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Sports Logo Spotlight on the WNBA's Tulsa Shock

The WNBA's Tulsa Shock have been in the headlines recently because of news that they are relocating to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Professional women's basketball is no stranger to the Metroplex, but this would be the first WNBA franchise to grace it. 
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The Shock entered the WNBA world in 1998 in Detroit with the same nickname. After 12 seasons in the Motor City, they relocated to Tulsa. This season is the team's sixth in Oklahoma and, as we've recently learned, their last. 

The Shock have won 3 championships, all coming during their time in Detroit. Along with a triumvirate of titles in their history, the Shock have had an impressive "Who's who" of coaches. Nancy Lieberman, Bill Laimbeer, and Rick Mahorn have all roamed their sideline. They also have some notable names heading South, including the very popular Skylar Diggins, as well as former Baylor star, Odyssey Sims. 

So they have some flash in different area on paper, but what about their logo? Meh...

With relocations comes a new logo and I'm excited to see what they come up with next because it has to be better than their current logo. This current model is about as generic as can be with a very WordArt feel to it. 

There's a generic basketball in the background, barely popping up from the lettering. There's a generic lightning bolt striking through the lettering, also in the background, too. The lettering is fine, but if you're turning to lettering to "make" your logo, you're in trouble. 

I don't know, maybe I just got stuck with a bad taste I can't shake, but this logo has no personality to me. There's nothing about the logo that makes me think it is any different than a template. There's no Tulsa skyline or anything that makes me think about the city or state. If that's not your thing, the main imagery, the lightning bolt, is generic and plain, too. 

Their colors are officially listed as gold, black, white, and red. The two colors that pop the most in the logo are gold and red. It looks fine from a color standpoint, but it is working with such a generic palate that it negates the plus that the colors provide. 

My plea to the Shock organization is to come to DFW with a much better look. This logo is bland as can be and I’d love to at least have a tiny desire to buy some gear of this franchise, but if I’m a DFW native and this is my logo, I’m not touching it at all. 

We at Awesome Sports Logos have a pretty cool Dallas logo that we came up with that has some great history. We introduce you to the Dallas Doughboys. 

A Doughboy is a term used to describe an American soldier. This term dates all the way back to the Mexican American War that focused around Texas. Some say it originated because many noticed that U.S. forces were constantly covered with chalky dust from marching through the dry terrain of Northern Mexico making the men look like unbaked dough. There are many other theories on the nickname, including how the infantry baked with rice and dough during war rations. 

Either way, these guys were much tougher than the popular biscuit maker seen on commercials. There are some real cool features about this logo including a rifle that is actually a bat. We love the history and the look of this awesome Dallas sports t-shirt! Check out all of our t-shirts and support the cause by joining our T-shirt of the Month Club. You won't regret it. 

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Sports Logo Review of the Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies were born into the Major League Baseball world prior to the 1993 season. Twenty-two years in the books and the Rockies have made the playoffs three times, never having won the National League West division. The "Blake Street Bombers," did, however, undergo a magical 2007 run that took them all the way to the World Series, where they fell to the Boston Red Sox in four consecutive games. 

Really, their success, or lack thereof, isn't absolutely horrendous. After all, they did make a World Series. More than a handful of teams within that same time frame have not reached a World Series. However, when you compare them to the team that joined them in expansion, the then Florida (and now Miami) Marlins, it doesn't look so good. And it isn't because the Marlins have had dashing success on a consistent level, but they do have two World Series titles to their name.

Another thing the Marlins have endured that the Rockies have not is a logo evolution. Not only have the Rockies maintained the same color scheme, but they have maintained the same logo for more than two decades, too. It might be time for the Rockies to spice things up, though. 
Logo photos courtesy of 
All of that aside, I don't mind their current logo. But you know how when you go up into the attic and see a widget that's been untouched for a year or two it just looks much older and more antiquated than it really is? That's the feel I get with this logo. 

The color scheme features purple with black, silver, and white. I like that combination, particularly because it isn't the most common collection of colors. I do, however, think the colors could be sharpened up to have a more 2010s feel to it. The colors just don't pop. The silver seems more like gray without a metallic feel to it. 

My biggest issue, though, is with the graphics that create the logo's foundation. It kind of seems like this logo was created by someone who was really, really good at WordArt. It has some simple detail, but when your nickname is a mountain range, I think you can spice up the mountain a bit more. 

The flying baseball adds a generic feel, too. Not that I don't like the stereotypical flying baseball in a logo, but that's a generic use of a generic addition to a logo. 

There are things I like about the logo, though. The choice of nickname is great. The Rocky Mountains are a big part of Colorado so it is a very appropriate fit. And with the enormity in size of the mountains, I like the arched banner that contains “Colorado” in the logo. For me, it seems like the sky that adds perspective to the mountains in the logo. 

Overall, though, this was a sweet logo in the 90s and not bad to begin the 2000’s, but now that we’ve graduated to the 2010s, it is time for the Rockies to update their swag. 
And in a moment that will make some of us feel old, before the baseball club, there was an NHL team called the Colorado Rockies. 

If you dig the Rockies baseball logo colors then you will probably dig our awesome t-shirt, the New Orleans Curse.

"The Big Easy" is not only known for Mardi Gras, but also for its voodoo experience and voodoo shops. From this, we bring you the New Orleans Curse. We love this logo seeing a voodoo doll going up for a slam, pins still intact. No witchcraft or spells with this funny New Orleans t-shirt, just a lot of compliments when you walk around with it on.

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Jared Sandler
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Sports Logo Review of the Florida Panthers

The Florida Panthers are one of the more obscure sports franchises, in my opinion. Hockey in Florida seems odd, but, then again, it also seems odd in Tampa Bay, a city that makes it work very well, and the same be can said on both accounts for the Southern California teams in Anaheim and Los Angeles. 

But, Miami? I'm not going to act like I'm an avid watcher of Panthers games on TV, but unless they are good, I can't imagine there is a ton of interest in that area for their local hockey squad. 

Florida's inaugural season came during the 1993-1994 campaign. Their first stars included former New York Rangers goalie, John Vanbiesbrouck. The "Beezer" resurrected his career and helped lead the Panthers to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1995-1996, before they were bested by the Colorado Avalanche. 

The Panthers were given their nickname after the endangered species, the Florida panther, which is endemic to the nearby Everglades region, according to the team's website. In 1992, Florida selected the Florida panther as the official state animal. Thus, the logo's significance and representation of the region is certainly way more than adequate.

The team's official color scheme is red, blue, gold, and white. Their current home jerseys are red, while the road jerseys are white. In that sense, I guess you might have to elevate red as the team's primary color, but the primary colors of the logo, itself, are gold and blue. 

Of the three non-white colors, the red is my least favorite in this mix. I really like the way the blue plays off the gold, which is not your typical metallic gold like Notre Dame, for instance, but more of a panther "fur" gold, if that even makes sense. 

I do like the red eyes that stare you down as the panther is leaping towards you. That adds an element of intimidation. 

As far as the actual graphic--the panther--I really like it. It doesn't necessarily fall into the "simple detail" category, because there is significant detail. The wrinkling of the fur and the various marks with the mammal's movement, along with the curling of the fingernails and the hair tips of the tail all add to the unique detail of the ferocious panther. 

In some cases, I prefer simplicity. In this case, don't ask me why, I like the detail. I think it might be because it all adds to intimidation factor. It seems like the panther is really jumping off the page to get you. It is almost like you feel the speed of the panther. 

Overall, I give this logo a B+.   

We have some other Florida sports logos that we give high marks to. 

While they may not be hockey logos, they certainly show the same creativity as the Panthers. 


This is a different kind of cat. This minor league baseball team is named after the ferocious animal called the cougar. The overpopulation of cougars is prevalent mostly in the upscale Boca Raton neighborhoods. You can find cougars in shopping areas during the day, but mostly they are nocturnal beasts working the bar and club scene stalking their prey.


The city of St. Joseph in Dade County Florida is known as the Kumquat Capital of the world. Each year 40,000 people descend on this area for the one-day Kumquat Festival. Who would have thought a kumquat would attract so many people? 

What is a kumquat besides a funny name? A kumquat is in the citrus family and looks like an orange, but it’s the size of an olive. We decided to take a cute looking fruit with a funny name and make it into an awesome baseball logo.

Kudos Florida, you have some Awesome Sports Logos!

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Jared Sandler
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Sports Logo Review of the Houston Astros

The Houston Astros entered into existence in 1965. Formerly of the National League, the Astros migrated to the Junior Circuit to begin the 2013 season. 

History has not been kind to the Astros, who have never won a World Series. As a matter of fact, they've had just one World Series appearance. It came in 2005 versus the White Sox during a magical playoff run led by outfielder, Carlos Beltran. However, the Astros, who have train tracks and a train inside Minute Maid Park, lost steam against the Pale Hose, getting swept out of town. 

When the Astros moved to the American League, they evened out both sides at 15 teams a piece. With the new scenery, the Astros showcased a new look and a change of color. 

And you know what? Not too shabby, Houston. Not too shabby...
Logo pictures courtesy of
Their new look circa 2013 has a retro-future look to it. The coloring and the shaping combines a retro motif with a new-school movement. More importantly, it is a major upgrade over their most recently extinct logo, which was flat out boring. It was an unfinished star with "Astros" is cursive script underneath. The coloring was mediocre at best, but the more I frequently I looked at it, the more I became bored by it. 

Some movies are great when you see them for the first time. Then when it is on TV a few months later, you enjoy it once more, but you end up changing the channel prematurely or waiting for it to end. It doesn't draw you enough to re-watch. Then there are some movies you can watch over and over and over and over and over. I think the true test for a great comedy is becoming timeless. 

One test for a great logo is having that same timeless look if you will. The old logo just didn't have that.

The new Astros design? Yah, I can dig it. There's nothing too remarkably flashy about it.

I'm a big fan of a logo having some representation of the city, region, or state. Maintaining the star preserves the "Lone Star State" pride. 

I like the colors: navy blue, orange, and white. They mix well with one another. I've always been a fan of the orange and navy blue and wish more teams would give it a shot. Having blue as the primary color helps illuminate the orange without having to make it an obnoxious neon shade.

I think the "H" in the middle is okay. Nothing too sexy about it. The flat tops and bottoms to its limbs give it a sturdy, pillar feel to it and I like what that adds. 

As far as the "Houston" and "Astros" text, there's nothing too fancy about that, which, once again, isn't necessarily a bad thing. It is pretty standard. 

Overall, this is a solid logo. It isn't amazing. Some movies are just solid, but have that re-watch factor. This logo is solid that will stick around for a while.

At Awesome Sports Logos, we have our own Houston baseball t-shirt, the Houston Gushers.
Houston is big time oil country, and at one time was our world headquarters. H-Town is the fourth largest city in the United States, and the largest in Texas. It was in 1901 that oil gushed for the first time in Houston, and because of the port, the city has become a petrochemical leader, as well as the leading city for building oilfield equipment. Did we just use petrochemical in a sentence? The bottom line, we love this retro logo with a wood derrick that is also the letter “H” gushing with oil. We hope you love this cool Houston t-shirt as well!

And remember, you can get the Gushers and a whole bunch of other awesome t-shirts at a big time discount with free shipping by joining our T-shirt of the Month Club!

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Kansas City Royals Sports Logo Review

The Kansas City Royals entered the American League as an expansion franchise in 1969, the same year the Seattle Pilots were birthed into baseball. A local businessman, Ewing Kaufman, founded the team after, according to the team's documented history on its website, Stuart Symington, then acting as a United States Senator from Missouri, demanded a new franchise for the city after the Athletics moved to Oakland in 1968. 

The Royals have won one World Series title (1985), and have appeared in two other Fall Classics, most recently in 2014 losing to the Giants. 

I've long enjoyed the Royals' logo because of its simplistic nature. 

The "K" and "C" do not interlock, but they overlap with one another at the curl of the K's right leg and the spine of the "C." With more than a few known interlocked letters in baseball, this is a nice twist to create the franchise's own identity. 

Paired with the lettering is the "Royals" script beneath it. While the font is different than the "KC" lettering, which in some ways seems odd, I guess it is appropriate in its fanciness considering the stigma of the "Royal" nickname. Something royal should be fancy, right?

Speaking of royal, I like the shield-shaped geometry around the "KC" lettering, topped with a crown. It would certainly be my favorite element of the logo if it wasn’t such a lie. The problem is that the connotation of “royalty” disconnects from the true origins of the logo. Oddly enough, the origin of the nickname isn't named after royalty. It comes from the American Royal livestock show, horse show, rodeo, and barbeque competition held annually in Kansas City.

I'm torn on this because the royal feel is different from the origins of the nickname. It would be cool if they incorporated the annual show more in its logo. I'm not necessarily asking for the logo to be a brisket or a rib or anything, but something to do with a rodeo or something of that nature would be cool, too. 

I'm indifferent on the coloring. The gold makes sense and I think it goes well with blue, though the color of royalty is purple. Nothing about the coloring jumps out or pops. I do dig their home uniform with the bleached white and the blue lining. But, in reality, that isn’t truly unique or anything.

Overall, I like this logo just fine, but I certainly don't love it, and a big part is how the logo is presented versus the true origin of it. I'll give it a B-.
One baseball logo that is true to its origin is the  Dade City Kumquats. The city of St. Joseph in Dade County Florida is known as the Kumquat Capital of the world. Each year 40,000 people descend on this area for the one-day Kumquat Festival. Who would have thought a kumquat would attract so many people? 

What is a Kumquat besides a funny name? A Kumquat is in the citrus family and looks like an orange, but it’s the size of an olive. We decided to take a cute looking fruit with a funny name and make it into an awesome baseball logo. A funny name with a funny logo equals a top of the line funny t-shirt in our book. We hope you like our Dade City t-shirt!
Thanks as always for reading!
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Things to Do at the 2015 Nordic Fest

At Awesome Sports Logos, we love festivals and love bringing you some of these hidden gems. One of our favorites is fast approaching.  Nordic Fest in Decorah Iowa will take place from July 23rd-25th. This is when the quaint town of Decorah becomes bustling with festival goers looking for a good time and each year, Nordic Fest delivers. 
This festival continues to grow and has been a part of this Iowa community since 1967. They truly embrace the Nordic culture. Here are some great examples.
The Nordic Fest Rock Throw. Come one, come all. Age, size and weight of the rock are all taken into consideration. This sport goes all the way back to the Viking age. Picture some good looking Nordic Dude as the LeBron James of throwing. A true “Rock Star”. Sorry, bad joke. Since sports are so technology based, I dig watching someone tossing a boulder. 
Molkky- See, we are all learning here. Molkky is a popular lawn sport. Here’s a video on how it is played.
Kind of like American Bowling but not really? Actually looks like a pretty cool game. We might have to play some Molkky at our next tailgate. How cool is it that this game is being featured at NordicFest!
Let’s move into the food category. Here are some interesting names. Lefse, Kranskake and Rommegrot.  Lefse is a Norwegian soft flatbread. Kransekake is cake baked for special occasions like Holidays, Baptisms, and Weddings. If there is a Norwegian party, you’ll likely see a Kransekake. Rommegrot is a sour cream porridge. You’ll have to enter the rock throwing competition to burn off some calories after eating these Nordic delicacies.
We could go on and on about Nordic Fest. So many activities, arts and crafts, games as well as great food and frosty beverages. Huge kudos to the citizens of Decorah who take so much pride in this festival as well as the dedicated volunteers who do the organizing and planning. 
This festival holds a special spot in our heart. My wife spent her summers outside of Decorah and her summer highlight was hitting the Nordic Fest with her grandparents. She still tells me about the memories today and that to me is awesome.  Those memories inspired two t-shirts. When you think of Nordic popular elements, one of them is troll folklore. Plus, the Decorah Trolls just sounds like a cool team name so it was a natural for us. Here is our primary baseball logo.

Instead of a baseball bat, we felt as though a club was more fitting. I feel as though a troll could be a deceptively good hitter. We also wanted to do a traditional sports logo with cool lettering. Sometimes that’s all you need for a great sports logo. We love our Decorah Trolls letter logo. 

If you are heading to Nordic Fest, all the more reason to get one of our Decorah awesome t-shirts so you can show off your pride! It’s one of the best festivals and we can’t recommend it enough. Kudos to the Nordic Fest, it’s awesome!!
Thanks as always for reading,
Gavin Spittle
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