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New Team, New Sports Logo, The Florida Fire Frogs

The Brevard County Manatees in Florida have officially relocated. The Minor League Baseball team has moved about an hour West, deeper into Central Florida, to Osceola County. Now that they have moved to a new home, the club has a new affiliate. Along with their relocation, the team has adopted a new identity. The Brevard County Manatees are now the Florida Fire Frogs. In addition to the relocation and new identity, the Fire Frogs are leaving their 12-year affiliation with the Milwaukee Brewers. When the new season begins in April of next year, the Fire Frogs will begin their four-year contract as an affiliate of the Atlanta Braves.

The new team name was voted upon earlier in the year, and came from a list of finalists that featured some intriguing names. According to Baseball America, names among the final choices to vote on included: Toucans, Mud Kickers, Sorcerers, Rodeo Clowns, Dragonflies, and the winner, Fire Frogs.

The move will ultimately benefit the Braves in the long run, as their new high Class A club will be within 20 miles of the spring training facilities. The biggest benefit for the Fire Frogs, is that their new identity gets to come with a new logo. Let’s compare the two looks, old and new.

Logo Courtesy of 

The Manatees logo fits perfectly with other MiLB team looks. It has a playful, simple design. The manatee in the logo appeals to people of all ages. With a bat in hand and ballcap on, this look represents your typical baseball emblem. The baseball is centered, yet in the background, it is easily noticeable and doesn’t take away from the overall message of the logo. Nothing should take away from the mascot, which sits front and center. “Brevard County” is rightly featured, angled slightly and in great font. While the logo does incorporate the team colors, the overall color aspect is dull and boring. This can either be due to the team colors themselves being uninteresting, or a failure to represent those colors in a more eye-friendly fashion. All in all, the Manatees logo is solid.

Logo courtesy of 

The logo for the new Florida Fire Frogs is… well… this logo is on FIRE! I absolutely love this new look. The image is of a coqui frog, native to Puerto Rico. There is a lot of background to using a coqui frog as the new team logo, as Osceola County’s population features a large portion of people with Puerto Rico roots. I think incorporating that into the team look makes the Fire Frogs more personable to the fanbase around them. This can only serve to strengthen support for the team, and build a strong foundation of fandom. The coqui frog has flames running down its spine, and appears to have steam coming from its nostrils. While this frog may look little, you can easily tell it’s packing a punch! I say this new image is awesome!

Here at Awesome Sports Logos, we have our own baseball logo that hails from the great state of Florida. Today, we match the Florida Fire Frogs with the Boca Raton Cougars.

I could see these two teams playing each other. These Cougars knock it out of the park. Cougars swing for the fence. They know what they want and go for it. Pick up your Cougars today or add them to your t-shirt of the month club selection. Think about it, this super soft tee, and your other favorites, hit your doorstep on the first of each month! We offer 3, 6, 9, and 12 month subscriptions, all at increasingly discounted prices. Be sure to check out the details! Whether you buy just one t-shirt or more than one, we truly appreciate your support.

Go Fire Frogs and go Cougars!

Come back again to see more AWESOME logos!

Blake Cole

Sports Logo Lover, T-shirt Wearer

Awesome Sports Logos

The Cleburne Railroaders Have An Awesome Sports Logo

We haven’t finished the World Series and we’re already looking forward to some new 2017 baseball sports logos. Today we feature the Cleburne Railroaders who debut next year in the American Association. We love the American Association and their logo creativity. This is the same league that features names like Airhogs, T-Bones, Lemures and the legendary St. Paul Saints.

The Railroaders get extremely high marks for their name and logo. This isn’t the first time that baseball has existed in Cleburne. In 1906,  Cleburne played one year in the Texas League and won the championship. On that team was one of the greats to ever play the game, Tris Speaker. The pride of Hubbard Texas was an amazing offensive and defensive weapon.

This sports logo ties into the rich history of the railroad in Cleburne. The Santa Fe Railroad constructed central machine shops in the late 1800’s, which caused a population boom in the city. Trains still run through Cleburne today. The Intermodal Transportation Depot, which was built in 1999, serves Amtrak and local bus transit.  In fact, the new stadium that the Railroaders will play in will also be called, “The Depot”. This place looks gorgeous!


All right, lets get into the logo. Two key points. The first is the facial features with the old baseball cap. You truly feel as though this logo was teammates with Tris Speaker as part of the 1906 Texas League Championship team. I also love how they chose a railroad tie. They could have chosen some kind of locomotive but this character is unique. If you look closer at the logo, there is second train homage. The lettering beginning with the “a” starts what appears to be a train? The “I” is in the style of a smoke stack.

Awesome job Railroaders! We’ll be sure to keep an eye on your inaugural season. So far, you are off to an awesome start.

Right down the street from the Railroaders is another baseball team, the Dallas Doughboys.


The Doughboys are our Dallas baseball sports logo, which also has historical significance. The term Doughboy dates back to the Mexican American War that focused around Texas. Before they were GI’s, American soldiers were known as Doughboys. Some say the name originated because soldiers were constantly covered in a white chalky dust from marching through the desert terrain of Northern Mexico. Another theory of the origin is referring to the food because the infantry baked using rice and dough during war rations.

We wanted to create a replica of what a soldier during that era would look like while incorporating some baseball themes. The “o” is a baseball and we replaced a rifle with a baseball bat. So support the cause and pick up our Dallas Doughboys t-shirt. Better yet, take advantage of our discount specials. If you buy three of our super soft t-shirts, you get the fourth t-shirt for free. Just use the coupon code 3thenfree at checkout. Have you heard about our t-shirt of the month club? We think it’s awesome. We offer free shipping, you pick out the t-shirts you want and each month, you will have a smile on your face after opening your mailbox. Now that’s awesome!

Thanks as always for reading and supporting our small little engine that could t-shirt company.

Gavin Spittle

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Crayola Joins Forces with Minor League Baseball

Minor League Baseball is quickly racking up the hits. Just a few years ago, parent clubs were forcing their logo on their minor league cities to extend their brand. Fast forward to today and the tide has shifted to local sports logos that are being embraced like the El Paso Chihuahuas, Biloxi Shuckers and the Frisco Roughriders. This has led to record merchandise sales in 2015 and I’m sure it will continue to increase this year.

Now Minor League Baseball has announced a one of a kind partnership with Crayola making them a “Preferred Partner”.

The partnership will include a Crayola MILB All Star Experience and a lot of interactivity in local parks. I love the logo they created for the All Star Experience. The crayon crossing with bat with both the Crayola and MILB logo featured is a nice touch.


In their joint press release Mimi Dixon, Customer Development and Activation for Crayola said,  "Crayola is excited to be teaming up with Minor League Baseball," It's the first sports sponsorship of its kind for Crayola and we are planning to surprise and delight families next season with fun, color and creativity."

I love this partnership. Maybe it’s the sentimental part of me that remembers making sports logos with Crayons when I was a child. Using the blue for the Quebec Nordiques and the green and yellow for the Minnesota North Stars. Yes, I know, those teams are now in Colorado and Dallas. I’m showing my age.  I just picture little kids grabbing Crayola packs and drawing their favorite minor league logos like the Hartford Yard Goats or the Akron RubberDucks, two of my favorites.

Congrats to Minor League Baseball and Crayola on a unique partnership that I believe will help both brands.

While we may have not used crayons to create our very first Awesome Sports Logo, we came pretty close with what little we had. Even though this is our first logo, it’s still one of our favorites. Here is our Idaho Taters awesome t-shirt!

I love the double meaning of the potato and a nickname for a home run. I have to be honest, I was shocked when there wasn’t a baseball team in Idaho named the Taters. There is now and it gets rave reviews.
Don’t forget, you can pick up the Taters along with our other baseball teams, the Savannah Seamen, Boca Raton Cougars, Boston Accents, Decorah Trolls and many others by subscribing to our T-shirt of the Month Club. Unlike other t-shirt clubs that send you the t-shirt that they choose, you select the t-shirts that you want. You also pick the amount of months. You get free shipping and discount prices on the shirts. It’s an awesome deal and we hope you join so we can put a smile on your face when you go to the mailbox each month.

Thanks as always for reading,

Gavin Spittle

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Awesome Sports Logos


Minor League Baseball Sets Financial Record

Minor League Baseball is a thing of beauty. For many fans of the game of baseball, it’s a less expensive alternate to going to a Major League game. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to catch one of your favorite big league players in action, possibly playing for a rehab assignment or to rotate in fresh players to the big league squad. No matter your reason for attending a Minor League Baseball game, the chances are good that it’s going to be a blast! What’s the best thing about Minor League Baseball? Well, it’s the logos of course!

MiLB logos are crazy! The majority of them tend to be quirky, fun and way different than the more serious logos of their Major League Baseball counterparts. Just how cool are these logos? Well, they are cool enough to set records. In 2015, MiLB announced a 7.9 percent increase in licensed merchandise sales. The total for that year was $65.1 million, and it was enough to set a new all-time high in merchandise sales!

With names like Toledo Mud Hens, Fort Wayne TinCaps or Lehigh Valley IronPigs, how could you not imagine some of the coolest images ever? Let’s take a look at a few of my favorite MiLB logos.

Image courtesy of

The Modesto Nuts are a Class A – Advanced team, one of the Minor League teams for the Colorado Rockies. Ok, admit it. You are looking up where to buy this hat or shirt right now. Isn’t it amazing? This logo is the very essence of what to look for in a Minor League logo. The team name sets up a funny logo opportunity so well! The image is simple, but hilarious. You get two nuts, one holding a ball and the other holding a bat. What else is needed?

Image courtesy of

If you aren’t already laughing, something is wrong here. The name alone should make you chuckle! And then when you see it, you will get hysterical! There is a biscuit in the logo. Even better, the biscuit has butter in its mouth. I remember the first time I saw this logo. I laughed so hard, it hurt! This Tampa Bay Rays Double-A club is doing Minor League Baseball logos the right way!

Image courtesy of

This Class A team for the Minnesota Twins has got to have one of the best Minor League Baseball logos of all time. Located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the second largest city in the state, the Kernels are looking good! Their logo features a corn, half shucked and sporting a “farmers” cap. It comes across as stereotypical Iowa, but he looks like he means business!

These are just a few of many creative and awesome sports logos that can be found amongst the Minor League Baseball teams. I encourage you to seek out your local MiLB team, and check out their logo! Be sure to comment below and let us know what you think about your Minor League team’s look!

Here at Awesome Sports Logos, we have a particular t-shirt that could rival that of the funniest MiLB logos. I present you the Beverly Hills Fighting Chiweenies!

This dog hybrid is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. A Chiweenie might look cute in purses, but we thought differently. This logo was actually created by our designer as a school project. Her assignment was to create a vicious logo out of a normally gentle creature. If we were her professor, we would have given her an A+ because this Chiweenies logo is awesome! 

Once we saw it, we knew we had to add it to our t-shirt collection. We hope you agree with us and add this super soft Beverly Hills sports t-shirt to your wardrobe. Even better, save money by joining our T-shirt of the Month Club. Free shipping with discount prices. You pick the t-shirts and the length of your membership. Now that's an awesome deal!

Thanks for reading!


Blake Cole

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We Need to Give Baseball the Finger

Okay, okay, before you hit the panic button, let me say that everyone here at Awesome Sports Logos loves our national pastime, baseball. In fact when you think of unique sports logos in cities across the country, I think that baseball leads the way in embracing the way to celebrate local culture. 
For a while baseball logos were heading in a generic direction. Take the Atlanta Braves for example. Here are the names of their minor league teams. Gwinnett Braves (AAA), Mississippi Braves (AA), Rome Braves (A), Danville Braves (Rookie), Dominican Summer League Braves (Rookie), Gulf Coast League Braves (Rookie). Finally we found one, their high (A) ball team is the Carolina Mudcats. 
Luckily, the generic “Braves” across the board is fading. We are seeing a turnaround and there is a reason why. At one point the marketing strategy was to mirror the major league logo. The move builds brand awareness which sells more gear for the big league club. Now we are seeing new teams pop up with original logos and an amazing surge in merchandise sales. We are seeing a trend in coming up with unique names and logos which makes us so happy. We got into the t-shirt business with a goal of bringing back the fun and creativity to sports logos. Thank goodness some organizations shared our passion with extremely creative new logos like the El Paso Chihuahuas which is now among the top selling merchandise in the minors. It was an awesome feeling flying into El Paso’s airport and seeing Chihuahuas merchandise for sale. 
In fact last year, minor league baseball announced their top 25 licensed merchandise retail sales. Not one shared their parent club’s name. Now that’s progress. So why does baseball deserve the middle finger? Well we feel as though we have come up with one of the great baseball logos. 

The name Middleton Fingers came from a contest when we first launched our funny sports t-shirt line. We wanted sports logo fans to name our next Awesome Sports Logo. The winner would receive $1,000 and ironically, we received just over one thousand entries. Lee B from California sent in the Middleton Fingers name and we were off to the races. When we told our designer Matt about the contest winner, he didn’t even need our input. He told us he had this one and boy did he ever.  What a great logo. 

Our logo was even used by 105.3 The Fan in Dallas/Fort Worth for their event, “Fan Flipoff” last year at this time. 
It’s great to see that creative baseball logos are on the comeback. Support the cause by picking up our Middleton Fingers awesome t-shirt. It’s sure to be a closet favorite, I promise. 
Thanks as always for reading,
Gavin Spittle
Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Fanatic
Awesome Sports Logos 

How the El Paso Chihuahuas are Knocking it Out of the Park

Sometimes there is a bigger picture for a sports logo and a perfect example is happening in El Paso, Texas. In their first season, the El Paso Chihuahuas have drawn a lot of attention for their sports logo, unique concessions and for their promotions. They are everything a minor league team should be. In one section you can get Buffalo Chicken and Waffles. In another you can sink into a Flamethrower Burger Basket which features ghost peppers which hit you two times if you know what I’m saying. Their logo is out of the box and unique. The Chihuahua hat was voted “best cap in the minors”. They feature a brand new stadium in the heart of Downtown El Paso and as of this blog, they are 4th in the Pacific League in attendance. 

The latest Chihuahuas promotion has created buzz across the country. On August 3rd as part of “Bark at the Park”, El Paso will be wearing these unique uniforms against the Reno Aces.

 It’s not just for publicity. After the game, each jersey will be auctioned off to benefit the Humane Society of El Paso. Now that’s awesome stuff. How awesome is it that a sports logo theme can embrace the community for a great cause. Congratulations Chihuahuas! Your sports logo is the talk of baseball and for good reason. Hopefully your success will encourage other teams to think out of the box when it comes to naming a team and creating their logo.

Before the Chihuahuas released their logo, we had our own cute pooch logo. In fact, when it was announced that the Chihuahuas was a finalist as an El Paso logo, one local magazine published our logo as an example. Here is the Beverly Hills Fighting Chiweenies t-shirt worn by Hollywood actress Amy Vorpahl.

 We also featured our own El Paso T-shirt which is a basketball sports logo which highlights the deep history of Latino wrestling. It’s the El Paso Luchadores awesome t-shirt!


Thanks as always for reading. Awesome job supporting your local Chihuahuas El Paso!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Wearer

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