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The Tampa Bay Lightning in the Sports Logo Spotlight

The NHL playoffs have been exciting this year! Fans are seeing multiple goals in a game, and what feels like more fights than ever. Of the teams that are left, battling for a chance at the Stanley Cup, the Tampa Bay Lightning have turned some heads. After a tough loss in game one of the second round, the Lightning went on to win four straight. Those four wins include two overtime victories, and one impressive 4-0 shutout in game five.
The Lightning goaltender, Ben Bishop, was impressive in the game 5 shutout, managing to stop a whopping 28 shots! Even under the constant barrage of flying pucks, Bishop made the job look easy. Tampa Bay, the first team to make it to the Conference Finals, will look to continue their success on the ice. They do so with one heck of a team logo behind them. Of the teams still left in the Stanley Cup hunt, I have selected the Lightning as having the best logo. What’s so impressive?
Image courtesy of
Just look at it. It’s a lightning bolt. What’s so special about it? Simplicity! Simplicity is a wonderful thing in a sports logo. You don’t want your team to have a busy or jumbled image, straining the eyes and making it hard to interpret. You don’t want a bunch of symbolism that’s hard to interpret. A nice, clean and straight-forward logo is the way to go. The Tampa Bay Lightning have accomplished just that. The lightning bolt itself is strong, dangerous with a simple Blue and White color scheme. The team is truly living up to their name, just like the Brooklyn Leg Breakers!
Are you talkin’ to me? The Brooklyn Leg Breakers play hockey, hard core style. If they could break through the ice and make you swim with the fishes, they would. This logo was inspired by the many New York mafia stories of old. We love the detail of this logo including the pinstripes on the suit, the Brooklyn Bridge and skyline as the backdrop as well as the NY lettering inside the tape of the stick. “Forget about it,” and pick up this awesome Brooklyn sports logo t-shirt today.
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Sports Logo Review of the 2016 Rio Olympics

In approximately three months, the 2016 Summer Olympics will be underway. The scenery and landscapes should be stunning, as the games will be held in beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As we sit down and watch the world come together, and compete in our favorite Summer sports, there’s no doubt that the official logo of the XXXI Olympiad will be plastered across every athlete’s uniform, every stadium’s billboards, and of course, permanently fixed in the corner of the TV screen throughout the entirety of the games.
With basketball, beach volleyball, cycling, table tennis (or ping pong), gymnastics and many more sporting events taking place practically non-stop for a month, the 2016 Rio Olympic logo will be forever implanted in the back of our minds. Let’s analyze this logo!
Image courtesy of
Even though this logo was announced several years ago, I’ll admit that this is the first time I actually looked at it in detail. I hadn’t paid much attention to it in the past, and I can see why it never really stood out to me before. My first impression: it’s not impressive. It seems really awkward, and kind of a stretch. Literally. It looks too stretched out. I can see the vision behind it, the three images of people holding hands, but in a continuous flow. It was no doubt meant to symbolize the unity of the world, as many countries come together to compete under one roof. I think the vision could have been actuated in a much better way. At first glance, it looks like a multi-colored blob. Once I realized what the shape actually was, it just didn’t impress me.
As much competition as there is in landing the coveted Olympic games, and the fact that they only come around every four years, it seems to me that getting the official logo done right is a high priority. This year, it’s Rio’s time to shine and I don’t think they started off too well. However, there IS one Rio that got their logo right. The Caimanes de Rio Abajo of the Panamanian Basketball League have a logo that will definitely leave a lasting impression.
A Caiman is in the crocodile family and although none have ever been caught in Rio Abajo, the locals swear they have seen them in the rivers. Whether it is true or not, we absolutely love this reptile logo and the colors that it comes with. We think it looks awesome on our super soft funny t-shirts and we hope you think so as well. Make sure you add the Caimanes to your t-shirt of the month rotation, so that you can support Rio while you watch the Olympic games in Rio.
If there’s a team or sport logo that YOU would like to see analyzed, changed, or completely revamped, be sure to let us know in the comments, and it could be the topic of our next blog!
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A New Era of Advertising in the NBA

The NBA has decided to make a little more money in 2017. When the association ends their current uniform deal with Adidas, and begins a new era with Nike, advertisements will be incorporated on team jerseys. That’s right folks, ads right smack on the jersey! According to reports, a 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch square will be placed on the right side of the chest. This square will be home to future advertisements. NBA commissioner Adam Silver is rolling out this change as a test, allowing teams to sign deals for up to three years for the precious advertisement spot. The revenue gained from this new change is estimated to bring in $100 million. Now that’s a lot of money!
Now the NBA isn’t the first sport to have ads placed on the jersey. European soccer clubs are infamous for having large advertisements or company logos across the jersey. In the United States, MLS incorporated logos and ads on their jerseys in 2007, while the WNBA has had them since 2011. Even though these other sports and leagues have had this going on for a while now, the NBA will be the first MAJOR sport in the U.S. to begin advertising on their jerseys.
It’s always a plus to have our sports and leagues gain new revenue. If they’re getting money from other places, it could potentially lower ticket prices and beer prices (please do!). That being said, $100 million won’t all of a sudden cut ticket and concession prices in half. And what cost is there to the fan or consumer with these new ads? Honestly, there probably won’t be any interference in watching or enjoying the game. BUT, this is just a start. One can only ask: what’s next?
Will we eventually see ads get an even bigger space on the jerseys? Will we ever see these ads consume the entire jersey, leaving our well-liked team logos to fall to the wayside? How about in the stadiums? Are advertisements eventually going to spread so much, that we lose many of the patron-friendly amenities? Will Jumbotron’s and scrolling marquees get smaller and smaller, in place of bigger and bigger ad space? I would hate to see the day that companies and corporations get a bigger grab on our beloved sports. Pretty soon, we may be watching the Denver Budweiser’s play the Carolina Coca-Colas in the next Super Bowl. Be sure to drop your thoughts and comments below. We’d love to hear what you think about this corporate takeover.
One logo that will never succumb to any corporate takeover belongs to the New Orleans Curse.
"The Big Easy" New Orleans is not only known for Mardi Gras, but also for its voodoo experience and voodoo shops. From this, we bring you the New Orleans Curse. We love this logo seeing a voodoo doll going up for a slam, pins still intact. No witchcraft or spells with this funny New Orleans t-shirt, just a lot of compliments when you walk around with it on. You can add this super soft tee to your t-shirt of the month club rotation!
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The Cleveland Indians Logo Transition

Earlier this month, Cleveland Indians owner Paul Dolan officially declared a change in the baseball club’s usual look. Moving forward, the Chief Wahoo logo will be considered the secondary logo, while the Block C emblem will take over primary usage. While the organization has been slowly phasing out the Chief Wahoo emblem for years, this is the first official statement regarding how much visibility it will get. In 2011, the controversial logo was removed from the away cap. In 2013, it was taken off the batting helmets. While the club has been slowly transitioning to the Block C for a while now, the Chief Wahoo logo is still prominently placed on the Indians’ jersey sleeve.
Here is the primary "C" logo
Here is the former primary now alternate logo known as Chief Wahoo. 
Photos courtesy of
It’s no secret that sports teams across the U.S. have come under scrutiny for their team names and logos, especially in recent years. Conversations have arisen as to the racial connotations and offensive tones of these logos and team names. No matter what side you take in this controversial debate, the fact of the matter is that teams are reacting. Don’t count on the Cleveland Indians being the only team to announce a change in logo or team name. 
One team that won’t have to worry about change, is the Boca Raton Cougars.
These are not the wild Cougars that you see on Animal Planet. This is a different kind of Cougar as we explain in this video.
You will find these Cougars shopping during the day or sitting poolside but it's their nocturnal habits that draw the most attention. They stalk their prey and I don't think many guys are complaining. The fact is, this t-shirt is a tribute to Cougar Nation and we love this baseball logo. It's a tribute to the ladies who know what they want and go after what they want just like a fastball down the middle.
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WrestleMania is Here And So Is Their Awesome Logo

We at Awesome Sports Logos happen to be huge WWE fans. Why? It’s our soap opera and the athletes on the roster are truly amazing. Later today, your social media feed will be taken over by wrestling names and references because a record 100,000 people will descend upon AT&T Stadium for WrestleMania 32 in Arlington Texas. 
People may laugh but cities are lining up for the right to host WrestleMania. It’s just as valuable as getting the SuperBowl and the WWE doesn’t force cities to spend ridiculous amounts of money like the NFL. You get international fans selling out hotels in the area, WWE Axxess which is their Fan Zone, the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony and Monday night Raw are three huge attractions that accompany the main event. Not to mention the numerous charitable efforts that the WWE brings throughout the week. The NFL might be the number one sport but WWE bringing WrestleMania to town is a much better value. 
We thought we would take a look at the WrestleMania sports logo and it’s a good one. It’s simple but just by looking at it and seeing two iconic logos inside the main logo makes it awesome. The top features the main WWE logo. The WWE does a great job putting their logo on everything. It’s simple and extremely identifiable. The same can be said of the bottom logo. When you see that Cowboys star, you see Super Bowls, Roger Staubach, Emmitt Smith and other rich history. They are called “America’s Team” for a reason. Each year news services poll various regions and the Dallas Cowboys always come up as America’s #1 NFL team. Both logos also symbolize the partnership of Wrestlemania spearheaded by WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon and Cowboys Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer Charlotte Jones Anderson. 
This logo features great crisp lines. WWE red is featured and pairs nicely with Cowboys blue. I’m sure people in North Texas are glad that the logo doesn’t have a cowboy hat, lasso or some form of a horse or cow. Sure, North Texas has all of those but there isn’t a cow on every corner which the national media seems to show whenever Dallas and North Texas is featured nationally. 
Major kudos to the WWE on a terrific event logo and to their annual event, WrestleMania. 
We have a t-shirt that features a wrestling them mixed in with some hoops. It’s the El Paso Luchadores super soft guaranteed closet favorite.
This t-shirt celebrates the rich Luchador tradition that dates back to the early part of the 20th century. The popularity of the Luchadores has spilled over not just to wrestling but also to cartoons and movies. Many Luchador wrestlers are heroes in their culture and you will look like a hero by sporting this soft, funny and cool El Paso t-shirt with vibrant colors. Here is our funny video we did featuring this t-shirt.
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Huge Culture Shift With Virginia Football

You Gotta Earn It

Spring practices are underway for the University of Virginia football team. They are starting the season of fresh, with a new coach and a new set of standards. Bronco Mendenhall took over the head coach position this past December, and with him, came a new way of doing things. For the players, it has become very apparent that they are going to have to work hard to earn their spot.

Logo courtesy of 
The school’s famous “V Sabre” logo (as seen above) is missing from practice gear. Spectators won’t see the image on shorts, shirts, jerseys, or even helmets. Coach Mendenhall has taken it away, and with good reason: he wants players to earn the right to wear the school’s logo. I absolutely love the idea. Many players have fought for the right to wear the emblem. Blood, sweat and tears have been shed for the opportunity to display the logo. No one should feel entitled to it. Bronco Mendenhall may be doing things differently, but he has a successful history to back up his ways.

The new UVA Coach was previously with BYU, where he went to 11-straight bowl games and won 99 games in his 11 years with the school. The UVA players are going to be counting on Mendenhall to bring some of that success to Virginia, as they’ve only seen 11 wins in the last three seasons. With a new coach, and a new standard set, I’m sure we’ll see UVA find success.

At Awesome Sports Logos, we feature a Virginia sports logo in a place you may have never heard of, Climax, Virginia. 
Each fall Climax hosts the Moonshine Jamboree. Moonshine is huge with the locals and so is Bluegrass music. In fact the reality show Moonshiners is filmed in Climax. If you pulled up a map of Climax, you wouldn't see many major cities in the area so it would certainly be a tough place to play but at the same time, you get to wear this awesome Climax Fiddlers logo so that will make you feel better. We love this sports logo on a funny t-shirt and we hope you do as well. 

Another logo that has to be earned, is that of the Cocksville Blockers.

This angry rooster will stop at nothing to get in your way and block any of your moves. Of course we’re talking about football moves, what were you thinking of? This Cocksville Blockers funny t-shirt is our best seller and for good reason. Be sure to earn the right to wear both of these awesome logos by adding them to your t-shirt of the month club rotation!

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