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A New Sports Logo For The US Men's National Team?

The United States Men’s National Team may be changing their logo for the 2016 season. Rumors spread that the team would get a revamp, ahead of the Copa America in 2016. The Copa America will be the biggest tournament held in the United States since the World Cup in 1944. Well the rumors received a little backing, when sources leaked an image of the newest logo design.

The leak comes from, known to leak soccer kits and crests in the past. So it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to believe them on this one. Let’s take a look at the two logos, past and future, next to each other, and compare!

(photos courtesy of, and

The first is the logo we’ve all known for years. It’s a classic, and has all of the qualities of the United States flag represented in it. The red, white, and blue coloring should give us a strong feeling of patriotism, and should make us proud when we see it. However, the soccer ball in the middle makes it look like a comic book logo. It has a cartoon feel. The whole thing kind of falls apart with the ball right smack in the middle.

Number two is the leaked image of the 2016 logo. It’s sleek, clean, and very professional looking. It takes a step towards the simpler side, but also the strong side. I love the strong, flat line at the top of the crest, giving it an edge. The straight lines running down the side create a solid, bold crest. The shape of the crest finally comes to a point, as the side lines curve into the bottom tip. The coloring is outstanding. Taking a step from traditional blue to a darker navy screams “we mean business” to all who see it. Taking the ball out of the middle leaves room for all three letters of “USA” to run across the top.

Overall, I’m happy with the new logo. I would have liked to see a star in the logo, in some way. I’m sure it was considered, but it probably didn’t fit in without making the crest too cluttered. The crest seems to make the team look more serious and more competitive. Heading into the Copa America in 2016, that’s exactly what we want for our boys!

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Ignore the Hate Norfolk, We Dig the new Tides Logo

I can hear the Taylor Swift catchy tune running through my head.  “Haters  Gonna Hate…”. This week, the Norfolk Tides, AAA affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles unveiled their new logo along with some alternate lettering and logos. 
Tides GM Joe Gregory explained the change on the teams website. "We're excited to unveil a new look that has a unique character and fun personality. The series of logos embrace the nautical nature of our community, giving our organization a contemporary look and feel. It was important for us to update our logo with a modern design while maintaining the Norfolk Tides moniker that has become synonymous with family-friendly entertainment in this area for more than half a century."
So what’s the issue? They kept the nautical nature which is a huge part of Norfolk. They kept the name which has been part of baseball’s minor league history. Their attendance has been sputtering the last few years. A logo change was needed.  Let’s do a comparison for you to make the decision.
Here is the old logo.
 Logo courtesy of

Here is the new logo
I like this logo. I think it’s more appealing for merchandise sales. As Joe Gregory points out, they kept the nautical theme which is a huge part of the Norfolk lifestyle.  I love unusual animals becoming sports logos. The Seahorse certainly falls in that category. I love the small change to the trident. Instead of being the typical three pronged, they morphed it into a sideways “N” while keeping the shape of the spear.  The primary colors of orange and green resemble those of the University of Miami which I’ve always found catchy. 
I also really like their away cap logo. It’s the Norfolk “N” wrapped in anchor chains. 
Picture courtesy of the Norfolk Tides
I honestly don’t understand why some are up in arms about this new logo. Clearly the old Tides wave logo wasn’t a huge merchandise hit. They are trying something new, something different and trying to strike gold like the El Paso Chihuahuas did with their new logo. The Team was proactive against the haters on social media and put together this video reading the mean tweets. 
Plus, let’s give credit on creativity. That wave logo had none. Norfolk is doing what our company Awesome Sports Logos is attempting to accomplish and that is to bring back the fun and creativity back to sports logos.
Ignore the hate Norfolk, you deserve to be applauded.
We also feature a nautical themed baseball, logo, the Savannah Seamen.
Nicknamed the “Hostess City of the South”, Savannah, Georgia is an important Atlantic seaport. In fact, as recently as 2009, Savannah was North America’s 4th largest seaport. Container ships pass each other daily in the Port of Savannah under the Talmadge Memorial Bridge.
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Five Sports Logos That Need A Facelift

Teams amend or upgrade their logos from time-to-time, sometimes coming with a change in venue or some other notable change within the organization. Some logos change for the better, others change for the worse. Some don't change at all and become stagnant. Here are five logos I think need to be upgraded for various reasons. 

In no particular order
Logos courtesy of 

1. Colorado Rockies: Their logo was created in the 90s when the organization was born...and it very much looks like a logo created in the 90s. As we've coursed into our second decade, the logo remains way behind. I'd love to see the Rockies infuse a little bit of life or energy into a new logo. 

2. Arizona Diamondbacks: I don't hate their logo, which has evolved a bit since the team came into existence in the 90’s just a few years after the Rockies, but I just think it has so much potential. A snake is a very versatile nickname with which you can create a great logo and I'd love to see them take advantage of cool "Diamondback" name. 

3. New York Islanders: I guess I don't know how much you can do with an "Islander" but anything is better than their current look. They've gotten a pass because the franchise has been stuck in a cycle of ineptitude, but if they hope to turn things around with their young talent, maybe they should upgrade their logo with a more appealing, younger look. I mean, honestly, do you look at this logo and think, Cool! or I gotta get it! or anything else? 

4. Detroit Pistons: They upgraded their old logo to something new (the galloping horse on fire) and then switched back to a slightly more modern version of the old logo. That's cool. I love the throwback look when you tweak it a bit, but I just have never loved this one. It's a basketball with "Detroit Pistons" across it. How much more boring or basic can you be?

5. Atlanta Falcons: There are few things I love more than a cryptic logo and their logo possesses some hidden aspects with the "F" shaped Falcon. With that said, it offers very little else. To me, it's kind of boring to me and  it just seems like there's much more you can do with a Falcon than make it a sideways flying, lifeless bird.
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Things We Would Change About Uniforms in Sports

I'm in a list-making mood, so I'm not going to beat around the are nine things I don't like or would change about jerseys right now. 

*The NFL's governance over uniforms and uniformity gets a bit ridiculous. There are a number of examples of players trying to pay their respects to a person or a group through minor "uniform" modifications and the NFL fining them or threatening action and it is simply ridiculous. The most recent example is Pittsburgh's Cameron Heyward trying to pay homage to his late father, former NFL player Craig Heyward. Despite the subtlety of the attempt, the NFL wasn't about to budge from their stubborn approach. I understand the fundamental reason for uniform uniformity, but I think exceptions can be made. 

*The NHL needs to go back to having teams predominantly wear white at home. It's just better that way. The jersey provides a better look, especially with the contrast in colors. White at home. End of story.

*Speaking of hockey, why can't they have visors that flip up? This is such a minor thing, but I have always though that would be a cool look. 

*Players wearing a different color or styled sock always annoyed me. I've seen this a lot recently in college football. Some guys wear black socks, others white. Some wear them all the way up, some wearing them all the way down, and some in between. Some have stripes, others don't. All socks should be the same in color and style and relatively so in length. 

*Same with undershirts in college basketball. If one guy wears short sleeves, the whole teams should wear short sleeves. If one guy goes with the cut sleeves at the shoulders, all go with that style. I just think it looks a bit unorganized when teammates are rocking four different styles. 

*Along the same lines, the shirts should all be the same color, too. I'm quite confident that's an actual rule in basketball, but it should be in football, too. If you're wearing sleeves, they have to be the same color or design.

*Jersey numbers should always be visible without squinting. With the variance in jerseys these days, enough teams (particularly football teams) have alternate jerseys with the jersey numbers a shade lighter or darker than the jersey for this to be brought up. This makes it very difficult to see the numbers and, maybe this is the broadcaster in me, but I find that annoying. Plus, fans identify players by jersey number--I love number six or I don't think that seventeen guy was very good--and they should be able to see them without struggle.

*I very much enjoy seeing the Captain's "C" on football uniforms, but I don't care too much for the star system underneath. It would be one thing if a player gets a star for each year he's captain, regardless of the amount, but they cap it at four stars. For that reason, it bothers me. 

*No more eye black strips. If you're using eye black, you've got to use the real stuff. I want to see the smears from the sweat and the action. I'm the least tied to this compared to the others, but I'm more of an au natural guy.

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Is it Time to Change Home Jersey Colors in the NHL

According to jersey expert, Paul Lukas, NHL teams had just one uniform until 1951. In 1955, the league mandated that teams wore colors at home and white on the road. Fifteen years later in 1970, that arrangement was reversed and teams began wearing white at home. Thirty-three years after that, the league made another reversal and asked that teams predominantly wear their colored jersey at home. Then, seven years after that--just hasn’t changed since 2003.

Which do you prefer at home for NHL teams: white or colors? 

For me, it's a no-brainer: WHITE!

Maybe it is because that is what I grew up knowing. I guess it's tough for me to remove that from the equation. 

When I think about it, I just like the way white looks especially at home. When you go on the road, you should show off your main color and represent yourself in enemy territory, but at home you should go for the better look and in the NHL, for me, that's white. 

After speaking to a handful of folks who cover hockey for a living, all but one agreed that the league should go back to white at home. I asked for reasons why and got some interesting responses. One gentleman said that the pants look better contrasting with the white jerseys. Another chimed in and used the reverse as his argument, suggesting he doesn't like the way road uniforms look with the pants being the same color, which is the case for many, though, not all teams. 

In the NBA and in MLB, white is most common home color. Football is the opposite, except for the Cowboys, who rarely wear anything other than white. I have no issue with how those sports arrange their uniforms, including football, which adopts the format I want hockey to eliminate. 

One hockey person told me the reversal of the decision in 2003 was influenced by the growing amount of alternate uniforms, many of which were of the colored variety. With home teams wanting to show them off from time-to-time, it made life tougher on equipment guys who now had to pack both uniforms in the event a team went the alternate route. 

With all due respect to equipment guys and I was one of them for baseball at one point in my life, I'm pretty sure they can deal with it. 

Please, Mr. Bettman, PLEASE!!!!!! White at home. White. At. Home.

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Sports Logo Review of the Minnesota Twins

My familiarity with the Minnesota Twins was heightened at a young age thanks to the kids movie, Little Big League. Billy Heywood was a legend and Lou Collins was that guy everyone wanted on their team. It's also one of the catalysts that helped me settle on Ken Griffey Jr. as my favorite player ever, but that's besides the point. 

The movie, plus the real-life team's struggles as I was growing up, gave them an underdog, easy-to-like status. I think those leanings always left a positive connotation with their logo, but, recently, I discovered something that makes me even more partial to the logo. More on that coming up…

First, let's get something straight: the Twins's logo is pretty darn good, but not great. It has all the elements I like--color scheme, significance, and simple detail—but lacks that star quality that takes it over the top. And, frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that.
Logo courtesy of
You can never go wrong with (scarlet) red, white, and (navy) blue as your colors…it is just really tough to mess up. And I think they play off each other really well, too. One thing I’ve always felt about the Twins’s color scheme is that the red, either on its own or because of how it plays with the other two colors, always had a bubble gum look to it. Not to get too graphic, but the red kind of looked like strawberry gum, which I’ve always thought was great, considering that gum and baseball go so well together. 

I like that the three colors share duties in featured spots: the red owns the main letters while the blue dominates the ring around the baseball, and the white owns the baseball itself. Then, all three colors accent one element, too. The red serves as the baseball’s seams—a very natural look, obviously—the white letters inside the blue ring, and the blue outlines the red lettering. They all star and support. 

The logo doesn’t have a Minnesota skyline or falling snow or “Babe the Blue Ox” or anything that, graphically, represents Minnesota or the Twin-Cities…except, of course, the name. It gets a pass because the name, itself, is what represents the location. The Twin-Cities is such an identifiable part of Minnesota, so it is fitting that it gets representation. Most logos do it graphically, while the Twins do it nominally. Maybe that takes a way a little bit, because it lacks a more graphic tie, but I think the artwork is strong enough to supplant that absence. 

I mentioned earlier that there was something I just recently noticed. I’m not sure if it is intentional or not, but the portion of “Twins” that is underlined is simply the “W-I-N” triumvirate of letters. I think that is subtle enough to not be cheesy, but strong enough to send a fun, kind of hidden (even though it is right out there), message. 

Overall, I’ll give the Twins logo a B+. 

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