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The Frisco RoughRiders Hit a Grand Slam With Their New Logo

The Frisco RoughRiders came into professional baseball existence in 2003 when they affiliated with the Texas Rangers as their double-A farm team. Born with a brand new, beautiful ballpark under the direction of then-ownership group, Mandalay, the RoughRiders were thought of as one of Minor League Baseball’s top organizations—a poster child for how to do things right. I always liked their logo, but by no means fell madly in love with it.

Frisco Old Logo
I was also ignorant to its particular significance. For the first time since their inception, first-year owner Chuck Greenberg and his group decided to change things up. In advance of their 2015 campaign, one of minor league baseball's flagship organizations, the Frisco RoughRiders, revealed a new identity. Club officials, season-ticketholders, community dignitaries, and members of the media gathered inside Cinemark Theatres of Frisco Square for a special unveiling.
New RoughRiders Primary Logo 

 Frisco Logos courtesy of

The change in identity aimed to celebrate the legendary Teddy Roosevelt. So, what's the connection? Well, do a little research on our nation's 26th President (who began his term immediately after the assassination of President William McKinley), and you'll realize the connection is quite strong.
New RoughRiders Alternate Logo 

Pardon me for not being the world's biggest history buff and having to use my friend, Google, but according to, Roosevelt organized the "Rough Rider Regiment," the first volunteer cavalry in the United States, which originated in Texas. Further detailing the ties--and this is so cool, by the elaborated: "Many of the Rough Riders were from the areas currently known as the cities of Frisco, Plano, and McKinney."

I always talk about how the great logos have that special connection with their city, region, or state. Some do. Some don't. I don't know that any have a stronger connection than this one. When you combine the significance of the person you are honoring with the fact that your nickname connects to a notable achievement of his AND it all originated in not just the state, but the city where you play, that's pretty awesome!

According to the RoughRiders, their new colors are technically "Scorched red, cream, slate blue, and Texas Navy," which represents "an early-twentieth century take on America's patriotic palette." Again, when you can tie things together, you are winning in a big way.

The lettering has a very classic script that sticks well with the twentieth-century theme. Instead of a dot, the "i" in Frisco and Riders is punctuated by a Lone Star State star, which is another touch that I really like.

As far as the main graphic of Teddy Roosevelt, I think it was really well done. It has the perfect mix of simple detail, sport-relevance, and, for minor league baseball, humor. I mean, come on, a smiling, bat-swinging former President? How is that not gold?

The simple detail is present from the overalls with a star-studded base to the spur/cowboy boot combo paired with the cowboy hat. In an age where everyone seems to love the mustache, they went with mustache Teddy. Oh, and instead of batting gloves, the worker gloves are there, too.

At the end of the day, this is one of the best, most genius logos in professional sports.

As I mentioned earlier in this blog, I love logos that tie to the region and that’s what I love about Awesome Sports Logos. All of our baseball sports logos tie into the region. The Idaho Taters, the Middleton Fingers, The Decorah Trolls, The Boca Raton Cougars are just a few of our awesome t-shirts that tie in baseball to some notable history in their region. Don’t forget, you can get all of these t-shirts at a sweet discount by joining our Awesome Sports Logos t-shirt of the month club.

Opening day is just over a month away. Now that’s awesome!

Thanks as always for reading,

 Jared Sandler

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Nothing Normal About the CornBelters and That's Awesome

The Normal CornBelters are a baseball team in the independent Frontier League. An independent, or, "indy" league, is an unaffiliated form of minor league baseball not regular by Major League Baseball's governing body. Thus, players on these teams are free agents and not tied to any MLB parent club.

The CornBelters were founded in 2009 and play their games in Normal, Illinois at their park, creatively named, The Corn Crib.

A fan vote determined the team's nickname. CornBelters, a play on the Illinois location in the Corn Belt and "belt," a term for a hard hit ball, beat out three other finalists: Nutz, NightHawks, and Coal Bears. 

The logo for Normal is anything but, and that's part of why I like it. 

First and foremost, while the name was determined by a fan vote, it does have cultural significance due to the location as previously mentioned. That remains an important element to help tie a logo together for me. 

My favorite part of the logo is the simple detail of the gray hairs atop the humanized cob of corn. Those hairs are similar to the string like silk in the husk, so they aren't just all out of place. The whole shape of the corn creates a personified look which is endearing and helps connect to listeners. 

Simple detail remains a part of this logo in many ways. The black shadow in between each corn kernel as well as the shading of the husk help give the image some creative life. The angling of the eyebrows adds to its schtick as a humorously old cob of corn and the green eyes blend in nicely with the color scheme. 

One of the neatest elements is the font of "CornBelters."  The font of "Normal" is appropriately normal, but look at its attached nickname. You could say that the lettering has a halloween style to it, ridged and cut around the letters. I don't think great logos require such intricacy, but it certainly adds to its appeal.

The color scheme is obvious and appropriate, unless they wanted to go for that crazy-colored corn that resembles fallen leaves from an autumn tree. I'm glad they didn't. 

Overall, I like this logo because it has personality. It makes you laugh. I mean, how many teams opt for a graying man--let alone, cob of corn--to represent their team? This sports logo fits the personality of independent league baseball. Even more so than minor league hijinks, the independent league goes full throttle to create a buzz, generate a smile, or garner some attention. That is so much more than just a logo, but a good one like this doesn't hurt.

Speaking of baseball, we get asked all of the time if our baseball sports logos are real? That’s the ultimate compliment to our design team. Many do look like independent league logos. Check out the Idaho Taters, The Decorah Trolls, The Boca Raton Cougars, Houston Gushers or the Boston Accents. You can get them all as part of our t-shirt of the month club. Awesome savings plus free shipping.You’ll feel like a big time VIP every month when your new super soft t-shirt arrives in the mail.

Keep being awesome. We can’t wait for baseball season!

Jared Sandler
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Cleveland's Hyped Logo Change Backfires Big Time

I don’t want to pile on the Cleveland Browns. I really want this organization to thrive. Cleveland is an awesome sports town and they deserve a winner. Browns fans are some of the most loyal in the NFL and the Dawg Pound is one of the awesome fan attractions in sports. 
The Browns have gone through some rough times. So many QB’s have gone through Cleveland. Two stick out. In 2007, Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn “fell” into the Browns lap at 22. That only lasted two years. Déjà vu occurred almost seven years later to the day as  “Johnny Football”, Johnny Manziel dropped down to that same spot. While Manziel could be labeled as incomplete, entering rehab after a rough season doesn’t make many optimistic.
Even their sports logo has been beaten up. "What do you call a person with a hot body but a not so great face?" A Cleveland Brown..Great uniform, bad helmet." 
There are some quality players in Cleveland including an unheralded defense led by Donte Whitner and Joe Haden. The good news continued when the Browns announced that they were unveiling their new logo. I got excited. Teams like the Bengals, Bills and Patriots have changed their logo as part of their overall image makeover and the success has quickly followed on the field. I know that one doesn’t have to do with the other but to have a historic professional team make a change like this peaks the fascination.
So many thoughts ran through my mind. Is it going to be a letter logo similar to the old Bengals? Will we see some kind of initial logo similar to the Cavaliers? 

Will they incorporate the history of the dog pound and put a ferocious junk yard coming at you similar to the Batavia Muckdogs.
The big announcement came, I clicked and the big buildup was slight tweaks which included a facemask color change from grey to brown and an overall slight change in the orange color.
 Old Browns                                                        New Browns
So many teams make subtle changes like this on a yearly basis. This is an adjustment, not a logo change. You built this up like it was something special and I was big time let down. I’m trying Cleveland, I honestly am and I’ll still root for you but similar to those two draft picks and the coaching carousel, you certainly make it tough. 
Speaking of ferocious dogs, we have one that leaps out at you. Not of the junk yard variety, of the Chiweenie breed. What I love about this awesome t-shirt is we made a small docile creature into a beast to be reckoned with.
Now that’s awesome!!
Thanks for reading,
Gavin Spittle
Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Fanatic
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Fashion Overtakes Passion With Sports Logos

Old man alert! I never thought I would say this about one of my blogs but that’s how I feel by writing this. 
The thoughts for this blog began a week ago when I was taking the official Awesome Sports Logos mascot Oscar for a walk around the neighborhood. We came across some teenagers hanging out and one was wearing an Indiana Pacers cap. We are based in Dallas so it’s not often that you see any kind of Pacers representation. I thought it would be a good conversation starter to get his thoughts on the Pacers. Can Roy Hibbert get back to his dominant center ways? There was a long pause followed by, “I’m not sure, I just like the hat”. What, you like the hat? You don’t want to discuss Paul George and his future with the club? 
The reality hit me as I walked away stopping to pick up poop from our favorite mascot. There is a new generation and they think of sports logos differently than when I grew up. See, I’m starting to show my age. When I grew up, we would wear our favorite team and that’s it. To me, it was about supporting the team that you love. You could never wear a hat of the enemy. You were an outcast if you wore a hat of a team in the same division. Even if you liked the logo, you felt like a trader. 
Today it’s all about the fashion and teams are embracing the trend. If you walk into any pro shop or sporting goods store, you’ll see at least 20 different varieties of the same sports logo. It’s huge money. Team loyalty is now being overruled by what hat goes best with the pants and shirt. Phillies, Yankees, Rangers, Red Sox gear in the same week isn’t a problem in today’s society.
Maybe I am getting old and usually I adjust with the times. This time, I’ll stick with old school and wear the teams that I root for. I feel like I should be yelling, “Get off my lawn”. 
The best part about Awesome Sports Logos is the teams aren’t real so you can wear them all and still have complete allegiance to your favorite team. We offer all kinds of colors to meet your fashion requirements. The best part is that you can get great savings on these awesome super soft t-shirts by joining our t-shirt of the month club. Since pitchers and catchers are reporting for spring training, I thought it would be good to show you one of favorite t-shirts, the Idaho Taters. This was one of our first designs and still one of my favorites. Go Taters!!

Thanks as always for reading. You guys are awesome!!
Gavin Spittle
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Awesome Sports Logos Spotlight on the Oregon Ducks

Before we dive into the Oregon Ducks’ “O,” let’s peek at some history. Founded in 1876, Oregon is a public university that has gained more and more athletic notoriety in mainstream sports over the last decade. One of the many reasons is the contributions of Nike CEO/Founder, Phil Knight, one of the school’s proud alums. Knight’s Nike Swoosh is iconic in its own right, but his financial gain from the swoosh has helped dress Duck athletes in a variety of different colors, combinations, and looks. That’s a huge recruiting tool. The school’s presentation athletically is a staple of the department, maybe even more so than their strong success.


Knight isn’t the only icon in a different field connected to the University. For decades, the school’s logo hasn’t been simply a duck, but Disney’s “Donald Duck.” According to the school’s website, in 1947, then-athletic director, Leo Harris, and Walt Disney, reached a handshake agreement to allow for the Ducks to use the character as its mascot.


I've come to the realization that I have to weigh college logos on a different scale. Most schools' main logos are letters, not images of beings or things. When you look beyond the lack of creativity or variety beyond the alphabetical uniqueness, some letters are actually pretty well done. 

One example of a logo done well is Oregon's "O," which shouldn't be a surprise when you consider how well they do all of their imaging and branding. An "O" is such a common shape, so it's the difference in Oregon's version that makes it unique.

The vertical build to it creates more of an oval feel, rather than a perfectly round "O," which gives it a unique feel, especially when you compare it to another notable "O," Ohio State's. The Buckeyes logo is more of a geometric, edged "O." Beyond the verticality, though, I really like the varying thickness of it. It's another Oregon-element that helps it stand out. Along the sides, the lining is thicker than at the top when it thins out. What I like most about this element is that it juxtaposes the verticality with truer "O" shape when you look at the image as a whole. 

In general, the colors--green and yellow--play really well off of one another. The brightness of the yellow lining gives it a larger presence than it really has, which is perfect when the alternative is to actually give it a larger presence that could eat up the logo. 

Overall, I think the Oregon "O" is among the best letter-logos in the country because of the elements that make it unique and separate from a run-of-the-mill letter.

Speaking of Oregon, it’s the home of one of our best selling t-shirts, the Portland Tree Huggers.


At Awesome Sports Logos, we are puck heads and our love of hockey brought about this t-shirt. We left this angry tree open to interpretation. Personally, I think he’s mad because he is using a stick made from one of his cousins. Either way, I wouldn’t mess with this sports logo but I’ll certainly wear it with pride and you should too because it’s awesome.

Thanks as always for reading,

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover and T-shirt fanatic

Awesome Sports Logos

Shades of Grey the T-shirt Edition

Behind the door was temptation. So many options, so many thoughts running through their head. They both agreed to go for it, ripped open the door to see nothing but the softest grey t-shirts with the coolest designs. 
C’mon, you didn’t think we were writing our own version of 50 Shades of Grey did you? We’re talking about our t-shirts and several of our sports logos look awesome in grey.  Just like the book and the movie, let’s get to the juicy part. 
The Savannah Seamen
Savannah is one of this country’s largest seaports therefore lots and lots of Seamen can be seen in this coastal city. This baseball logo is sure to be an attention grabber when worn.
The Cocksville Blockers
Our most popular selling t-shirt. Cocksville is our only made up city but the name was too good not to use.
The Houston Gushers
Houston is all about the oil. We love this retro logo with a wooden derrick and a baseball gushing out of the top.
The Akron Rubbers
Akron is also known as the Rubber Capital of the World or Rubber City. A lot of tires are born in Akron and this sports logo embraces this huge industry in Ohio’s 5th largest city. 
The Albuquerque Chupacabras
We don’t want to be the one to see a Chupacabra in person. We had a person email us to let us know that our design looked nothing like a Chupacabra. We were too nice to ask for advice on future sports logos of Big Foot, the Loch Ness monster and a Yeti. The bottom line is that our love for the name Chupacabra and Albuquerque is plenty to create this super soft t-shirt. 
The Boca Raton Cougars
Cougars prowl at night in this Florida city. I love this silhouette baseball sports logo.
The California Crazy Eights and the California Ocho Locos
Another baseball logo, this time from the Golden State. The California coast is one of the few places in this country where you can find the Octopus. Get yourself some Crazy Eights!!
Colosos De Tumba Muerto

This was the original team in the Panamanian Basketball League. Tumba Muerto is a section of Panama City and this logo of a Giant is part of our Panamanian Basketball League collection. 
The Lexington Studs
Who doesn’t want to wear a t-shirt that proclaims they're a stud? This super soft beauty is in honor of the great race tracks throughout Kentucky including historic Keeneland in Lexington.
The London Beefeaters
We head overseas to the great city of London where the Beefeaters protect the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. Cricket is a popular sport in England except it’s a wood ball and they don’t use gloves to catch. Ouch!
The San Francisco Swallows
This is truly an awesome story.  The White Swallow was a clipper ship built in 1853 to transport cargo from New York and Boston to San Francisco. In 1865, mutiny on the ship would make the clipper ship famous. The crew claimed harsh working conditions when put on trial and were acquitted. The captain and his crew were found guilty. For many years after that, the name “White Swallow” was famous in northern California legal circles when the subject of harsh working conditions was brought up. Were you thinking the Swallows were named for something else? 
So we don’t offer 50 shades of grey but we have 12 so we’re getting closer. If you like several of these t-shirts, you can always join our popular t-shirt of the month club. We discount the t-shirts and shipping is free. Now that’s super sexy!!
On a serious note, all of us at Awesome Sports Logos truly appreciate you. You guys are awesome for your support.

Gavin Spittle
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