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A Look at the Philadelphia 76'ers New Sports Logo

It seems the NBA is in the midst of a self-confidence crisis. Because over the last few weeks, 10% of the league underwent “plastic surgery”.
First it was the Milwaukee Bucks. Why have an 8 pointed buck when you can bolt on 4 more? Then the Washington Wizards followed suit. A Wizard logo for a basketball team named The Wizards? That’s not nearly…artistic enough. How about the Washington Monument instead?
The latest change? The Philadelphia 76ers. Out with the old . . . 
Photos courtesy of 

And as of May 12th, in with the new.

From the teams website, here is the description of the logo change: The team’s new primary logo is a modern interpretation of the classic Sixers insignia, stylistically redeveloped to include a patriotic blue border with six white stars and “PHILADELPHIA” adorned across the heading. The familiar white basketball has been visually updated with a positional rotation of the seams. The emblematic ring of 13 stars present in the primary, partial and secondary logos continues to represent the original American Colonies.
Yes, there actually is a difference in this before and after photo. Now there are stars on the border. Plus “Philadelphia”. And the ball? Kind of rotated to the left. A dramatic shift! 

When a team is openly “tanking” – losing and losing to get the highest possible draft picks – a minor logo change like this isnt going cause merchandise sales to skyrocket whereas winning will. Luckily, this wasn’t the only change that Philadelphia made. They also introduced a secondary logo. One that blows the primary one out of the water:

Benjamin Franklin. Dribbling a basketball. And smirking at the same time. Seriously, how isn’t this the Sixers’ primary look?

The team name 76ers is already mildly confusing. Is the average American going to know that the ‘76ers go by that name because the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia in 1776? Though, maybe now they will.

The San Francisco 49ers have that same “What the hell is a 49'er?” problem. They are named after the California Gold Rush, which took place in Northern California in 1849. At least San Francisco got it right by making its logo the city letters:

If it were up to you, what would make more sense as your team’s primary logo? A number with “-ers” at the end of it? Or one of the founding fathers – who also happened to be an inventor among other things – dribbling a basketball?

We know what we would prefer the latter. If you are into the logos that require a little explanation, why not treat yourself to another one of our awesome t-shirts? For example, the Canguros De Parque Lefevre?

Or perhaps the Caimanes de Rio Abajo ?

Or maybe this sweet New Orleans Curse awesome basketball t-shirt will bring some positive voodoo power to your closet. 
Forget how trendy and comfy these shirts are. These basketball t-shirts will have people asking about that cool logo on your chest and you'll know the story.  
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Paul Gallant
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For the Good of Hockey, Root for New York and Chicago

We feel we’ve neglected our hockey fans as of late at Awesome Sports Logos. Hockey is one of our favorite sports and some of our best selling t-shirts are hockey based like the Portland Tree Huggers and the Texas Roadkill. 
Hockey fans are about to be spoiled. To me there is no better payoff as a sports fan than watching a Game Seven. This year we have two primetime Game 7's. New York hosts Tampa Bay and the Chicago Blackhawks travel to Anaheim. 
I will be watching the Stanley Cup regardless of who is in it but for the health of the league, a New York/Chicago Original 6 brawl would garner a lot more attention nationally. Remember when Carolina won the Stanley Cup? You are in the majority, not many do.
Since we are a logo company, lets give you some history on the two Original Six teams. Both teams were founded in 1926, and have hardly changed their logos at all over a long history.

First, let’s look at the Rangers. Their original owner – George “Tex” Richard – wanted to name them the Giants. That would have proven highly unoriginal, as New York already had TWO teams with Giants as a nickname. The New York baseball Giants had held the nickname since 1883. And the New York football Giants had been founded just a year before (1925). Sensing how lame it would be to have 3 teams named the Giants (at least we hope), the New York press nicknamed the team “Tex’s Rangers”.

The Rangers logo hasn’t changed much over time:


The shape of the shield has slightly changed. And so has the font. But the colors? And color scheme? It’s been exactly the same for nearly 90 years. Hockey loves tradition.

But why not break tradition with another New York Hockey team? Ladies and gentlemen, Awesome Sports Logos proudly presents the Brooklyn Leg Breakers!
A New York team named after soldiers in Texas? There’s nothing wrong with that. It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. If you really want a nickname with local history, why not use New York’s mafia as inspiration? When the New York Islanders announced their move to Brooklyn, we patiently waited for the phone to ring to use the Leg Breakers logo. Okay, we didn't and technically Brooklyn is part of Long Island so they are still cool in our book. 

Let’s shift over to the other “Original Six” team still standing: The Chicago Blackhawks. Their logo has seen more changes than the Rangers over its history:

A little more variety, but the main concept has always remained the same.

Their nickname has a much more interesting backstory than the Rangers. Frederic McLaughlin – the Blackhawks original owner – served in the 86th Infantry “Blackhawk” Division in World War I. That service inspired his hockey teams’ eventual nickname. 

Want some more history? That army division was named after Chief Black Hawk, a Native American who refused to yield his land to American settlers pushing West (into what is now Illinois) in 1832.
Enjoy your Game 7's hockey fans and remember, you get great discounts on our awesome t-shirts by subscribing to our t-shirt of the month club. Thanks as always for reading.
Paul Gallant
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We Need to Give Baseball the Finger

Okay, okay, before you hit the panic button, let me say that everyone here at Awesome Sports Logos loves our national pastime, baseball. In fact when you think of unique sports logos in cities across the country, I think that baseball leads the way in embracing the way to celebrate local culture. 
For a while baseball logos were heading in a generic direction. Take the Atlanta Braves for example. Here are the names of their minor league teams. Gwinnett Braves (AAA), Mississippi Braves (AA), Rome Braves (A), Danville Braves (Rookie), Dominican Summer League Braves (Rookie), Gulf Coast League Braves (Rookie). Finally we found one, their high (A) ball team is the Carolina Mudcats. 
Luckily, the generic “Braves” across the board is fading. We are seeing a turnaround and there is a reason why. At one point the marketing strategy was to mirror the major league logo. The move builds brand awareness which sells more gear for the big league club. Now we are seeing new teams pop up with original logos and an amazing surge in merchandise sales. We are seeing a trend in coming up with unique names and logos which makes us so happy. We got into the t-shirt business with a goal of bringing back the fun and creativity to sports logos. Thank goodness some organizations shared our passion with extremely creative new logos like the El Paso Chihuahuas which is now among the top selling merchandise in the minors. It was an awesome feeling flying into El Paso’s airport and seeing Chihuahuas merchandise for sale. 
In fact last year, minor league baseball announced their top 25 licensed merchandise retail sales. Not one shared their parent club’s name. Now that’s progress. So why does baseball deserve the middle finger? Well we feel as though we have come up with one of the great baseball logos. 

The name Middleton Fingers came from a contest when we first launched our funny sports t-shirt line. We wanted sports logo fans to name our next Awesome Sports Logo. The winner would receive $1,000 and ironically, we received just over one thousand entries. Lee B from California sent in the Middleton Fingers name and we were off to the races. When we told our designer Matt about the contest winner, he didn’t even need our input. He told us he had this one and boy did he ever.  What a great logo. 

Our logo was even used by 105.3 The Fan in Dallas/Fort Worth for their event, “Fan Flipoff” last year at this time. 
It’s great to see that creative baseball logos are on the comeback. Support the cause by picking up our Middleton Fingers awesome t-shirt. It’s sure to be a closet favorite, I promise. 
Thanks as always for reading,
Gavin Spittle
Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Fanatic
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The Clippers Are Making A Mistake With a Logo Change

We’ve seen plenty of make-overs across the NBA of late. Recently, two teams changed their looks: the Milwaukee Bucks and Washington Wizards. Now – according to a great article at, ANOTHER team may be on the verge of a shakeup: The Los Angeles Clippers.
The high flying Clippers are in the heat of the Western Conference Playoffs and Doc Rivers have them playing some great hoops, even with a hobbled Chris Paul. Over the past two years, the Lakers, their stadium partner/rival have become real bad so for the first time, the Clippers are the hot item in the trendy town. No longer is it embarrassing to wear Clippers gear. They have young stars like Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan that you gravitate towards. They are the hip team right now which has us puzzled why the Clippers would want to change their logo at this point in their evolution? Here is the logo that was leaked.
Photo courtesy of 

The Clippers have looked like this since their 1982 days in San Diego. And after 30+ years - not to mention the whole Donald Sterling racism, controversy, maybe they feel like a change is necessary? 

One curious aspect regarding their current logo is their name doesn't match the logo. Per Wikipedia: “a Clipper is a very fast sailing ship of the middle third of the 19th century”. Some kind of ship would have been a nice addition.  

Or, maybe it’s time for a throwback look AND an entirely different nickname. The Clippers were originally known as the Buffalo Braves, sporting these two logos during their time in Western New York from 1970 to 1978.


Neither of these logos are particularly great. But the nickname works. Rhetorical question time. What’s more intimidating – a warrior…or a boat?

At, we think we have a better solution. Between the 122 teams across North America’s four major sports leagues, there isn’t one team inspired by our eight-tentacled-brethren under the sea: the octopus. It’s time to change that. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present the California Crazy Eights!

We’ve even got the logo en espanol: The Ochos Locos.

You don’t want to mess with an octopus but it's pretty awesome to wear an octopus t-shirt. Yeah, they may not have a backbone. But they still have 8 tentacles and can shoot ink. AND on top of that? They’re one of only a few animals on the planet that are known to use tools. Yes, tools.

Now that we’ve scared you from going into the ocean ever again, how about a little levity? These Awesome Sports Logos franchises are not exactly intimidating but they do feature a nautical theme. It's the San Francisco Swallows and the Savannah Seamen. Both have great back stories on how they were created and how we linked the logos to the cities. 

We'll see what happens with the Clip show both on the court and with their sports logo. In the meantime, if you dig any of our gear, you can get sweet discounts by joining our t-shirt of the month club.
Thanks as always for reading
Paul Gallant
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Milwaukee and Washington Change Their NBA Logos

Over the past week, a couple of NBA teams decided to change their look. First, it was the Milwaukee Bucks. They said “Buh-bye” to this logo…

Logos courtesy of

And hello to this…

No more red – probably to avoid all Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer association – and now he has 12 points instead of 8. All the more to . . . gore the opposition with. And if you look really carefully, you can see that the Buck’s neck is actually an M. Very creative.

Before we get into their rationale for the color switch, we need to point out the obvious. Their logo looks an AWFUL lot like the Jägermeister logo:

Here’s the real reason that the Bucks dumped red in favor of “cream” as a secondary color: the “Cream City Brick”. The clay near Milwaukee becomes creamy-yellow in color when it is formed into a brick. Those bricks played a major role in Milwaukee’s development in the late 1800’s, so much so that Milwaukee earned the nickname “The Cream City”.

According to their website, the Bucks also plan to use blue as a third color – partly to underline the importance of the Great Lakes, and partly to honor the Milwaukee Hawks (who used blue as a primary color), the first NBA team to play in Milwaukee. That said, none of the logos they have trotted out thus far have any blue.

The Bucks were not alone in changing their look. The Washington Wizards also made a change of their own.
Old Wizards logo


New Wizards logo

Both the Bucks and Wizards made it to the NBA playoffs. But where the Bucks are planning to make the shift next season, the Wizards are making that change NOW. 

I’ve never been a fan of the Wizards logo or nickname, even when they brought back the primary red and blue colors from their prior nickname: the Bullets (which they were known as from 1963 – at that point while in Baltimore – through 1997). And this logo switch seems to open the door for another nickname change. Why, you ask? 

For one, what happened to the Wizard? And two, the primary focus is the Washington Monument (along with 3 stars that according to the Wizards represent Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia). Could “Monuments” be the next name for Washington’s basketball franchise? We’ll have to wait and see.

With the NBA playoffs in progress, why not adopt your own hoops team? Especially ones with a localized meaning behind their look, like the Bucks and Wizards.

You could rock the voodoo flavor of New Orleans and get comfy as part of the New Orleans Curse:


Or you could rock something unique from our Panamanian Basketball League collection. My favorite is the Caimanes de Rio Abajo

We hope you enjoy!
Thanks as always for reading,
Paul Gallant
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Before They Were The Yankees, Red Sox and Cubs

With baseball season finally back, you have probably seen plenty of people sporting baseball caps of late. If you’re outside on a bright sunny day, odds are that you’ll run into someone wearing a Yankees, Red Sox, or Cubs hat. This much you know: those three franchises have been around for over 100 years each. But what you probably didn’t know? All three had remarkably different nicknames in the early 1900s.

Let’s start with the Yankees. They’ve had the same logo for almost their entire history. Well, other than their first two years of existence - 1901 – 1902 - when they were . . . the Baltimore Orioles. In 1903, the Orioles were bought and moved to Northern Manhattan in NYC. And then became . . . The Highlanders, using several variants of this logo over the next few years.
Logos courtesy of

The 1986 movie “Highlander” had the following tagline: “There can be only one.” That wouldn’t apply to 1903’s Highlanders. They’d change their nickname to “Yankees” in 1912, and the rest is history.

How about the Boston Red Sox? They were originally known as the “Boston American Baseball Club”, but since Boston also had a National League team at the time, locals called them the “Boston Americans”. “Americans”.
A much better nickname, especially for a historic city like Boston. Yet in 1908, the Americans changed their name to Red Sox. 

It’s time for a little tangent. Can we invent a time machine, go back to the late 19th and early 20th century, and ask why everyone was obsessed with socks?

The Cincinnati Reds broke into baseball as the Cincinnati “Red Stockings” in 1882. The Red Sox came to be in 1908. And the Chicago “White Stockings” - now White Sox – began playing in 1901. We can all appreciate a comfy pair of socks. But come on, we can think of more creative nicknames than that, right? 

Back then, apparently not. Before becoming known as the Cubs in 1903, Chicago’s national league squad spent 1898 – 1902 as the “Orphans”. 

Yes, arguably the most depressing name in the history of sports. Right now, stockings and socks don’t sound so bad.

We believe we’re a bit more creative than our turn of the 19th century brethren. Socks? Come on. Boston’s unique accent provide a much better nickname than the “Red Sox”.

We don’t have a suggestion to replace “The Orphans”. But since that nickname is such a Debbie Downer, why not just move the Cubs to Idaho and rename them the Taters?

Intimidating AND tasty, no?

We’re still working on a time machine to ask why the Yankees aren’t still the Highlanders, why the Red Sox aren’t the Americans, and how the Orphans were even thought of. Until then, we hope you enjoy our fabulous T-Shirts and remember, you can always join our t-shirt of the month club. A great reason to check the mail each month. 
Thanks as always for reading,

Paul Gallant
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