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Huge Culture Shift With Virginia Football

You Gotta Earn It

Spring practices are underway for the University of Virginia football team. They are starting the season of fresh, with a new coach and a new set of standards. Bronco Mendenhall took over the head coach position this past December, and with him, came a new way of doing things. For the players, it has become very apparent that they are going to have to work hard to earn their spot.

Logo courtesy of 
The school’s famous “V Sabre” logo (as seen above) is missing from practice gear. Spectators won’t see the image on shorts, shirts, jerseys, or even helmets. Coach Mendenhall has taken it away, and with good reason: he wants players to earn the right to wear the school’s logo. I absolutely love the idea. Many players have fought for the right to wear the emblem. Blood, sweat and tears have been shed for the opportunity to display the logo. No one should feel entitled to it. Bronco Mendenhall may be doing things differently, but he has a successful history to back up his ways.

The new UVA Coach was previously with BYU, where he went to 11-straight bowl games and won 99 games in his 11 years with the school. The UVA players are going to be counting on Mendenhall to bring some of that success to Virginia, as they’ve only seen 11 wins in the last three seasons. With a new coach, and a new standard set, I’m sure we’ll see UVA find success.

At Awesome Sports Logos, we feature a Virginia sports logo in a place you may have never heard of, Climax, Virginia. 
Each fall Climax hosts the Moonshine Jamboree. Moonshine is huge with the locals and so is Bluegrass music. In fact the reality show Moonshiners is filmed in Climax. If you pulled up a map of Climax, you wouldn't see many major cities in the area so it would certainly be a tough place to play but at the same time, you get to wear this awesome Climax Fiddlers logo so that will make you feel better. We love this sports logo on a funny t-shirt and we hope you do as well. 

Another logo that has to be earned, is that of the Cocksville Blockers.

This angry rooster will stop at nothing to get in your way and block any of your moves. Of course we’re talking about football moves, what were you thinking of? This Cocksville Blockers funny t-shirt is our best seller and for good reason. Be sure to earn the right to wear both of these awesome logos by adding them to your t-shirt of the month club rotation!

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The Allen Americans Win On the Ice and With Their Logo

Where is Allen Texas you might ask? That is an excellent question. Allen is about 35 minutes north of Dallas and is a thriving suburb in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They have a great school system with a high school football team that wins state every year it seems. You might remember Allen for the nearly 60 million dollar stadium it built for that football juggernaut only to see it shut down in 2014 due to cracking. It’s back open now.
What many people might not know about Allen sports outside of DFW is the Allen Americans, the ECHL affiliate of the San Jose Sharks. They have been a huge success both on the ice and off the ice. They are on pace to have their highest average attendance ever this year and are in the top half of the league. On the ice, they have won three straight championships which is amazing with minor league hockey and rotating players. Two championships in the former CHL and last year, their first time in the ECHL, they captured the Cup.
Having a patriotic logo is tough because so many teams across the minors do this. If you do it, you need to nail it and I think the Americans did a real solid job. 
Logo courtesy of 

I really like the clean lines of this modern hockey design. The color scheme with the grey fits perfect and it doesn’t throw USA in your face. The puck at the bottom tells you that it’s a hockey team without having to say it. 
What I also love is the alternate uniforms Allen has been using this year. 
Picture courtesy of the Allen Americans Melissa Warren and Dianne Webster 

Usually two dark colors together can spell trouble but the dark grey with the darker red blends well  and has a real intimidating look to it. The look reminds me of something you would see from the Russian national team. I also love the touch of the Texas flag on one side and the American flag on the other with the colors of the flag also blending. 
So now you know a little about Allen Texas and with two President Cup’s, one Kelly Cup and a sweet sweater/logo,  you also now know the Allen Americans. 
We also have a Texas hockey t-shirt that is gaining in popularity. It’s the Texas Roadkill and this Armadillo means business. 
Granted it’s an Armadillo that has seen better days as you can tell from the tire tracks on the goalie stick and the flies overhead. Everything is bigger in Texas including the Road Kill along the major interstates. I love the little details in this logo which include the tire tracks on the stick instead of tape, the black eye and how Texas is written inside a splatter. If you love hockey, then get yourself some Texas Roadkill. Even better, include it as one of your choices for our T-shirt of the Month Club

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Savannah Goes Bananas For Baseball

Last month, we learned that “America’s Pastime” is heading back to the gorgeous city of Savannah Georgia.  After the departure of the Class A Savannah Sand Gnats to Columbia South Carolina, there was a void to fill at historic Grayson Stadium which was built in 1926. To put that in perspective, Fenway Park is only 14 years older and Wrigley Field is only 12 years it’s elder.  In other words, baseball, Savannah Georgia and Grayson Park go hand in hand. 
In comes the Coastal Plain League, a collegiate invite only baseball league similar to the Cape Cod Baseball League and many others across the nation.  They needed a name so they teamed up with the Savannah Morning News to do a name our next team contest. This is quite common in the sports logo business, especially when it’s a fresh start because it creates chatter and gets people thinking. Most importantly, the community chose the name which creates even further embrace.
In a press conference, the team began by showing this video which reveals their new logo at the end.

The winner is The Savannah Bananas. 
Logo courtesy of
The team hired on Studio Simon out of Louisville, KY to create the logo and they did a great job!  Here’s what we love about it. You don’t see many fruit logos so when you do, it’s unique and fun. It appeals to the kids and the name is a perfect rhyming match with the city. Normally, we would take points off because we think it’s important to tie in a logo with that areas rich history but The Savannah Bananas has to be in the top 5 for roll off your tongue names. 
Here are two of our baseball food logos, first the Dade City Kumquats.
And the Idaho Taters
It’s fun to create food logos that look like they are ready to jack one out of the park or in Idaho’s case, hit a “Tater”. Normally, we would take points off because we think it’s important to tie in a logo with that areas rich history but The Savannah Bananas has to be in the top 5 for roll off your tongue names. The green edging on the logo makes it stand out and the color scheme works for the logo and on merchandise. You can see from the social media reaction that people want this logo and that means it’s a winner.  
One last interesting aspect is that the Savannah Anchors and the Savannah Ports were also finalists. That is so great to see because our Savannah baseball logo we created fits that mold. It's the Savannah Seamen.

In 2013, Savannah was the 3rd busiest port in our country. We think our funny baseball t-shirt fits right in with what Savannah is all about. We’re psyched that baseball is back in Savannah and we’re excited to see the city once again support their baseball. C’mon, Let’s Go Bananas!!
Thanks as always for reading our blogs. If you dig out t-shirts, then check out our T-shirt of the Month Club. The feedback we receive on it is awesome!!
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Spring Training Equals Awesome Baseball T-shirts

Baseball Is Back!
Spring Training is underway, and the start of the baseball season is quickly approaching. It’s time to dust off those ball caps, and get ready to spend some time at the ballpark! As you get ready for popcorn, hotdogs and ice cold beer season, a wardrobe update is a necessity. Now that baseballs are flying and bats are swinging, you have got to get some awesome t-shirts to represent your baseball passion! Lucky for you, can have you in the softest, most stylish shirts on the market, and all with just a few clicks. Let’s take a look at a few of the awesome baseball t-shirts that should be added to your closet!
Boca Raton Cougars
This minor league baseball team is named after the ferocious animal called the cougar. The overpopulation of cougars is prevalent mostly in the upscale Boca Raton neighborhoods. You can find cougars in shopping areas during the day, but mostly they are nocturnal beasts working the bar and club scene stalking their prey. They are ferocious except when they are on our super funny Boca Raton sports t-shirt. That’s when ferocity turns into awesomeness. Grab your cougar hunting t-shirt today!
California Crazy Eights
Off the coast of the Golden State, on the Pacific Ocean floor, is an eight-legged creature that is truly fascinating. Most common is the California Two-Spot Octopus. In case you’re ever asked to identify a Two-Spot, just point out... well, never mind, no one will ask you. This octopus means business. Only two tentacles are occupied with a ball and a bat, and that means you better keep an eye on the other six! We're biased but we love this Octopus T-shirt
Idaho Taters
Many call Idaho the potato capital of the United States. In fact, the Idaho potato is the best-selling tater in the country, putting over 2.7 billion dollars back into the state’s economy. That’s a lot of taters! Speaking of that word, “taters” is a baseball term for home runs. “He has 23 taters on the year” or “That was a tater”. The Idaho Taters live up to their name, hitting more home runs than anyone else in their league. Who wouldn’t want to wear a mean looking potato on their chest?
Those are just a few of our many super-soft, awesome baseball tees. Be sure to check out the rest! Don’t want to get them all at once? We have a solution for that! Add them to your t-shirt of the month club rotation, and get a brand new tee each month. Wearing these tees will make you the center of all your game watching parties! Enjoy baseball season in style, and make all your friends jealous!
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Sports Logo Spotlight on the Carolina Panthers

We’re nearly at the one month anniversary of the Super Bowl so I think things have calmed down and we can move our minds from a Panthers loss to focusing on their awesome logo they dawn on their helmets. 
Logo courtesy of 

The Carolina Panthers were announced as the NFL's 29th franchise in 1993, beginning play two years later in 1995. In their second season the Panthers made the conference championship game, falling short to the eventual Super Bowl champions, the Green Bay Packers. 

For the most part, the Panthers have maintained the same logo throughout its franchise's history, with the exception of some minor changes that were made between the 2011 and 2012 seasons. The lack of changes in the sports logo are for good reason, considering that this logo is among the best in the NFL.

This image contains personality as it depicts a roaring panther with angry fangs providing intimidation. In a physical sport such as football, you don't expect the logo to be friendly or inviting. Carolina’s logo sets the proper tone. 

I like the simple detail with the laser light eyes, the whiskers extending from each side of the nose, the shaping of the teeth, and the lining in the neck that creates a sense of muscle and strength. Simple detail has always been a very important part of a logo is far as I'm concerned. You don't want it to be overwhelming, nor do you want detail absent.

I am a big fan of the colors: black and "process blue." The blue color, which is a shade lighter than Duke's blue and a shade darker than North Carolina's blue, not only meshes well with the black, it’s a unique combination that we don't see often enough in sports. 

My biggest gripe about the logo is Panthers have little significance with the region. According to Charles Chandler of the Charlotte Observer, the Richardson family who owns the club, did not run any focus groups to determine the nickname. Instead, the principal owner, former NFL player Jerry Richardson had always wanted Panthers to be the nickname. As a matter of fact, according to that same story, Richardson began driving a car with the license plate PNTHRS as early as in 1989, four years prior to the Panthers entrance into the NFL became official. While that story is neat, it does not supplant the fact that the nickname and the location don't share any sort of true tie in with the Carolinas. That would be a long migration north from the Florida Everglades for the Panthers that exist in that region, thus the NHL’s Florida Panthers. With that said, the Carolina Panthers logo is enough for me to consider this a top-notch logo.

With a top notch defense and Cam Newton at the helm, this logo should be a contender for years to come. 

Just like Jerry Richardson’s affinity towards a name, the Cocksville Blockers awesome t-shirt shares a similar story. Of all the logos that Awesome Sports Logos creates, Cocksville is the only made up city. As you can imagine, the name was just too juicy to resist. The name actually popped into Founder Gavin Spittle’s head early one morning. Yes, he dreams of sports logos. He ran to the computer to try to find an area called Cocksville but the search fell short. The final product certainly delivers as this Rooster means business and will get in your way if you try anything he doesn’t like. This is our best-selling t-shirt and for good reason.
Pick it up today or add it to your list when you join our t-shirt of the month club where you get discount prices, a smile in your mailbox every month and free shipping. Now that’s awesome!!

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The Premier League Sports Logo Gets a Remake

The English Premier League will dawn a new display in the 2016-2017 season. Currently known as the Barclays Premier League, the English soccer league system will part with sponsorship name in their title. Moving into next season, they will be known just as Premier League. With this change of title sponsorship, a new league image emerges. 
Here is the old logo: 

 Logos courtesy of
And here is the new logo: 
As we look at the two images, the current (soon to be old) image is drastically different than the new logo. The lion is, and always has been, the representative of the Premier League. It’s legendary and historic. The logo symbolizes what English soccer is and that is king.  As the lion rules the jungle, English soccer or as the rest of the world calls it futbol rules the sport. I’m glad the organization decided to keep this icon as their focus.
The outgoing image is bold. It has an essence of dominance. The lion wears a crown, representing his reign. And with his paw on the ball, we see that soccer is his kingdom. The blue is simple, representing loyalty and trust. The soccer ball in red, representing passion, stands out in the logo. And of course, the script “Premier League” runs across the bottom of the image, large and bold. Overall, it’s a classic image.
As we prepare to part ways with the old, and bring in the new, we see that an obvious overhaul has taken place. The lion is still the center of attention. The body has been eliminated, and just the head remains. Of course the king still wears his crown. In the new arrangement of images, we see that the logo as a whole has been simplified. All in all, I’m not a fan. While I can understand the need for a new and refreshing image, I feel the Premier League hasn’t made an improvement. The new logo lost something in the transition. It isn’t as fierce, or defiant. It isn’t as dominate. And that’s a shame for the league that has dominated the sport for so long.
You know who else dominates in the world of soccer? The Arizona Pricks. Cactus can be quite prickly, and no part of the United States features more cactus than the beautiful state of Arizona and its most prominent city, Phoenix. Phoenix also has a huge soccer following. We’ve teamed the two together to form the Arizona Pricks Awesome Sports Logo. Hard to believe that nature can be this funny, but there are actually cacti that look like man parts! This awesome tee is great to wear when you want to tell that certain person in your life what you really think of them... Instead of letting it out, just point to this awesome t-shirt!  Where there are cacti, there are a lot of pricks. Be sure to add this super soft tee to your t-shirt of the month club rotation.
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