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Creative Valentine's Gifts For Men

I completely get it. It’s a busy time of year. We’re coming off the holiday season, the NFL Playoffs are making their way into the Super Bowl and you are sick of shopping. Before you know it, Valentine’s Day will be here. You know that kind of but not real holiday where creativity points can go a long way.

Guys, you need to be ready. You need to be creative. She may say she doesn’t want anything but it’s worth it to disregard that request and get that mind thinking. Here’s why gents, she could for instance get you some of our awesome t-shirts as part of a T-shirt of the Month Club gift. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a guy.

Let’s show you some of our top sellers.


What if she got you Hookers on February 14th?

Especially if you are a fishing fanatic, this is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Super soft with perfect placement of bobbers and hooks. If you think there isn’t any fishing around Las Vegas, there certainly is in Lake Mead. Largemouth Bass and Striped Bass are what the local anglers go after. I wouldn’t suggest fishing in the Bellagio Hotel Casino fountains. Even if you are wearing your Las Vegas Hookers Fishing Club t-shirt, you won’t end up with a “Happy Ending”.

How about if you received the Cocksville Blockers?

You don’t want to be Cock Blocked on Valentine’s Day but you do want to wear this super soft t-shirt like Pitcher Derek Holland. Three time Super Bowl Champion Ted Johnson  also looks great wearing his Blockers t-shirt.



Nothing says, “I dig you” like the Portland Tree Huggers

Tree Huggers love the forest and the environment. Is she expressing her love to you with this awesome t-shirt? You will get tons of laughs and the question, “Where did you get that shirt” every time you put it on. I wouldn’t want to mess with this sports logo. They say that players “drop the gloves” in hockey. Although this tree doesn’t have gloves, he looks like he is up for a fight. I would think it’s because he’s holding his cousin who was made into a stick.

We have so many logos to choose from in our T-shirt of the Month Club. The best part is, unlike other t-shirt monthly clubs, you pick the shirt. No guessing with this club and we offer a sweet discount and free shipping.

Time to drop hints to that special someone in your life that Awesome Sports Logos is the way to go for Valentine’s Day!

Here’s hoping that Cupid is good to you,

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Sports Logo and T-shirt Lover

Awesome Sports Logos

Celebrating National Bootleggers Day

Happy Birthday Bootleggers!  It’s National Bootleggers Day! Do we toast to this? Pour a little whiskey out to those in the past? Wear our favorite Nashville Bootleggers awesome t-shirt? First, lets dive into why today celebrates the Bootleggers.


According to, January 17th is the birthday of Templeton Rye. On this day in 1920, the sale and manufacture of alcohol was banned. It’s also the day some outlaws in small town Iowa didn’t agree with the decision and began bootlegging Templeton. This product was also the favorite drink of notorious gangster Al Capone. Today is Capone’s Birthday as well. Capone was known for hiding out in various parts of Tennessee and was involved in the Bootlegging industry.


Where does the term “Bootlegging” come from? By most accounts, the word came to use in the 1880’s describing the method of concealing flasks of liquor in boot tops when going to trade with Indians. Makes sense to us.

The term has since taken on more of a romantic theme with whiskey lovers. Bootlegger is the name of bars, liquor stores, even restaurants. People are fascinated by mafia/gangster history and names like Capone, Lucky Luciano and Bugs Moran.

I also find it romantic and loved the term and it’s history. I wanted to find a city that fit the term and lifestyle and the awesome city of Nashville popped up. Not only is it a blossoming sports city with the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, Vanderbilt and the AAA Nashville Sounds, “Music City USA”, is also a major pouring spot for Tennessee Whiskey which has a rich history of Bootlegging. I wanted to blend the two so I created a sports logo that looked like he had come from the mountains with a new stash. He’s giving anyone that gets in his way the Heisman and instead of cradling a football, he has a whiskey barrel firmly in his grasp. That’s what sports logos are all about, combining local history with that sport and a perfect name.


This is where the t-shirt met the real Heisman Trophy.

You need to celebrate National Bootleggers today by buying this super soft t-shirt. Better yet, make it one of your choices as part of our T-shirt of the Month Club. Great discounts, free shipping as part of the club.

That’s how we roll at Awesome Sports Logos!

Happy Bootleggers Day Everybody,

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Fanatic

Awesome Sports Logos

Sports Logo Spotlight on the Down East Wood Ducks

Earlier this week, the Down East Wood Ducks, the new Carolina League Single A affiliate of the Texas Rangers released their logo and it’s awesome.


This isn’t surprising since Brandiose was behind the logo design. Brandiose is our favorite professional logo designer and they have been on a tear bringing back the fun and creativity to minor league logos with a local flare. The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, The New Orleans Baby Cakes, and the Norfolk Tides are just a few of the many logos that they’ve worked on for the 2017 season.

This is actually the second Duck logo that Brandiose has recently designed. We did a blog on their other release the Akron Rubber Ducks, a tribute to the tire industry based in Akron. The city was given the nickname, “The rubber capital of the US”.



How much can a logo have an effect on team attention? Here’s a great article where the New Orleans Baby Cakes change has vaulted them into the top 10 in merchandise sales in just five weeks.

Let’s dive into the Wood Ducks name and logo. Hunting is a major part of Down East North Carolina so Wood Ducks fits in perfect with the local lifestyle. After unveiling the logo, the team held an open house selling tickets as well as merchandise. They are off to a great start. 



The team has put an emphasis on presenting bright colors but also colors that are true to a Wooden Duck. A couple of nice touches on the logo is the neon like sign surrounding the Duck. The other is the wooden bat in the shape of a tree branch. The bottom of the branch replicates the bottom of a baseball bat. You might not see it at first glance.

This logo gets high marks from us. Still to come is the new mascot as well as the uniform release which should be unique. Nice job Wood Ducks, you have an awesome sports logo.

 Speaking of some awesome baseball logos, we have a few of our own that you might enjoy. Quickly approaching in Dade City Florida is their annual Kumquat festival. On January 28th, thousands will descend on this festival to crown Mrs. Kumquat, do a Kumquat run and celebrate this hidden gem of a fruit festival style. I love this logo of this fruit that looks a little “juiced” if you ask me swinging for the fences.

Speaking of festivals, in July, Decorah Iowa goes from being a small town to an area that celebrates Nordic history. Similar to the Wood Ducks, our Decorah Trolls logo substitutes a club for a baseball bat.



If Cougars are your think, than we have a baseball team that fits your style in Boca Raton Florida.


If you dig Boston sports and the Accents shared by the natives then the Boston Accents is the perfect baseball team for you.


The best part about these t-shirts is that you can combine them two ways. If you buy 3 t-shirts from us, we give you a 4th t-shirt for free. Just pick out the 4 awesome t-shirts and use the coupon code, 3ThenFree at checkout. But wait, there’s more!  You can also sign up for our T-shirt of the Month Club. You get our t-shirts at a discounted price with free shipping. There will be good news in your mailbox each month. Now that’s awesome.

Thanks for reading everyone. Go Wood Ducks!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Fanatic

Awesome Sports Logos

Sports Logo Spotlight on the Los Angeles Chargers

Last year, the San Diego Chargers announced their intentions to move to Los Angeles. On January 12 of this year, a letter written by Dean A. Spanos, Owner – Chairman of the Board, appeared on the Chargers’ Twitter account, making the decision formal and official. With the release of this letter, came a new logo for the Los Angeles Chargers. Honestly, it was kind of a letdown. Let’s take a look.


What are your first thoughts? Many on social media thought the Los Angeles Dodgers logo and the Tampa Bay Lightning logo have some sort of little logo baby?” The Tampa Bay Lightning took notice and made reference to it. I mean, if you look at it, you can see how it looks like a merger between the two teams. I am a huge fan of simple looks but this just seems unoriginal. All too often, teams try too hard and go over the top. In this case, it seems as though this logo was thrown together. 

The Chargers went a little too simple here. It isn’t really the kind of jaw dropping image that you would expect a team who is relocating to bring to the table. Leaving a fan base, and trying to gain the attention of another, is a lot of work. You have to perform almost seamlessly in the transition, leaving no room for anyone to question your franchise. A sports logo as we’ve seen can create some serious buzz. This logo created buzz in the wrong direction. The Chargers have since reacted and aren’t saying that it’s their primary logo. Here is the other logo that they have unveiled which is currently their twitter avatar.


The Chargers won 13 divisional titles in San Diego, while in the National Football League. They had one Super Bowl appearance, which resulted in a 49-26 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in 1994. The Chargers spent 50 years in San Diego.

A big question remains, and that is the status of quarterback Philip Rivers. Rivers was noted to be completely against the move to Los Angeles, and many sources expect him to request a trade. This wouldn’t be the first major quarterback controversy for the Chargers. Back in 2004, the Chargers were surely going to take Eli Manning with the first overall pick. Manning absolutely refused to play for the Chargers, even stating that he would sit out the entire 2004 season. He even went as far to say that he’d rather go to law school than play for the Chargers.

The Chargers weren’t doing so well going into the 2004 season, only managing to pull off four winning seasons since 1983. They did end up drafting Eli Manning, but quickly pulled off a trade to the New York Giants. In return for shipping off Manning, the Chargers got Philip Rivers, a 3rd round pick in 2004 and a 1st and 5th round pick in 2005. Hopefully, the Chargers won’t have another quarterback controversy on their hands.

Even though the Chargers seem to be going the wrong direction with their new look for LA, we have on particular logo that fits perfectly for their hometown. And that’s the Beverly Hills Fighting Chiweenies!


This dog hybrid is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. A Chiweenie might look cute in purses, but we thought differently. This logo was actually created by our designer as a school project. Her assignment was to create a vicious logo out of a normally gentle creature. If we were her professor, we would have given her an A+ because this Chiweenies logo is awesome!

Once we saw it, we knew we had to add it to our t-shirt collection. We hope you agree with us and add this super soft Beverly Hills sports t-shirt to your wardrobe.  Add it to your t-shirt of the month club order, and you can get this super soft tee (and many more) delivered right to your doorstep on the first of every month!

Thanks for reading and supporting us!


Blake Cole

T-Shirt Wearer, Sports Logo Lover

Awesome Sports Logos

The Best New Sports Logos of 2016

This year has been amazing for the debut of some awesome sports logos. We began this company for a few reasons. The first is we love wearing super soft t-shirts, not shirts that could double as cardboard. The second and most important reason is that sports logos went through what we like to think of as a “vanilla” stage. A stage where many parent clubs were forcing a form of their logo across the minors to further create brand awareness. Logos were no longer localized highlighting the great history of that area. Our goal at Awesome Sports Logos was to bring back the fun and creativity to sports logos with our t-shirts. We wanted to be the opposite of the political correctness that was occurring.

Times have changed though and that’s because of you, the sports fan. You responded with the wallet scooping up merchandise from teams like the El Paso Chihuahuas which caused others to take notice.

So here are a few of the sports logos that we were happy to see debut in 2016.

 The Norfolk Tides


Logos courtesy of 

This was an awesome upgrade of a logo that needed an update. You don’t see any Seahorse sports logos so it’s one of a kind. Cool colors with a nice touch of Oriole orange to represent the parent club. You might miss this small nuance but check out the Trident the Seahorse is holding. A usual Trident has three prongs. This one is an “N” for Norfolk. Nice touch for an awesome logo.


The Savannah Bananas


This is an amazing story of how a sports logo fueled a franchise. When the logo made its debut, viral marketing took off. Pardon the pun but people were going “bananas” for their merchandise. With that came people supporting this local collegiate league franchise. Sell out crowds and a championship season followed. The Bananas are alive and well in Savannah!


The Hartford Yard Goats


Hard to believe that such an awesome sports logo had to play its complete first season on the road because their stadium wasn’t finished on time. A Yard Goat is actually from railroad yard slang. A great touch of this logo created by Brandiose is the colors. Green, Blue and White were the colors of the former NHL franchise in Hartford, the Whalers.

 The New Orleans Baby Cakes


This logo only debuted a little over a month ago and I love it. While merchandise sales have picked up, there are many in New Orleans that loved the old name Zephyrs but in the teams defense, that name was carried over from when they played in Denver. What is a Baby Cake? A Baby Cake is a figurine found in King Cake during the Carnival Celebration season in New Orleans.  A baby swinging a bat is all I need to love it.


Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp


The Jacksonville Suns needed a logo makeover and they certainly got one with the Jumbo Shrimp. You might not notice at first glance but the shrimp curls up to form a “J”. St. Johns Navy, Patriotic Blue, American Red and Shrimp make up the team's new official colors, paying tribute to Jacksonville's rich military heritage. Huge improvement in Jacksonville so we say, “Go Jumbo Shrimp!”

Those are a few of our favorite minor league logo changes. On the pro side, kudos to the Florida Panthers and their new NHL design.

2016 has been an awesome year for Awesome Sports Logos and that is thanks to you. Here are our top 3 selling t-shirts.

 The Cocksville Blockers


The Las Vegas Hookers Fishing Club


The Arizona Pricks


Grab these 3 as part of our T-shirt of the Month Club. No better way to begin 2017 with a super soft closet favorite in your mailbox.

Happy New Year everyone!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-Shirt Fanatic

Awesome Sports Logos

Fournette and McCaffrey are Making the Right Decision

The system is hypocritical. You can debate whether or not LSU’s Leonard Fournette and Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey should play in their respective Bowl games based on their teammates. That’s fair and I’m sure many will say that they let their team down.

That said, where is the same outrage for Tom Herman? He left Houston to take the Texas job before the Cougars played in the Las Vegas Bowl. He was the hottest coaching candidate and it was talked about all year. On Tuesday, Temple will play in the Military Bowl without their head coach Matt Rhule who is the new coach of Baylor. Once again, I’m fine with this. Better opportunity to improve himself and take care of his family.  My issue is we don’t fault coaches yet we jump on players for thinking of their future.  A sidebar note to ponder. If a coach leaves a school, any monetary penalty they face for leaving while under contract is covered by the next school. Meanwhile, if a player wants to transfer based on a coach leaving, they have to sit out a full year. They were made promises that were broken yet they are penalized.

Both players will not hurt their draft status by sitting out Bowl games. If they play like Jaylon Smith did last year for Notre Dame, you risk ruining a profitable career. Smith was likely a top 5 draft pick. The Cowboys took a chance on him in the 2nd round and it remains to be seen whether or not he will have an NFL career. For those that say, “well it’s rare that something like this happens”.  How many examples will it take? Isn’t one enough. Should we throw out Willis McGahee in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl?


You go to school to prepare yourself for the best career possible. That goes for any occupation including Professional Football Player. Maybe this will start a trend but Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett announced that he will play for the Aggies in the upcoming Texas Bowl against Kansas State. Garrett will be a top pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.  I applaud him for making this decision, just like I applaud Fournette and McCaffrey for their decisions.

Schools make millions off of the players. Players should not be criticized for having a say in their future.

I know, I know, this is a serious blog. Usually I’m writing about a cool sports logo. Lets get to that with one of our funny t-shirts that is going over huge with the college crowd.

It’s our only made up city at Awesome Sports Logos. I woke up at 4a with the name Cocksville Blockers in my head. I know, why are things like this running through my brain. I got up and feverishly searched Google looking for Cocksville. Unfortunately my search efforts failed but the name was too good to pass up.


This guy looks like he means business on the football field. I certainly wouldn’t want to take on this Rooster. It’s our best seller and for good reason. When you wear it, people always ask, “OMG, where did you get that?” The OMG part might be made up but I’m trying to sound hip.

Get yourself some Cocksville Blockers. It’s sure to be a closet favorite. Or add it to your list as part of our T-shirt of the Month Club.

You guys are awesome, thanks for reading!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Fanatic

Awesome Sports Logos


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