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The Best NBA D-League Sports Logos

In a previous blog, I discussed the pure awesomeness of just a few, of many, Minor League Baseball logos. Those MiLB logos get quirky, funny and crazy! Well, those logos got me thinking. Do any other sports have minor league systems with logos just as great? Leave it to us at Awesome Sports Logos to do the hard investigative work! Today, I present you some of the best logos in the National Basketball Association’s Developmental League, better known as the D-League.

The Delaware 87ers, who go by the nickname “The Sevens”, are the D-League affiliate to none other than the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sevens definitely get cool points for the clever marketing strategy involved in the name of the organization. Now, about that logo. Is it super funny? Is it super awesome? Well, at first glance, one might say “no” to those questions. However, the eerie similarity that the Sevens logo has to the 76ers logo is hilarious. That similarity alone gives them my nod as one of the best NBA D-League logos out there. I wonder if anyone mistakenly purchased Sevens merchandise, intending to get 76ers gear? You can see the comparison below:

 Images courtesy of

Now, on to a funny by design logo, featuring the Boston Celtics developmental team. The Maine Red Claws began playing in the 2009-2010 season. This expansion team came out of the gate with one crabby logo. Crabby as in their mascot looks grumpy! Maine is known for their spectacular seafood. It seems now that they’re working towards getting known for an awesome basketball logo. The lobster looks tough, and with basketballs at the ends of his antennae, we know he means business on the court! This developmental league logo definitely runs in line with some of the funnier Minor League Baseball looks!

Image courtesy of

This next team has, in my opinion, the best logo in all of the D-League. Now, before you scroll down to see what all the hype is about, let some of this imagery set into your mind. Ants. Mad ants. Mad ants running all over a basketball court, slamming the sweetest dunks and hitting the deepest three pointers. That, my friends, is what this next logo brings to the table. That’s right. The rest of the D-League should be cowering in fear to the Fort Wayne Mad Ants!

Image courtesy of

This developmental team to the Indiana Pacers, has THE best logo in the NBA’s D-League. Just look at this pure awesomeness! When you think about all of the team mascots and logos in the sports world today, you never suspected that ants would be the best in their class. The Mad Ants just flat did their logo the right way. Front and center is the main attraction. The angry head of this ant is followed by the body of a basketball. Surrounding the main image is a cool font, scripting out the team’s name. Congratulations Fort Wayne Mad Ants, you get this website’s award for BEST logo in the D-League. Everyone give a round of applause for the Mad Ants!  

The award for best basketball logo here at Awesome Sports logos goes to the Caimanes de Rio Abajo of the Panamanian Basketball League.
I love it when local folklore turns into a sports logo. That's the case here because the residents of Rio Abajo swear they have seen Caimanes in the water although there has been no evidence that they are swimming in the local rivers. A Caimen is in the Alligator family but smaller. Don't get me wrong, not small enough to get near. We love how this logo is hovering over a basketball with the black and green colors. We also love our selection of Panamanian Basketball League t-shirts. Get all 5 logos for a discount price by joining our T-shirt of the Month Club. We promise people will be asking, "Where did you get that awesome t-shirt?"
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Crayola Joins Forces with Minor League Baseball

Minor League Baseball is quickly racking up the hits. Just a few years ago, parent clubs were forcing their logo on their minor league cities to extend their brand. Fast forward to today and the tide has shifted to local sports logos that are being embraced like the El Paso Chihuahuas, Biloxi Shuckers and the Frisco Roughriders. This has led to record merchandise sales in 2015 and I’m sure it will continue to increase this year.

Now Minor League Baseball has announced a one of a kind partnership with Crayola making them a “Preferred Partner”.

The partnership will include a Crayola MILB All Star Experience and a lot of interactivity in local parks. I love the logo they created for the All Star Experience. The crayon crossing with bat with both the Crayola and MILB logo featured is a nice touch.


In their joint press release Mimi Dixon, Customer Development and Activation for Crayola said,  "Crayola is excited to be teaming up with Minor League Baseball," It's the first sports sponsorship of its kind for Crayola and we are planning to surprise and delight families next season with fun, color and creativity."

I love this partnership. Maybe it’s the sentimental part of me that remembers making sports logos with Crayons when I was a child. Using the blue for the Quebec Nordiques and the green and yellow for the Minnesota North Stars. Yes, I know, those teams are now in Colorado and Dallas. I’m showing my age.  I just picture little kids grabbing Crayola packs and drawing their favorite minor league logos like the Hartford Yard Goats or the Akron RubberDucks, two of my favorites.

Congrats to Minor League Baseball and Crayola on a unique partnership that I believe will help both brands.

While we may have not used crayons to create our very first Awesome Sports Logo, we came pretty close with what little we had. Even though this is our first logo, it’s still one of our favorites. Here is our Idaho Taters awesome t-shirt!

I love the double meaning of the potato and a nickname for a home run. I have to be honest, I was shocked when there wasn’t a baseball team in Idaho named the Taters. There is now and it gets rave reviews.
Don’t forget, you can pick up the Taters along with our other baseball teams, the Savannah Seamen, Boca Raton Cougars, Boston Accents, Decorah Trolls and many others by subscribing to our T-shirt of the Month Club. Unlike other t-shirt clubs that send you the t-shirt that they choose, you select the t-shirts that you want. You also pick the amount of months. You get free shipping and discount prices on the shirts. It’s an awesome deal and we hope you join so we can put a smile on your face when you go to the mailbox each month.

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Minor League Baseball Sets Financial Record

Minor League Baseball is a thing of beauty. For many fans of the game of baseball, it’s a less expensive alternate to going to a Major League game. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to catch one of your favorite big league players in action, possibly playing for a rehab assignment or to rotate in fresh players to the big league squad. No matter your reason for attending a Minor League Baseball game, the chances are good that it’s going to be a blast! What’s the best thing about Minor League Baseball? Well, it’s the logos of course!

MiLB logos are crazy! The majority of them tend to be quirky, fun and way different than the more serious logos of their Major League Baseball counterparts. Just how cool are these logos? Well, they are cool enough to set records. In 2015, MiLB announced a 7.9 percent increase in licensed merchandise sales. The total for that year was $65.1 million, and it was enough to set a new all-time high in merchandise sales!

With names like Toledo Mud Hens, Fort Wayne TinCaps or Lehigh Valley IronPigs, how could you not imagine some of the coolest images ever? Let’s take a look at a few of my favorite MiLB logos.

Image courtesy of

The Modesto Nuts are a Class A – Advanced team, one of the Minor League teams for the Colorado Rockies. Ok, admit it. You are looking up where to buy this hat or shirt right now. Isn’t it amazing? This logo is the very essence of what to look for in a Minor League logo. The team name sets up a funny logo opportunity so well! The image is simple, but hilarious. You get two nuts, one holding a ball and the other holding a bat. What else is needed?

Image courtesy of

If you aren’t already laughing, something is wrong here. The name alone should make you chuckle! And then when you see it, you will get hysterical! There is a biscuit in the logo. Even better, the biscuit has butter in its mouth. I remember the first time I saw this logo. I laughed so hard, it hurt! This Tampa Bay Rays Double-A club is doing Minor League Baseball logos the right way!

Image courtesy of

This Class A team for the Minnesota Twins has got to have one of the best Minor League Baseball logos of all time. Located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the second largest city in the state, the Kernels are looking good! Their logo features a corn, half shucked and sporting a “farmers” cap. It comes across as stereotypical Iowa, but he looks like he means business!

These are just a few of many creative and awesome sports logos that can be found amongst the Minor League Baseball teams. I encourage you to seek out your local MiLB team, and check out their logo! Be sure to comment below and let us know what you think about your Minor League team’s look!

Here at Awesome Sports Logos, we have a particular t-shirt that could rival that of the funniest MiLB logos. I present you the Beverly Hills Fighting Chiweenies!

This dog hybrid is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. A Chiweenie might look cute in purses, but we thought differently. This logo was actually created by our designer as a school project. Her assignment was to create a vicious logo out of a normally gentle creature. If we were her professor, we would have given her an A+ because this Chiweenies logo is awesome! 

Once we saw it, we knew we had to add it to our t-shirt collection. We hope you agree with us and add this super soft Beverly Hills sports t-shirt to your wardrobe. Even better, save money by joining our T-shirt of the Month Club. Free shipping with discount prices. You pick the t-shirts and the length of your membership. Now that's an awesome deal!

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Nike Quits The Golf Equipment Game

One of the largest sports brands in the world is walking away from golf. Nike officially announced this past Wednesday that it will no longer manufacture clubs, balls or bags. Trevor Edwards, President of the Nike brand, came out and said “We’re committed to being the undisputed leader in golf footwear and apparel.” What does this mean for today’s golfers?

Rory McIlroy switched to Nike in 2013, after leaving the golf industry titan, Titleist. McIlroy ended up winning two majors using Nike gear. Tiger Woods is probably the most notable golfer sponsored by Nike. Being carried by the company since 1996, Woods will almost certainly start looking for other brands to use. And hey, maybe if he finds a new brand to play with, he might find some of the skill and talent that he used to have! Anything has to be a benefit for the once greatest of all-time golfer, right? All joking aside, I expect golf brands to be calling Woods soon, offering him some kind of sponsorship. While he may not be as successful now as in the past, the name “Tiger Woods” will carry a lot of weight for a golf brand.

While virtually every piece of golf equipment that Tiger Woods owns now is Nike, the Oregon company isn’t exactly favored by all the top golfers. In an interview with Golf Magazine, Phil Mickelson called Nike equipment “inferior” to other brands. Nick Faldo called McIlroy’s switch to Nike “dangerous” and “messing with a winning formula.”

While Nike isn’t exactly hurting for money, Yahoo! Finance reports that golf was Nike’s bottom category last year, even falling behind action sports and women’s training. The report also says the golf division sales have been on the decline over the past three years.

Don’t expect Nike to blink an eye over this loss. Their biggest rival, Adidas, is also dropping out of the golf equipment game. It looks like this market will be exclusively for the golf-only brands. With that being said, should a newer generation of youngsters ever make this sport more popular, don’t be shocked if Nike (or Adidas) jump right back into the mix. If Nike should ever start making clubs again, maybe they’ll consider moving their manufacturing plant from Texas to their home state, Oregon. It could be great for the state’s economy!

One logo that will always support the Beaver State is our very own Portland Tree Huggers! Oregon is one of the greenest states we have. Portland is one of the more eclectic cities in America, with a huge emphasis on the environment. Thus, the meanest hockey team in the northwest is born, the Portland Tree Huggers.


I wouldn’t want to skate against this tree. And if I did, I hope that it has more bark than bite. We think this Portland sports logo t-shirt will draw some attention when you wear this super soft, cool t-shirt tee around town. Plus, do you really want to drop gloves and fight this tree since technically the stick in his hands could be a relative?

We appreciate you stopping by and reading!


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Sports Logo Review of the 2017 MLB All Star Game

The 2017 MLB All Star Logo is out and we are impressed. For Sports Logo designers, a design centered around Miami opens up so many possibilities. The various colors, cultures and flavor make the “Magic City” unique.  So here’s what they came up with:

 There are so many things I love about this logo. First and foremost, they did a great job honoring the host team, the Miami Marlins. They used the primary colors of the team and at first glance, it looks like a slick star. As you look at the top of the logo, the star turns into the shape of a Marlin. I’ll admit, I didn’t see it at first glance and I love it when logos can fit in what we call a “hidden image”. The letter shadowing with the brighter colors is also a nice touch.

Sometimes a sponsor image can take away from the primary part of a logo but that’s not the case here. The colors of MasterCard fit in nicely with the rest of the colors and I also like the lower case on the name.

The MLB Primary Logo slides in nicely and doesn’t catch the eyes immediately. I like it because the focus isn’t on the league, it’s on the host city.

High marks to the 2017 MLB All Star Logo. This logo celebrates Miami as well as the Miami Marlins.

While we don’t have a logo yet for Miami, we do have two baseball logos from the great state of Florida.

If you head up Interstate 95 about 45 minutes you’ll hit the city of Boca Raton. If you cruise Mizner Park, you might catch a Cougar or two coming out of a shop but these predators mostly hit the bar scene at night. Introducing, the Boca Raton Cougars Baseball Club.


I love silhouette logos and I wanted to create a logo that celebrates the beautiful animal and also the beautiful woman that has created the world famous nickname. We have two ladies holding baseball bats and the Cougars lettering has a paw scratch through it.  Go Cougars!!

Our second logo hails from Dade City. Every January, 40,000 people descend on this area for the one-day Dade City Kumquat Festival. Who would have thought a kumquat would attract so many people?


A kumquat is in the citrus family and looks like an orange, but it’s the size of an olive. Our logo designer Matt did a great job making the leaves into arms. This Kumquat looks like it’s ready to hit a fastball out of the park.

I love food sports logos. Some of my favorites include the Savannah Bananas, the Normal CornBelters and one of our own, the Idaho Taters.

Okay, I admit it, I just love sports logos and hopefully you share my passion. Thanks to all of you for your support of Awesome Sports Logos. We continue to have people sign up for our T-shirt of the Month Club and that is awesome. Unlike other t-shirt clubs who send you their choice each month, you get to choose your favorite shirts. We include free shipping and it’s a cheaper way to buy our shirts. The best part, you have a smile on your face when you open your mailbox.

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My Favorite Dog Sports Logos

Dogs are awesome! We all know that and they certainly aren’t just “Man’s Best Friend”. I witness that every night at bedtime. The order of space in our bed is wife, dog and whatever sliver is left to squeeze into, I take. I’m sure I’m not the only one that faces this situation. That being said, we can’t say enough about our joyful animal friends and we also can’t say enough about Dog Sports Logos. Here are a few of our favorites.

The El Paso Chihuahuas


 Logo photos courtesy of


Back in 2014, the Padres moved their AAA team from Tucson to El Paso. With that came a new stadium and a new sports logo and boy did it take off. El Paso loves their Chihuahuas. Their gear is at the airport, at shopping malls and it has quickly become the best selling minor league baseball logo. Go Chihuahuas!

 The Jackson Generals


 The Generals are based in Jackson Tennessee and are the AA affiliate of the Seattle Mariners in the Southern League. Now that’s a long call up trip from Jackson to Seattle. Terrific artistry by the designer on this sports logo. If you pictured a dog General, it would look like “Sarge” who is the Generals mascot. I also love the replacement of chewing on a bat instead of a bone. Go Generals!

The Batavia Muckdogs


Baseball has been in Batavia New York since 1961. The Muckdogs are the Single A affiliate of the Florida Marlins in the New York Penn League. So what the heck is a Muckdog? Muck is a form of soil found in this part of New York. The name Muckdog came from a fan contest back in 1998. I like this logo for several reasons. Muck regionalizes the logo’s heritage. Crafty work by this sports logo designer making the broken fence into an “M” with a tough looking pooch breaking through.

The Midland RockHounds


 Midland is the AA affiliate of the Oakland A’s in the Texas League. In a 2014 interview with the awesome website, Rockhounds PR man Brian Smith at the time said that the name is a nickname for a Geologist. Midland Texas is serious oil country, thus the hardhat on the dog and if you look real close, you can see some Oil Derrick’s in the background.


The Beverly Hills Fighting Chiweenies


 We are biased on this one because it’s one of our logos. This was actually a school project for one of our logo designers. She was given the task of creating a ferocious sports logo out of a docile creature and she nailed it with this cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. We needed to find a location and Beverly Hills just seemed like the place you would find a Chiweenie peeking outside of a purse. Dog lovers will certainly strike up some conversations by wearing this awesome t-shirt. Even better, get your Chiweenies t-shirt at a discount price by subscribing to our T-shirt of the Month Club. Free shipping and discount prices. It also makes your trip to the mailbox easier because it’s something other than a bill. Now that’s awesome.

Have a great day and be sure to support your local animal shelters to help out dogs and other animals in need.

You are awesome!

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