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Seahawks vs. Patriots in a Sports Logo Battle

By Sunday, you will be sick of the opinions on who is going to win, deflate gate and prop bets asking which color hoodie Coach Belichick will wear and if it will have sleeves. One debate that might not be as common will be which sports logo comes out on top, the Seahawks or the Patriots? As WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross says, this debate “is sure to be a slobber knocker”!

So let’s dive in. As this blog is being written, New England on the field is a slim one point favorite so let’s start with the Patriots. How sweet would it be if the Patriots ran on to the field with old “Pat Patriot” on their helmets?

I know that it’s just a dream and the NFL would never allow a throwback in the Super Bowl. The years of this logo were many of the lean years of this franchise. Hard to believe but you need to be older than 20 to realize that the Patriots were the laughing stock of the league at one point. Many thought it was a sure thing that the Patriots would be moving to St. Louis under new owner James Orthwein, the previous owner to Robert Kraft. Mr. Kraft has done amazing things with this franchise making it one of the tops in the league but many have forgotten that James Orthwein bought the club, kept it in New England and hired some coach named Bill Parcells who drafted a guy named Drew Bledsoe and the rest is history. During that same transition, the Patriots needed a vast image change so that included a logo makeover. I remember I was attending Curry College in Massachusetts at the time, pre internet (Don’t remind me that I’m old) and my buddies and I were clamoring to see what the new logo looked like. As soon as I saw it, I wondered what the tie in to Elvis was because it looked like the King of Rock and Roll dressing up for a 4th of July party.
Just like anything, winning is the best cure to forget about things like bad logos but I often wonder how popular “Pat Patriot” would have been had they stuck with it?  They still sell a lot of old logo merchandise so that may be the answer to my question.
On to the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks.
Full disclosure, I have liked this logo since I was a kid and it hasn’t seen much transformation over the years. Names like Dave Krieg, Steve Largent and running back Curt Warner played at the old Kingdome in Seattle with a slight variation in color but basically the same sports logo. Now names like Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman have the city going wild. Here is a comparison of the logos over the years. 
 Oldest logo
Logo from 2002-2011
Current logo
Photos and timeline courtesy of
Just recently a terrific blog was written by Dr. Robin K. Wright who is the Curator of Native American Art and Director of the Bill Holm Center at the Burke Museum, University of Washington. He talks about what he believes is the influence of the Seattle sports logo, the Kwakwaka’wakw mask which is now on display at the Burke Museum through July 27th.
Photo courtesy of the Burke Museum 
This is what I mean when I talk about the history of sports logos and what they mean to that region. That is why it is so important that we keep the originality in sports logos. For this Super Bowl, both teams have terrific regionalization with their logos. 
As for who wins in the logo battle, I’m going to make my friends back in New England upset by going with the Seattle Seahawks. If it was Pat Patriot, there would be no question but the Seahawks logo is consistent with great colors and displays great history in the region tying in a local animal and an ancient mask. That beats out Patriotic Elvis.
Thanks as always for reading and I hope it’s an awesome game. Thanks to all of you who have supported the cause by purchasing one of our awesome t-shirts and to those of you who have joined our awesome VIP t-shirt of the month club.  Enjoy the Game!
Gavin Spittle
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The Original Six Montreal Canadiens Logo Review

The Montreal Canadiens franchise is one of hockey’s most storied. Founded in 1904, the Canadiens have won the coveted Stanley Cup a record 24 times with legends like Maurice Richard, Jacques Plante, and Patrick Roy, among others, donning their classic jersey.
Logo courtesy of

The Montreal Canadiens’ logo has evolved over time, but the foundation of their current look was established in 1916, according to the team’s website. The change, according to the site, is linked to the team’s purchase by then-owner, George Kennedy. Prior to the change in 1916, the Canadiens jersey was altered seven previous times over a seven-year period. 

Ultimately, the logo they settled on is pretty neat, very simple, a little mysterious, and very recognizable.

The nickname is a direct source of pride, especially for a team in a league now dominated by American teams, and there's something cool about that. But it's only the second coolest part of this whole deal.

In the middle of the 'C' is an 'H.' This provided much confusion for me before I stopped being lazy and searched its meaning many moons ago. Unfortunately, that search did me no good because for years I bought into a logo myth that the “H” stands for “Habs,” or, “Les habitants.” That’s the informal name given to New France, a region of Canada colonized by the French in the 16th century. Thus, the myth suggests the “H” pays homage to their French roots. 

However, it isn’t that complicated. Thanks to the logo don himself, Gavin Spittle, I learned the much simpler reality: the “H” stands for hockey. And, had my fancy google search included the Canadiens’ web site, I would have learned that earlier.

Prior to the “H,” older renditions of their logo actually had an “A” inside the elongated “C,” which is a staple of their modern and historical look. 

The 'C' is the main element of the logo and it's pretty simple. While I'm not sure if this has any intent, the stretched shape resembles a rink. The coloring and lining avoids clutter but looks sharp. The red bounces off well with the touches of blue and white.

In past posts I've identified the importance of winning to a good logo. It doesn't make or break a look, but it helps add something. When we see a logo from one of the most successful franchises in sports, it evokes that winning thought. The Canadiens fit into that category and thus, so does their logo.

While it lacks anything particularly lavish, it is simply, yet detailed, and helps tell a story important to the team. I give this “Original Six” logo an 8.5 out of 10.

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Jared Sandler
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The Historic Boston Celtics Logo Reviewed

There aren’t many sports franchises more iconic than the Boston Celtics. Naturally, their logo is equally recognizable and one of the best in sports.
The Irish heritage is a big part of the Boston culture so the logo/concept in itself is very fitting and already includes that very critical element of relevance. As it applies to the actual image, the pseudo-leprechaun/pseudo-human pops and is more than appropriate. What I love most is that human element which makes it more connected to the Boston people. Not suggesting they are all leprechauns or anything, but it’s symbolically representative of Bostonians. It’s that whole concept where you use “one to represent the whole,” or whatever—I was probably sleeping or playing hangman when that was taught. According to, the logo was designed by the brother of legendary coach and executive Red Auerbach. Zang Auerbach came up with the first leprechaun historic logo in the 1950’s. Shortly after that, the Celtics began their historic run of 17 World Championships, the latest in 2008.
The color-scheme is appropriate and perfect. It’s obviously going to be green with the Celtic/Irish theme, but I love the gold vest and the mix of white and black as well. It all works. It’s balanced. The dominant color isn’t overwhelming. The complementary colors aren’t too much in the spotlight. 
The logo embodies a pretty common template, with a little of its own flare. The image isn’t totally contained within the circle which is a minor thing, but in this case, a positive. At times I think it can look unorganized when that’s the case, but not here. The standard circle with “Boston” and “Celtics” on either side is pretty simple, but that’s Boston Celtics hoops. It’s got a dedicated fan base of basketball fans. They aren’t at games to dance on the video board or watch others on “Kiss Cam.” And that vintage element of the logo is outstanding and I hope they never mess with different fonts or any of that junk. I can’t picture another logo at center court of the Garden with that historic parquet floor. So many of the NBA all-time greats have played in Boston and that certainly doesn’t hurt this logo’s ranking. As we always say, history can certainly bring out the best in a sports logo. 
How can you not like this logo? For me, it’s one of the best in sports and my favorite NBA logo. 
At Awesome Sports Logos, we feature an awesome Boston sports logo. Certainly not as historic as the Celtics but like the C’s, the Boston Accents certainly describe the people of “Beantown”.
Over the years, the Boston Accent has become more and more distinct. Let’s just say the letter “R” isn’t as prominent when it comes to saying car, bar or Fenway Park. It’s distinctive and unique, just like the city of Boston. 
Thanks as always for reading and support the cause by purchasing one of our awesome t-shirts today. 
Jared Sandler
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Sports Logo Review of the Indianapolis Colts

The Colts' horseshoe logo is about as plain and simple as it gets. It isn't even native to Indianapolis considering the team is a Baltimore transplant. Not that I've spent considerable time in Indy, I can't imagine that it's a hotbed for horses. 

As I've expressed before, there are certain logos that don't strictly face my typical criteria. In a way, this is one example. The Colts are a long-standing franchise with plenty of history represented by their single image. Names like Johnny Unitas, Peyton Manning and now Andrew Luck have all worn this immage on their helmet. With respect to the image, its curvature combined with the colt marks dotting its shape provide the "simple detail" that's so important to me. I'm a fan of the blue-white mix, too. The blue has slightly changed over the years but the logo itself has been a National Football League fixture. 

Football logos can often be different in a newspaper versus on a helmet, where styles are much simpler. The Cowboys' "Star," is one of the few, single-element images more recognizable than Indianapolis'. There's something to be said for that.

With all that considered, I wish they had a little more to their non-helmet logo. Sure, they have block-variant lettering, but there's nothing that pops. But when I say that, I wonder what can be done and I'm not sure...its perplexing. 

Curious, what do you think? Maybe there isn't any gray area and that this logo should step above my typical criteria. If it was "cooler," though, would you complain? 

My contention isn’t that they should change their helmet. They shouldn’t. But what about their expanded logo? How about a horse? Maybe a bucking horse with a violent streak to it. Whatever the case, they can touch up that portion of it if you ask me. Here is one of their logos from their days as the Baltimore Colts which does feature that bucking horse. 


Overall, I give the current Colts logo an 8 out of 10. The simplicity is great and iconic which is the case for a lot of the teams in the NFL.  

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Thanks as always for reading,

Jared Sandler

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Thoughts on the New Pawtucket Red Sox Sports Logo

First and foremost, Happy New Year sports logo lovers!  We kick off 2015 with our first sports logo review. The Pawtucket Red Sox or “PawSox” as New Englanders like to refer to them as have a new logo. As you know, I’m a huge proponent of originality in the minors rather than replicating their parent club.  There are certain exceptions and I always thought Pawtucket was one of them. They replicated the classic Red Sox uniform. Maybe it’s because I grew up in New England and I was used to it. Maybe it’s because I was a kid at McCoy Stadium and when I watched the PawSox, I thought I was watching the Red Sox. When I heard the news, I immediately went to check out the new logo and unfortunately, I was immediately disappointed. Let’s go through the new logos and start with the primary logo.

I guess the Bear is related to the Paw in the Pawsox. Further down, you’ll see their ball cap logos that better fit that thinking. I know Rhode Island gets cold but not cold enough for the jolliest Polar Bear I’ve seen. To me, this is far too cartoonish and it looks like a logo that if it were a toy box would read, “ages 3-12". Luckily the other logos get better but for a primary logo change, this was a disappointment.

All Right, now the bear at least looks mad and he’s breaking a bat. Not a fan of the light blue but at least this is a sports logo that looks like he is ready for battle.

I dig this logo. The P is the focal point and the bear claw reaching around is a nice touch. 

This to me is the best of them all and the PawSox will wear this hat logo from time to time. This logo keeps that Red Sox theme that they’ve had for so many years with homage to their nickname. To me, this would have made a great primary logo and this cap will be on my list to purchase. 
Pawtucket and Rhode Island are rich in history. I would have loved to see them tie in a local angle to their sports logo. My vote would be for the Pawtucket Griffins, a Family Guy reference. There is an episode where Peter takes his father to a PawSox game. 

After all, they named the Albuquerque Isotopes, the Triple A of the Colorado Rockies after a Simpsons episode so how crazy am I? 

Unfortunately, we can’t give props to the new Pawtucket Red Sox logo but if you are ever in Rhode Island, McCoy Stadium is a great take with rich baseball history. 
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Happy New Year Everyone!

Gavin Spittle
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Sports Logo Review of the Guangdong Southern Tigers

Emmanuel Mudiay made headlines months ago by announcing that he'd become the latest would-be blue chip prospect to forego the D1 dream and instead play professionally overseas. Instead of becoming an SMU Mustang, he decided to become a Guangdong Southern Tiger in China. Despite the Tigers' antiquated logo, I can confirm they do exist in 2014.
My familiarity with international logos and, specifically, the evolution of international logos, is limited. With that said, I'm comfortable proclaiming that graphic designers in China are using more advanced technology than dial up Internet and the old school "paint" program on Windows.

Leave it to the ignorant American to question the ways of the Chinese, but here goes it...

The logo gets points for looking intimidating and for resembling a tiger.

I'll even throw some love for the "Southern Tiger," an endangered species in the Guangdong region. While a tiger is rather generic, it does make sense and offers some cultural insight for this specific team.

The red and yellow flames are an interesting touch. I'm not opposed to that motif but it seems out of place here. If you're using flames for the tigers, I think orange flames would have made sense and Orange and black striped flames would have certainly been unique.

The geometry looks dated and sketched into submission. In the 80s it was probably sweet but, as sad as it is, we've become digital and dimensional--at least, I have. The logo in general looks rather old and just doesn't do it for me.

4.5 out of 10.
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