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Brandiose is Bringing Back the Fun and Creativity to Sports Logos

The motto when I started Awesome Sports Logos was to bring the fun and creativity back to sports logos. Hopefully you have found several of our logos creative with some great local meaning behind them. That’s what logos should be about. 
I’ve been meaning to write about this company for a while because they deserve a lot of credit for what they have done. Brandiose is knocking it out of the park with some of their sports logos. You won’t see a bland logo come out of this company. Their logos are unique with rich local history. How do they know that history? Because they visit the market, speak with the teams and the locals. They do more than just a Google or Wikipedia search to find out the local history. Here are some of my favorite logos that Brandiose has come up with. 
The El Paso Chihuahuas
 Photos courtesy of
Now one of the top selling Minor League Logos, it was awesome to fly into El Paso International Airport and see several stores proudly selling Chihuahuas merchandise.
Displaying 20150305_133855.jpg 
 Displaying 20150305_133855.jpgDisplaying 20150305_133855.jpg

The Biloxi Shuckers
The original “Seafood Capital of the World is highlighted with this logo. It’s awesome how they made a mollusk look so serious.  Anyone can make a lion look ferocious but Brandiose can make an oyster look like a .330 hitter with some pop in that bat. 

The Spokane Indians

This once again highlights the diversity of Brandiose. This is a perfect example of embracing the culture and history of an area. This logo’s lettering is in Salish, the language of the Spokane Tribe.  In an era where many Indian logos are disappearing, this is a rare instance where the tribe gave their blessing on this logo. I’m fascinated with the Salish lettering and coupled with the history, this is what an Awesome Sports Logo is all about. 

The Akron RubberDucks
Akron is the Rubber Capitol of the World. I love the weaving in of a mean looking Rubber Duck with tire tracks. We had the same concept with our Akron Rubbers Logo when we made our racing t-shirt. 
Here are two of their latest projects, the Hartford Yard Goats and the Norfolk Tides.
Baseball is returning to Hartford for the first time since 1952. The new team did a “name the team” contest and Yard Goats was the choice. It was up to Brandiose to come up with the logo and to me, they nailed it. I especially love the logo colors. According the Yard Goats website, they pay tribute to the Hartford Whalers which I think is an awesome detail. 
Some were upset when the Norfolk Tides changed their logo. I can’t understand why. The wave sports logo to me was just there. I thought it was a really cool idea to embrace the history of the team by keeping the name but making the logo fresh and marketable. This logo also continues to embrace what Norfolk is all about. I can guarantee that merchandise sales will go up in Norfolk. 
Kudos to you Brandiose! You are bringing back the fun and creativity back to sports logos and doing it the right way. We think you are awesome!
Of our baseball logos, the one we get asked, “Is that a real baseball team” is our Idaho Taters cool t-shirt. It was our first logo created and is still one of our favorites. You can pick up the Taters and add it to the list as part of our T-shirt of the Month Club.
Thanks as always for reading, you guys are awesome!
Happy New Year!!
Gavin Spittle
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The North Star Logo is Back and Dallas Shouldn't Be Upset

I love the passion of the Dallas Stars fans. They take great pride in their team and as someone who has season tickets; I share that same passion and pride. 
I also love to embrace the history of hockey and I think Stars fans should do the same when it comes to a Stadium Series Alumni Game on February 20th.  Many Stars fans are upset that the Minnesota alumni team taking on the Chicago alumni team will be wearing Minnesota North Stars jerseys. 
Stars fans, let me try to convince you why this is okay. First and foremost, it’s not even a real game. It’s the equivalent of anyone lacing on the skates and playing with any random sweater. If the Wild wear it the following day against the Blackhawks, I agree, we have a big problem.
Think of the players, not the division rival.  Some amazing names have played in North Stars jerseys. Of the 26 players scheduled to be in a Minnesota uniform, 20 played for the North Stars, only 6 for the Wild.  These guys deserve to wear the jersey they played in. I saw for myself what losing a franchise does to those that played for that city. When I worked in Houston, I became friendly with many alumni of the Houston Oilers. Names like Dan Pastorini and Robert Brazile from the “Luv Ya Blue” Oilers. Except the Oilers rights are owned by the Tennessee Titans. The Titans don’t embrace these guys and as Brazile told me, “We don’t have a home city”. Luckily the Houston Texans after establishing their own identity are now embracing several of the Oilers and what they meant to the Houston area. They are part of the city’s history. The same can be said with names like Bobby Smith, Brian Bellows, Dino Ciccarelli and even Neil Broten. Although he played in Dallas, and his number is retired in Dallas, Broten was voted by Wild fans as the greatest hockey player ever from Minnesota.
Even the DFW ambassador of hockey Mike Modano loves this idea. Modano will be playing in this game. He was drafted by the North Stars. Of course he loves Dallas/Fort Worth but Minnesota also holds a special place in his heart. If the face of Dallas Hockey and the greatest American goal scorer thinks it’s cool, then we should let it happen. 
Finally, it’s brand extension for the Stars. If someone buys a North Stars jersey or any kind of merchandise, it benefits the Stars and the NHL. How can that hurt? 
Hopefully we will somehow pull off a Winter Classic in DFW at some point and 1999 Stanley Cup Stars Jerseys or North Stars Jerseys will be worn. As for now, let those former North Stars that gave blood, sweat and tears to the game we love enjoy the day. Besides, I think our full attention should focus on the current Dallas Stars team who are in the midst of a special season. And those games count.
One team that won’t change their logo is the Texas Roadkill. This Awesome Sports Logo is ready for the puck to drop despite being run over. In Texas, everything is big; including unfortunate animal fatalities on the Lone Star’s various interstates. One of the more common animals seen on the side of the road is the Armadillo. While Hawks and Vultures refer to this as dinner, we prefer the name Texas Roadkill. We think this is one of our coolest logos. This beat up Armadillo still looks pretty tough holding a hockey stick even with the black eye, surrounding flies and tire tracks. We hope you dig this funny Texas t-shirt as much as we do! Why not make it part of our T-shirt of the Month Club where you get awesome deals and free shipping.
Happy Holidays and as always, You are Awesome!!
Gavin Spittle
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The Pete Rose Hall of Fame Ban Continues

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred announced his decision regarding Pete Rose. After 26 years, the game’s all-time hits leader is still banned from baseball. The debate continues, as people from both sides of the arguments clash, via social media and news outlets. It seems as if the baseball world is divided: let Petey back in, or keep him banned for life.

Reports swirled in 1989, claiming that Rose bet on baseball games. On August 24, 1989, Pete Rose voluntarily accepted permanent ineligibility. Since his ban, numerous reports have come out stating that Rose only placed bets during his management tenure, and only that his team would win. No facts were ever discovered that he placed bets on his team to lose.

The fact that he bet on his team to win, presents a strong argument for the “Pro-Rose” members. Who doesn’t bet on their team to win? Whether the bet is cold hard cash, or just a simple thought to yourself, managers are counting on their teams to win.

On the other hand, the “Anti-Rose” members are outraged that he would commit such an atrocity. Fans felt that he violated their trust, and the morals of baseball. Whether he bet for or against his team, betting was wrong. Some fans feel that he knew it was such a terrible atrocity, since he willingly agreed to accept the lifetime ban. By accepting it, he was silently admitting his crimes, and should therefore stay banned for life.

Aside from these two viewpoints, there is a third group of thinkers. This group wonders what will happen to the players who used PEDs? Will those players, who obtained their records and stats with the help of illegal substances, get to be in the Hall of Fame? Will those players get to be a part of baseball’s highest honor?

No matter what side of the argument you take, the facts still remain the same. Pete Rose is still officially banned, for life, from Major League Baseball. At 74 years old, Pete Rose may never see a commissioner lift the ban in his lifetime. He may literally be blocked from the game for life.

Someone should get MLB Commissioner Manfred our Cocksville Blockers t-shirt. He’s just like this angry rooster, stopping at nothing to get in your way and block any of your moves. This super soft t-shirt is one of our best sellers! Be sure to add it to your t-shirt of the month list!



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T-Shirts I Want For The Holidays

I’ve made my Holiday T-shirt Wish List and I’m ready for my 1st T-shirt of the Month Club to arrive in the mail. Okay, I’m the one that puts it in my own mailbox but it still counts. 
So here are some Awesome Sports Logos t-shirts that I want under my tree this year.

The Arizona Pricks T-shirt
It was so popular in green that we've also added black as a new color and it’s awesome. Cactus can be quite prickly, and no part of the United States features more cactus than the beautiful state of Arizona and its most prominent city, Phoenix.   Phoenix also has a huge soccer (aka fútbol) following.  We’ve teamed the two together to form the Arizona Pricks Awesome Sports Logo.  Hard to believe that nature can be this funny, but there are actually cacti that look like man parts!  This awesome tee is great to wear when you want to tell that certain person in your life what you really think of them... Instead of letting it out, just point to this awesome t-shirt!  Where there are cacti, there are a lot of pricks. Wear this t-shirt with pride!

The Cocksville Blockers
Okay, we admit that this is the only made up city, but how could we resist? This city name and logo go hand in hand. We were going to use Cockeysville, Maryland but that is pronounced much differently. This angry rooster will stop at nothing to get in your way and block any of your moves. Of course we’re talking about football moves, what were you thinking of? This Cocksville Blockers funny t-shirt is our best seller and for good reason.

The Portland Tree Huggers

Multiple colors with this t-shirt but for the holiday season, I think I’ll choose the cream colored hockey t-shirt. Oregon is one of the greenest states we have. Portland is one of the more eclectic cities in America with a huge emphasis on the environment. Thus, the meanest hockey team in the northwest is born, the Portland Tree Huggers. 

I wouldn’t want to skate against this tree and if I did, I hope that it has more bark than bite. This Portland sports logo t-shirt will draw some attention when you wear this super soft, cool t-shirt around town.

Caimanes de Rio Abajo
For my final t-shirt, I would like to dip into our Panamanian Basketball Collection. My favorite is the Caimanes de Rio Abajo. I love the look of a crock hanging on to the basketball. A Caiman is in the crocodile family and although none have ever been caught in Rio Abajo, the locals swear they have seen them in the rivers. I’ll take the advice of the locals and not go swimming but I’ll wear their t-shirt with pride. 
Oh who am I kidding, I love all of our t-shirts. They all have their special place in my closet. Hopefully you’ll put some super soft t-shirts in your closet as well through our t-shirt of the month club. Or just buy one at a time but we must warn you…they are addicting.
Happy Holidays from all of us at Awesome Sports Logos
Gavin Spittle
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Awesome Sports Logos

Major League Baseball's Safety Dilemna

Earlier this week, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred, asked for all teams to extend the safety nettings in place. This request comes after a lawsuit was filed, claiming that the league was negligent in not requiring the netting to extend from home plate to each foul pole. Due to the high-profile attention the case is receiving, Manfred issued the request to all 30 Major League clubs.
The request is just that: a request. The commissioner is not mandating or requiring the change, but rather leaving the details up to each individual club to manage. He urges clubs to find ways to make their stadiums safer to all fans who enter, without losing the beloved watching experience they have come to expect.
According to the Commissioner’s Office, they have “retained a consultant specializing in stadium architecture and protective netting,” in order to assist the teams. The statement from the commissioner also includes a section asking teams to further educate fans on the hazards they may face inside the ballparks. Currently, most clubs use fine print on tickets, the occasional announcement and a few signs around the park.
The commissioner stated in an official press release, “Major League Baseball prides itself on providing fans in our ballparks with unparalleled proximity and access to our players and the game taking place on the field.”
While it is highly unlikely that a “perfect medium” between safety and experience exists, the commissioner must get as close to that standard as possible. Failing to find that equality could lead to hazardous consequences for the league.
Major League Baseball has to be careful how they approach this situation. They are walking a fine line, between safety and experience. Should a ball game become too unsafe, a majority of the fans will quit going out to stadiums. However, should the game become less of an immersive experience, you risk the same fate of losing those fans.
With more power hitters entering the league each season, balls are flying off bats at an even faster pace than in previous seasons. The risk of injury from a foul ball seems likely to grow with each season to come.
Speaking of power hitting, be sure to check out our Idaho Taters t-shirt.
They are slamming more homers than any other team in their league! Who wouldn’t want to wear a mean looking potato on their chest? This super soft Idaho sports logo t-shirt is awesome and a terrific addition to your wardrobe. Add them to your rotation in our t-shirt of the month club, which you can learn about here.
Thanks for reading and supporting us. You are awesome!!
Blake Cole
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A New Sports Logo For The US Men's National Team?

The United States Men’s National Team may be changing their logo for the 2016 season. Rumors spread that the team would get a revamp, ahead of the Copa America in 2016. The Copa America will be the biggest tournament held in the United States since the World Cup in 1944. Well the rumors received a little backing, when sources leaked an image of the newest logo design.

The leak comes from, known to leak soccer kits and crests in the past. So it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to believe them on this one. Let’s take a look at the two logos, past and future, next to each other, and compare!

(photos courtesy of, and

The first is the logo we’ve all known for years. It’s a classic, and has all of the qualities of the United States flag represented in it. The red, white, and blue coloring should give us a strong feeling of patriotism, and should make us proud when we see it. However, the soccer ball in the middle makes it look like a comic book logo. It has a cartoon feel. The whole thing kind of falls apart with the ball right smack in the middle.

Number two is the leaked image of the 2016 logo. It’s sleek, clean, and very professional looking. It takes a step towards the simpler side, but also the strong side. I love the strong, flat line at the top of the crest, giving it an edge. The straight lines running down the side create a solid, bold crest. The shape of the crest finally comes to a point, as the side lines curve into the bottom tip. The coloring is outstanding. Taking a step from traditional blue to a darker navy screams “we mean business” to all who see it. Taking the ball out of the middle leaves room for all three letters of “USA” to run across the top.

Overall, I’m happy with the new logo. I would have liked to see a star in the logo, in some way. I’m sure it was considered, but it probably didn’t fit in without making the crest too cluttered. The crest seems to make the team look more serious and more competitive. Heading into the Copa America in 2016, that’s exactly what we want for our boys!

Thinking about them running onto the pitch in 2016, displaying the bold new logo, reminds me of our Dallas Doughboys t-shirt.


A Doughboy is a term used to describe an American soldier, and these guys were much tougher than the popular biscuit maker seen on commercials. Check out our super soft Dallas Doughboys t-shirt, and add it to your t-shirt of the month rotation, which you can learn more about here.

Thanks for reading and supporting us!

You’re awesome!
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