up on a yearly basis. 

We at Awesome Sports Logos are always trying to improve each year as well. We’re always studying cities and potential logos or current logos of pro sports teams in those cities. When we dove into Akron Ohio, we loved the concept we came up with.

Akron is the fifth largest city in Ohio and is also known as the Rubber Capital of the world, or “Rubber City”. At one point in the early 1920’s, Goodyear, Firestone and General Tire each had their headquarters in Akron and that’s how they got their anointed nickname. Goodyear is still based in the city.

Ferdinand Schumacher, the inventor of oatmeal and breakfast cereal, hails from Akron but we felt as though the Akron Oatmeal wouldn’t be a best seller. We do however feel as though the Akron Rubbers and our speedy tire logo on a super soft t-shirt will be a favorite.

We love the name and the history that surrounds our awesome Akron Rubbers sports logo. If you enjoy this Akron sports t-shirt, then add it to your t-shirt of the month club list! Once you get in the club, you can have a super soft tee at your doorstep on the first of every month!

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Keep Calm and Stay Awesome!

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Our Favorite Baseball Movies

Let’s take a break from the teams and the players, and the postseason/offseason drama. Today, we take a look at something that all baseball fans can enjoy: movies about the greatest game in American history. That’s right folks, today we will feature the best movies about baseball. Years of both baseball and movie watching experience has clearly qualified me to be the ultimate judge on the rankings of these films.

Not really.

These are just some of my own personal favorites. Please note, this list is only covering movies from 1985 to present. Older movies should deserve a category of their own.

Here we go folks:


#5 – The Sandlot (1993)


This movie relates to many of our childhoods. It’s almost two hours of kids playing pick-up baseball, getting into trouble, and enjoying the summer with friends. A new kid moves into town, and wants to join the local baseball crew. He doesn’t know a thing about baseball. He can’t play, and he has no knowledge of the game. After ripping up their only ball, our main character steals one from hi step-dad. After it ends up in the neighbor’s yard, it was then discovered to be signed by “some lady”, being Babe Ruth himself. The boys band together to retrieve the ball, and hilarity ensues.


#4 – Fever Pitch (2005)


A movie was made about my every day struggle. How can I balance my relationship with my wife and my relationship with baseball? Well, Jimmy Fallon stars in this film, and he attempts to do the undoable. As the main character, he meets a girl, falls in love, and fights to find the happy medium between his love of the game and his love of the girl. It’s not just a love for the game that the main character has, it’s an obsession. The Red Sox consume his life. Bed sheets, bath towels, throw pillows, posters, cards, everything! Does he decide to go with the game, or go with the girl?


#3 – Major League (1989)


One of the funniest baseball movies ever made, features a young Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger. When a new owner hits Cleveland, she puts together a terrible team. Her motive is to develop the worst team ever, trying to lose on purpose, in hopes to get to move the club. Once the team gets wind of her intentions, they come together and win out of spite. Along the way, antics and locker room comedy keeps the team upbeat, despite facing certain termination. Don’t worry folks, they made it.


#2 – Trouble With The Curve (2012)


I was extremely skeptical seeing a baseball movie with Justin Timberlake as a main character. I was truly shocked. Clint Eastwood and a gorgeous Amy Adams complimented Timberlake, in one of the best baseball movies of this century. Eastwood portrays a scout who has been a scout for many years. He’s so good, he can tell how well a batter plays just by hearing the sound of the ball coming off the bat. Yea, that good. His club is starting to question his decisions, citing his old age and changing of the game, as to why he is ignoring one of the best prospects coming up. Eastwood leads an adventure to determine how good the kid will be.


#1 – Moneyball (2011)

Not just for the purpose of this list but this is my favorite baseball movie of all time. Brad Pitt's portrayal of A's GM Billy Beane is magnificent. The movie tells the based on true events story of Beane's dabbling with sabermetrics to put together an inexpensive but spectacular team. The struggle is real for Beane and he hears it from the doubters including his scouting and coaching staff. He's confident that the system will work and throughout the movie you see it come to life. While it doesn't end in a World Series trophy, the journey takes you through the emotional roller coaster of baseball management. If you love the game of baseball, it's a terrific behind the scenes look at the life of a GM both on the field and off the field.
There you have it folks. Those are my must-see baseball movies (post 1985). Again, these are ranked according to my own opinion. I’m no movie expert, but I certainly love the game of baseball. These films add fuel to my baseball fire. That’s how they ended up on this list.

And at Awesome Sports Logos, there’s a particular t-shirt that adds fuel to my wardrobe fire! And that’s the Houston Gushers.

Houston is big time oil country, and at one time was the world headquarters for Awesome Sports Logos Inc. H-Town is the fourth largest city in the United States, and the largest in Texas. More than twenty Fortune 500 companies call the Bayou City their home. 

It was in 1901 that oil gushed for the first time in Houston, and because of the port, the city has become a petrochemical leader, as well as the leading city for building oilfield equipment. Did we just use petrochemical in a sentence? The bottom line, we love this retro logo with a wood derrick that is also the letter “H” gushing with oil. We hope you love this cool Houston t-shirt as well!  

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Thanks for reading and supporting us!


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The History Behind Our San Francisco Swallows Logo

This is one of our most talked about sports logos that we created and it truly has an amazing back story. So amazing that when I tell it, people accuse me of making it up. I wouldn’t do that! Okay, maybe I did make up a city and story for our Cocksville Blockers awesome t-shirt but just one made up city and logo out of 42 isn’t bad.

The Bay Area has some amazing heritage sports logos. From the Giants to the 49’ers to the Raiders and now the Golden State Warriors are building something special. This area is buzzing with passionate sports fans.

Now comes the San Francisco Swallows. I know what your first thought is and that’s what many find hilarious about the name but here is the true story behind the name and logo. Here is the quick explanation with some props involved. 


Here is the more detailed explanation. The White Swallow was a Clipper ship built in the Boston area back in 1853.

The Swallows primary mission was to travel from the east coast to California to support their booming trade. Here’s how this vessel became famous. In 1866, several members of the Swallows crew were arrested for mutiny. There was much more to the story. The crew of the Clipper ship were treated so harshly that two deaths occurred on the journey. The crew of the White Swallow had enough and took over the ship. During the trial many guests on the Swallow and some of the officers confessed the real story supporting the crew and their mutiny efforts. The case against the crew was dismissed.

For many years following many cases involving harsh working conditions were known as “White Swallow” cases.

We thought this was a fascinating story in Clipper history. Here is one of the original posters of the White Swallow.

Courtesy of Wikipedia 

From this poster, we built our San Francisco Swallows sports logo. I love the combination of grey, blue with the slightest bit of yellow on the border to make it stand out. We offer this logo on a light baby blue and a light grey t-shirt.


The San Francisco Swallows, the perfect holiday gift for that t-shirt lover in your life. Better yet, combo our Swallows t-shirt with a few other of our closet favorites and get a better deal with our T-shirt of the Month Club.

Thanks as always for reading. Go Swallows!

Gavin Spittle

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