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Sports Logo Review of the Minnesota Twins

My familiarity with the Minnesota Twins was heightened at a young age thanks to the kids movie, Little Big League. Billy Heywood was a legend and Lou Collins was that guy everyone wanted on their team. It's also one of the catalysts that helped me settle on Ken Griffey Jr. as my favorite player ever, but that's besides the point. 

The movie, plus the real-life team's struggles as I was growing up, gave them an underdog, easy-to-like status. I think those leanings always left a positive connotation with their logo, but, recently, I discovered something that makes me even more partial to the logo. More on that coming up…

First, let's get something straight: the Twins's logo is pretty darn good, but not great. It has all the elements I like--color scheme, significance, and simple detail—but lacks that star quality that takes it over the top. And, frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that.
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You can never go wrong with (scarlet) red, white, and (navy) blue as your colors…it is just really tough to mess up. And I think they play off each other really well, too. One thing I’ve always felt about the Twins’s color scheme is that the red, either on its own or because of how it plays with the other two colors, always had a bubble gum look to it. Not to get too graphic, but the red kind of looked like strawberry gum, which I’ve always thought was great, considering that gum and baseball go so well together. 

I like that the three colors share duties in featured spots: the red owns the main letters while the blue dominates the ring around the baseball, and the white owns the baseball itself. Then, all three colors accent one element, too. The red serves as the baseball’s seams—a very natural look, obviously—the white letters inside the blue ring, and the blue outlines the red lettering. They all star and support. 

The logo doesn’t have a Minnesota skyline or falling snow or “Babe the Blue Ox” or anything that, graphically, represents Minnesota or the Twin-Cities…except, of course, the name. It gets a pass because the name, itself, is what represents the location. The Twin-Cities is such an identifiable part of Minnesota, so it is fitting that it gets representation. Most logos do it graphically, while the Twins do it nominally. Maybe that takes a way a little bit, because it lacks a more graphic tie, but I think the artwork is strong enough to supplant that absence. 

I mentioned earlier that there was something I just recently noticed. I’m not sure if it is intentional or not, but the portion of “Twins” that is underlined is simply the “W-I-N” triumvirate of letters. I think that is subtle enough to not be cheesy, but strong enough to send a fun, kind of hidden (even though it is right out there), message. 

Overall, I’ll give the Twins logo a B+. 

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Jared Sandler
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Should Cities Share the Same Sports Logo Color

If I could be the Logo President for a day and make one change, I would...

Interesting prompt. There are several possibilities that come to mind, but one prevailing desire among them all: I'll call it the "United We Color Act of 2015."

I'm not someone who favors professional sports over college sports, or vice versa. I love them both a tremendous amount. But there are obviously pros to each that the other is without. I always realized I loved the rowdy crowds and the sounds of the bands at college games. However, I only recently realized how easy my fan wardrobe was to create.

Want to go support your college's football team? Maybe some basketball and volleyball, too? How about some baseball and soccer? Water polo, perhaps? Guess what!? Show up with school pride wearing the SAME COLORS! It's great! 

But, in professional sports? Naaaa.

The "United We Color Act of 2015," or, UWCA, would change the color schemes in professional sports so that each city had the same general color scheme. Or, at least, one color shared among all the teams with the same home region or city. If a city has two teams, then they are allowed to branch out (i.e. the Lakers and Clippers can have a different scheme). 

As far as which team gets the color scheme recognized by that city, well, I think the fans can vote. The team with more support gets the city’s color scheme. 

I've always thought it was so cool that the Penguins and Steelers essentially share the same colors. The Seahawks and Mariners have plenty of similarities, too. So why not do it for all cities with multiple teams?

There would obviously be some restructuring of nicknames based on which color(s) prevail, and, realistically, this isn't happening, but there also isn't a "Logo President," so if you're still reading, "realistically" probably doesn't apply. 

Then you’d have to deal with teams like, for instance, the Texas Rangers. They are located in Arlington and while they are claimed by Dallas, they are rightfully claimed by the Fort Worth portion of “DFW,” too. So, do they fall into the Dallas color scheme or do they get their own? I’d contend that they fall in line with the Dallas color scheme, especially because Fort Worth also supports the Dallas teams, too. 

It just seems like have a scheme, or, at least, a color that is shared among a city would add to the demonstration of pride and tie things together. And it might save you a little money on that wardrobe, too...or, at least, on that body paint purchase you just made. 
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Jared Sandler
Awesome Sports Logos

The Sports Logo Spotlight Shines on the Tampa Bay Rays

There is not much to like about the Rays, cosmetically. Their ballpark stinks, they get no fan support despite having successful teams, and their jerseys are just okay. But if you don't think there's much now, I wonder what you'd think of the Rays back when they had the "Devil" inside of them. Seriously, I'm not quite sure...
Logos courtesy of
Let's investigate...

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays existed from the team’s inception in 1998 until 2007. The logo had a very 1980’s feel to it…almost, Miami Vice-like. I mean, I feel like I’m supposed to wear white pants with a teal polo while looking at it. 

With the Devil Ray swimming right to left and the wave of his path angling the lettering accordingly, the logo possesses a very dark, underwater motif. Combined with the black and dark blue is a minor spectrum of colors ranging from blue to yellow, with green shades blending in between, tying the two tones together. 

Whereas the Devil Ray look appears to be more of an underwater view of things, the new Rays look is what you get while drifting above the water with the sun shining down on you. 

When the new logo came about, the idea was to truly shed the “devil” element and even transition away from an animal, more towards the bright rays of the sun. Oceanography be damned with the new look…there is no sign of the animal at all. 

The new look is brighter and, one could say, “more fun.” Maybe I’m reaching, but when I see the extended bottom stem of the “R,” I see a water slide leading right into a pool with the sun splashing down. 

So, which one do I like better? While I enjoy the 1980’s color scheme, I much prefer the new look…the colors seem fresher. I’ve always been a fan of the dark blue and the light blue paired with one another, though others don’t share the same opinion. Add in the sun-splashed yellow as a great accent and the colors are rocking.

The Devil Ray is a much stronger mascot, in terms of tangibility and intimidation, but I think the presentation of the sun ray is done better than was the presentation of the Devil Ray. The animal version had no personality…it was just a blob, kind of. 

As far as the regional tie, both have loose connections, each by way of the water. It would be kind of funny if the newer incarnation had a rain-version that randomly appeared every half hour for about a minute at a time. But neither really stands out in this way. 

Ultimately, give me the new look by just a smidge, but I do miss the 1980’s coloring from time-to-time. 

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Jared Sandler
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Sports Logo Spotlight on the Pittsburgh Pirates

 The Pittsburgh Pirates are one of baseball’s oldest organizations, establishing themselves in 1881. They joined the National League in 1887. They’ve won five World Series titles, with the first coming in 1909 and the most recent in 1979. Their franchise has had a lot of notable players that also grace the walls of Cooperstown. Names like Roberto Clemente, Honus Wagner, Willie Stargell, and World Series, hero, Bill Mazeroski. 

The Pirates logo is one of baseball's best. With an element of intimidation and a real-life feel, the image sets the foundation for success, on top of which is a unique regional tie and some creativeness that sets it a part. 

Let's start with the colors. The official colors are black, gold, and white. Pittsburgh has something that few cities have with their sports teams: color symmetry. The Steelers, the Penguins, and the Pirates all feature the black-gold-white mix. I think that's such a uniquely cool element, intentional or not. It would be cool if more cities adopted this, though that would be difficult with the established teams. When I consider others that come close, Seattle comes to mind. The Mariners and Seahawks have that blue-green mix, but that's more of a loosely-based connection. 

Here is their primary “P” logo. 


Photos courtesy of 

Beyond the symmetry, the colors present an intimidating front, parallel to the vibe of a pirate. Add in the red that comes with a buccaneer and there is now an added element of guile. 

The simple detail is very much exhibited with this image. From the cut of the bandana to the style of his hair, not to mention his devilish snarl, the image has life. You can almost see the gold earring--which blends nicely with the gold lettering--flopping with the head's imagined movement. 

I love the substitution of bats in place of swords, crossing behind the image in the shape of a threatening "X." It is a simple decision, but sometimes simplicity is not executed properly, so hats off for that.

Overall, the logo is an outstanding mix of all that I want in a logo: good color scheme, regional significance, and simple detail. What more could you ask for? My grade for the Pirates Logo: A. 

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Jared Sandler
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Sports Logo Spotlight on the Oakland Athletics

After originating as the Philadelphia Athletics in 1901, the franchise eventually migrated west to Northern California. In 1968, the Oakland Athletics came into existence. The franchise has won nine World Series titles, four of which have come since the West coast relocation. 

The franchise’s rich history includes names like Rollie Fingers, Reggie Jackson, Rickey Henderson, Dennis Eckersley, and Catfish Hunter, among others. Of course, the movie, Moneyball, also featured the Athletics and the leadership of their General Manager, Billy Beane.
Logos courtesy of 

Let’s dive into the Athletics logo which I'm not a huge fan of for a few reasons. The color scheme, however, is not one of them. I've always been a fan of the green and gold and I think those two colors complement each other very well. The gold really pops next to the green. I really like the way they use green as the primary color with the gold lining. The other way around would look too bright, in my humble opinion. 

Placed in front of a white backdrop is also a feature that I think helps illuminate the wealth in the tones. Plus, white is such an important aspect of the Athletics' personality with their unique white-shoe look. 

What I don't like is how plain it is. Some plain logos work because they are iconic. Maybe it's a generational thing, but the Athletics logo does not fall into that category for me. 

One thing that doesn't help is the fact that the encircled part of their logo is an image of the letter, "A," the most commonly used and seen letter in the alphabet. That's just kind of boring if you ask me. 

So, what would I do? There's plenty of room to add something to the background within the circle. Maybe some skyline or some regional silhouettes...just something and not nothing! 

The other elements are kind of generic, too. Lettering inside of a circle with an image within the circle. Not novel or unique. The font inside the circle is about as plain Jane as can be, too. 

Overall, the colors really save this logo. Nothing else about the logo really jumps out to me in a positive manner. There are uglier logos, but this one is certainly not anything special.  If the logo had something more unique to it, maybe my thoughts would be different but no part of the logo identifies with the city or state or region or…anything!

My suggestion is switch their alternate logo to their primary logo. You don’t see many Elephant sports logos and this logo has great history with the organization dating back to 1902 when they were mockingly called the “white elephants”. You can read more about this story on the Oakland Athletics site. Now that’s a cool logo with some great history.

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Jared Sandler
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Sports Logo Spotlight on the WNBA's Tulsa Shock

The WNBA's Tulsa Shock have been in the headlines recently because of news that they are relocating to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Professional women's basketball is no stranger to the Metroplex, but this would be the first WNBA franchise to grace it. 
Photos courtesy of 

The Shock entered the WNBA world in 1998 in Detroit with the same nickname. After 12 seasons in the Motor City, they relocated to Tulsa. This season is the team's sixth in Oklahoma and, as we've recently learned, their last. 

The Shock have won 3 championships, all coming during their time in Detroit. Along with a triumvirate of titles in their history, the Shock have had an impressive "Who's who" of coaches. Nancy Lieberman, Bill Laimbeer, and Rick Mahorn have all roamed their sideline. They also have some notable names heading South, including the very popular Skylar Diggins, as well as former Baylor star, Odyssey Sims. 

So they have some flash in different area on paper, but what about their logo? Meh...

With relocations comes a new logo and I'm excited to see what they come up with next because it has to be better than their current logo. This current model is about as generic as can be with a very WordArt feel to it. 

There's a generic basketball in the background, barely popping up from the lettering. There's a generic lightning bolt striking through the lettering, also in the background, too. The lettering is fine, but if you're turning to lettering to "make" your logo, you're in trouble. 

I don't know, maybe I just got stuck with a bad taste I can't shake, but this logo has no personality to me. There's nothing about the logo that makes me think it is any different than a template. There's no Tulsa skyline or anything that makes me think about the city or state. If that's not your thing, the main imagery, the lightning bolt, is generic and plain, too. 

Their colors are officially listed as gold, black, white, and red. The two colors that pop the most in the logo are gold and red. It looks fine from a color standpoint, but it is working with such a generic palate that it negates the plus that the colors provide. 

My plea to the Shock organization is to come to DFW with a much better look. This logo is bland as can be and I’d love to at least have a tiny desire to buy some gear of this franchise, but if I’m a DFW native and this is my logo, I’m not touching it at all. 

We at Awesome Sports Logos have a pretty cool Dallas logo that we came up with that has some great history. We introduce you to the Dallas Doughboys. 

A Doughboy is a term used to describe an American soldier. This term dates all the way back to the Mexican American War that focused around Texas. Some say it originated because many noticed that U.S. forces were constantly covered with chalky dust from marching through the dry terrain of Northern Mexico making the men look like unbaked dough. There are many other theories on the nickname, including how the infantry baked with rice and dough during war rations. 

Either way, these guys were much tougher than the popular biscuit maker seen on commercials. There are some real cool features about this logo including a rifle that is actually a bat. We love the history and the look of this awesome Dallas sports t-shirt! Check out all of our t-shirts and support the cause by joining our T-shirt of the Month Club. You won't regret it. 

Thanks as always for reading,

Jared Sandler
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